J Baker Analytics Review – Scam with Hellish Trading Experience

J Baker Analytics Review – Scam with Hellish Trading Experience

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J Baker Analytics is a company that sells indicators as a package while running a day trading room on the side. They currently own i-Pro360, which is the landing page for the complete package of indicators sold under this brand.

The cost of signing up and maintaining access to J Baker Analytics trading room is $300 per month. However, when a student needs I-Pro 360 trading indicators, they can as well folk out a one-time fee which is $2,999.

i-pro360 software suite J Baker Analytics trading room

J Baker Analytics review: what we know

J Baker Analytics is owned by a man called Joe Baker. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.

We did our investigations and realized that this man entered into the world of selling trading indicators back in 2006.

The first software that he ever sold was an auto-trading software package, an indicator and a trading room which was known as Trade Pilot Pro.

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Joe’s live trading room is moderated by someone known as Moe Nault.

At this point in time, we can see that JBaker Analytics, Trade Pilot Pro and I-Pro 360 are entities that are owned by one person.

This man promotes his business on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and on Stock Twits.

On top of this, JBaker Analytics is a frequent participant at Online Trader Central — a very controversial website where all kinds of ‘trading gurus’ hawk their pay-to-play trading products.

Trade performance

The one thing that J Baker Analytics, Trade Pilot Pro  and I-Pro 360 have in common is that they all rely on claims as opposed to verifiable stats. Neither Joe Baker nor Moe Nault have a track record of trading successfully.

jbakeranalytics review and indicators

But when you visit Joe’s YouTube page, you will find dozens of pre-selected and post-market videos portraying lots of supposedly winning trades. The problem is that we have no way of verifying these trades.

The only way to be certain for sure is when we see Joe Baker’s trading statements. And these statements have to speak one language with the promotional videos posted on YouTube. In other words, they have to be consistent for us to endorse J Baker Analytics and the nonsense which he is promoting therein.

So far, we’ve approached both guys, Joe Baker and Moe Nault for a formal track record of their trading activities. The reason why we were reaching out to them is that we were simply curious to see their real performance, thanks to the promotional videos which we had encountered on their various social media profiles.

To raise our chances of success, we also used various aliases in the emails that we sent them. The sad thing is that these two refused us the opportunity to investigate their claims. They literally refused to verify their claims.

Finally, when we persisted through an alias email address, J Baker Analytics responded with an offer to try their day trading room for 5 days, free of charge. Notice that they didn’t provide us with what we had requested all that time.

So this was a golden chance to take up the opportunity. Of course such ‘opportunities’ must never be taken seriously lest you get sucked in.

We recorded the full sessions for 5 days. During this investigation, at not time did we see a trading DOM on the display. We never saw any evidence that live trading activities were going on here.

Instead of a trading DOM or something like that, we only witnessed verbal calling of entries and exists. The sad truth is that those entries and exists were not accurate. On top of that, there were no specifics. They only used generalities when explaining things here.

During this testing period, we saw that all the trades that these people were talking about were not real. There were lots of fantasy trades where the moderator just shouted that he was going to buy or sell in a market.

As the markets moved from point A to B, he would then shout that he is in the process of banking partial profits. Now, if this market continues in the predicted direction, the charlatan would shout again that he is going to bank some more profits in the process.

The verbal shouting was highly suspicious, which is the first thing that raised a big red flag as an indication that J Baker Analytics is a scam trading school.

First of all, the moderator does not say how many stocks or contracts he is trading. In addition to that, they never pointed the exact entry or exit points for those contracts.

Questioning the authenticity of these trades

Of course we were not going to sit around without throwing some questions at Moe Nault, then moderator of J Baker Analytics trading room. It would be unfair to act on blind faith rather than reason that is supported by substantial evidence.

Therefore, we had to approach the moderator. And when we did so, he became highly aggressive and defensive. When asked to clarify whether he took the trades which he claimed to have taken, Moe simply rants in anger like a caged tiger who has been poked by a stick.

In this trading room, you are like a slave. You are not supposed to question their expertise or proof of trading success. If you are bold enough, you will be barred from the J Baker Analytics trading room. Rest assured that this will happen because they no longer entertain inquisitive traders or those who appear to be curious.

So rest assured that we were banned. Luckily, getting banned from a trading room is not the end of the world in an era where technology has made it easier to find alternatives. We simply signed up with a different IP address, giving the impression that we were coming from a different location.

J Baker Analytics trading room is run by bullies

We were not going to back off. So we insisted that we wanted some evidence that live trades were being taken in front of participants.

These guys were almost cursing us for not believing that they are the real experts in stock trading. In fact, this trading room is extremely hostile for highly inquisitive participants like us. Moe is very aggressive and even insecure.

He shames, insults and humiliates, something that has made us to believe that J Baker Analytics trading room is managed by people who are suffering from a condition called inferiority complex. It is as if people should never question the authenticity of trading vendors because they are untouchable and unquestionable. They simply believe that it is their right to do things the way they do them.

jbakeranalytics website

The final test

We sent another email using an alias name. We professed our enthusiasm for the $3000 worth of trading indicators. We also stated that we had $1000 to subscribe for their trading room monthly charges. We pretended that we wanted membership for several months and that money was not a problem as long as we get the lessons taught at J Baker Analytics trading room.

This time round, these people were warm and respectful. They responded with the speed of light, asking us to wire that money immediately. At this point, we knew that these people were fraudulent.

Our best advice for you

J Baker Analytics should be treated like a no-go zone. If you want access to the best trading systems on the internet, sign up to these products.

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