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JagFX is a platform that is being operated by Jim Brown. The founder allegedly is a full-time Forex trader who has the technique to make Forex trading easy. Unfortunately, we do not believe that this individual is making a decent income in the Forex niche.

He claims that he is utilizing the mt4 platform, multiple trading strategies that use technical analysis. The founder also claims he has designed custom indicators that aid his trading activities. Additionally, Jim is also marketing his Amazon Kindle book.

The information in the reading material is accessible free of charge. Investments will earn his custom indicators, and you can also join his private Facebook group. It allegedly has over 5K members. You will note that the founder does not discuss his experience in the industry.

He only has both novice and expert traders to join his cause. One of his books explains the basics of Forex trading. It comes along with custom indicators as a bonus. The company also has a tradingview eBook.

The founder claims that investors will know the robust and reliable techniques to use in Forex. Available information shows the method that Jim has been using. Jim claimed that he is using this strategy to perform his trade.

The third book in the Trading Forex with the divergence on mt4 and mt5 tradingview. The founder claim that some might find the term being used intimidating. However, the information is easily presented, and you do not need to worry.

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JagFX Review

The founder of JagFX state that he began Forex trading in 2002. He was motivated by the claim of one investor who claims to have earned a fortune for the last few years. The evidence that he availed was enough proof that Forex  trading is profitable.

JagFX Review, Platform


Therefore, Jim decided to trade with various currencies. At that time, only a small number of investors and bank that had access to trade. He also claims that it was not an easy task. However, Forex trading has been an investment venture long before.

The founder claims that there were only limited brokers at the time he joined the market. Investors could yield high spread. He also ended up trusting the wrong people due to a lack of information. Jim took the time to learn, and through the process, he made profit and losses.

The founder currently has over 16 years of experience in the industry. Hence, he can read patterns and charts. Additionally, Jim state that trading software cannot match the skills. However, we all know that legit Forex trading software can trade better than humans.

They eliminate emotion when executing a trade, therefore mostly giving the most accurate outcome. JagFX allegedly has the best trading system, which is profitable. The company claims that it can generate real-time earnings for investors.

Forex trading investment is a legit venture. Investors have made a profit in the past. However, you need to be very keen as everyone in the market claim to be the best. It is only a few entities that can show proof.

eBook Prices

The eBook that JagFX in selling will cost investors$7.99. the price is affordable and very cheap. However, you have the right to know the quality of this material. For starters, Jim has not published his account

Therefore you cannot know if you are trusting the right person with their money. The founder formerly used to be a police officer, but currently, he is earning an income by offering Forex trading resources. One of the big questions that we are having is whether the founder is offering valuable information.

Jim is selling an affordable Forex investment eBook on Amazon. He does not offer mentorship services or trading indicators. Additionally, JagFX company does not claim to make you rich. His strategy is very simple, and we haven’t gotten the time to read the books he’s selling.

Jim only relies on Amazon’s marketing efforts. The founder is selling an approximate of 560 books every month. It might not look like a lot of money to investors, but in reality, the total income that he is generating is around $11k. Jim makes at least $5k every month. That is a good income on his side.

Contact Details

JagFX requires investors to fill up a contact form that is available on their website. Therefore, the company does not have any contact detail featured on its platform. Additionally, we did not know the location that Jim is operating from.

The company lacks transparency, which is one of the greatest aspects. However, they have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube channel.  Jim is also offering support via email. The founder state that he is not offering a mentorship program due to his tight schedule.

It would be best if JagFX provided data that could help clients contact the founder. They are offering investment services, and for credibility purposes, they need to do more.

He recommends other individuals that he believes are best in the market. Additionally, Jim also recommends Forex Park FX brokerage.  The platform is acting as an affiliate marketer for these entities. The company has not acquired any complaints from investors, which is a good indicator.

Client Feedback

The company has featured several reviews from Amazon. Investors claim that Jim is the real deal in the market. Those who follow the guideline of his book can recover their capital. Investors also state that the information is a gold mine that will save your time and capital in the Forex space.

The information is easily represented with multiple chat examples. We also realize that Jim has featured his support in the ebooks. JagFX client states that you can understand the experience of the founder by the way he speaks.

Traders have been able to stop their losses. The review claims that you can rely on this book to make a sober money management decision. You need discipline, knowledge, and self-control to make a reasonable amount of profit.

The reviews show that the information targets newbies in the industry. Individual claim to have gained basic explanation that is helpful. The ebooks present an excellent trading strategy that is informative and easy to understand.

Jim is also recommending indicators which he has used before. The ebooks are not as long as some only have 72 pages. Whereby some clients thought that the information might not be adequate. However, JagFX has not acquired any negative feedback from their investors.

Final Verdict

JagFX is a company that is transparent with its customers. They do not make any absurd claims to investors. The information the platform avail seems to be excellent based on the review they have acquired on Amazon.

Jim is an honest man who is making a fortune by selling simple trading ebooks. We cannot comment on the quality of information being provided as we haven’t read the books yet. A founder is a smart man who knows what he’s doing.

However, in case you are interested in Trading Forex, you can utilize this trading software. The companies have verified their trading results with the MyFxbook account. The information on JagFX is meant to assist investors to trade oil, Forex, commodities, stocks, precious metals as well as currency trading.

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