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What is JAGfx? The company is a Forex trading educational business owned and operated by Jim Brown. This guy is definitely an interesting character. We dag through his background and it turned out that he used to work as a cop but is now trying to earn a living by trading Forex. His trading statements are also ridiculous and we wonder whether JagFX is able to offer any kind of value to people who buy products from the website.

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Jagfx Review

Refreshingly, JAGfx has no ‘traditional’ educational courses, mentorships, indicator packages, advisory services, or any other ‘magical’ trading products. The business is quite simple. Jim Brown of JAGfx is selling inexpensive investment books on Amazon. The JAGfx website runs in conjunction with the Amazon author store located on the Amazon bookstore page. Jim Brown, of JAGfx is selling the following books on Amazon:

All of Jim’s books are reasonably priced and ranges from $9.99 for Kindle versions to $23.99 for paperback versions.

Marketing of JagFX owner’s education material is interesting

What makes Jim Brown’s marketing strategy interesting is that he relies solely on the marketing efforts of Amazon. For those of you reading this, and you also sell these types of products and services–JAGfx is an excellent template on how to sell a basic product (book) and then push this traffic to a web page or Facebook marketing page.

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How many books does Jim Brown sell on the Amazon platform? To answer this question, valforex used two different estimating services. The first estimating service is named AMZ Scout and they estimate that Jim Brown is currently selling an average of 562 books each month. They also estimate the total gross sales at about $11k monthly.

The second estimating service was actually recommended by world champion trader, Mr. Kevin Davey, whom also sells a very popular book on Amazon. The name of the company is TCK Publishing, and they estimate a monthly sales volume of 259 JAGfx/James Brown books sold on Amazon. Since we know for a fact that Kevin is a lot smarter than myself, we will go with TCK @ 259 monthly units. This should put the estimated gross monthly sales at about $5k per month.

About the owner of JagFX

This is what James, the owner of JagFX wants traders to know about him. “I first became interested in the Forex markets back in early 2002 when I attended a stock trading meeting at a private residence. One guy announced that he had made a killing by trading the Japanese Yen against the US dollar over a period of about 18 months. He had proof to back his claims, so obviously I was interested. Who knew that the individual on the street could even trade currencies?

Up until then, it was only the banks or very wealthy individuals that had access to this type of trading. So now a whole new industry was born.

It wasn’t easy at first as there weren’t many reputable brokers around and their platforms were unreliable at best. The spreads were huge and the internet was still predominately dial up. The forums began popping up and the ‘trading gurus’ appeared. A lot of stock, futures and options trading systems were converted to suit the FX market, which was an entirely different beast due to there being no actual central exchange, and a market that ran 24 hours a day for 5 days a week.

There was money to be made by those who were smart at the time, either by straddling the news releases or exploiting the carry trade. But brokers also got smarter and either shut these advantages down or created trading conditions that made it difficult to profit from them.

My problem was, I listened to too many so called ‘gurus’ and got caught up in all the hype. Always thinking they were smarter than me as their systems were very complex, and therefore must be better than anything I could come up with. So for a few years, I bounced around different systems, blowing accounts and generally giving back any profits I had managed to obtain. There were both good times and bad times. But I never gave up.,,bla bla…”

Obviously, Jim Brown is an interesting character in the trading world. And so we pressed further and asked a few more questions.It turns out that Jim is a retired police officer from Australia and sort of stumbled upon Forex trading. He needed to earn some extra money. Just like you and me, he was marched through the promotional conga line of so-called guru’s selling magical trading methods, mentorships, and all manner of trading snake oil.

Jim was living on a small pension and decided that if he really wanted to be a full-time trader, he needed to move someplace cheap. And so James moved to Danang Vietnam. A place where you can live like a king on $1k per month. Poor Jim quickly discovered that earning a full-time income trading Forex is easier said than done. And so he had to think quick. How could he supplement his small pension? Why not whip up a book and sell it on Amazon? And so he did. James published his first book in October 2015. And to his complete and total surprise, he has now sold thousands of copies of his original trading pamphlet (oops I mean book).

Our best advice for you

We have to give Jim Brown a lot of credit. The owner of JagFx is honest. And he has built this corny trading business by being brutally honest. Sure, his trading sucks. And his books are worse. But the guy is making $5k each month selling these super-simple trading books. James explains, “I am a full-time Forex trader.” But he never said he is earning a full-time income from his Forex trading. Instead, James has carved out his own little niche in the trading world. By selling his corny books.Good for him. Thanks for reading. In the meantime, we recommend these trading solutions.

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