JBCapitals Review: Forex Broker Scam

JBCapitals Review: Forex Broker Scam

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JBCapitals ( is a Crypto Currency scam brokerage firm to hit the lucrative Forex trading world. JB Capitals is claiming to offer over 200 plus high quality trading assets. Jb CAPITALS is just another Crypto Currency scam brokerage that is itching to steal funds. Complaints have been sent to us by users who have been scammed by this broker. That’s why we decided to investigate. Read this detailed JBCapitals Review.

JBCapitals Review

JBCapitals Review:

Immediately you land on this broker’s homepage, you are greeted by a Bitcoin image. It’s what scammers are after, to grab your attention. A newbie can easily believe that this is a legitimate and real Crypto Currency brokerage site. And this prompts most newbie investors into blindly signing up with this broker. This honest review is meant to open your eyes as to the dirty tricks used by this broker. Here, we will reveal all their dirty little secrets and hoe to spot them.

Apart from creating a visually compelling website, these scammers also use claims and promises to lure investors. Some of the claims used on this website are insane and totally uncalled for. Claims that depositing and withdrawing is fast are a lie. With all the negative comments floating around the web, withdrawing money with this broker is hell. Most of the users have had withdrawal problems. This broker refuses anyone who deposits money, to ever withdraw it.

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Who Owns JBCapitals?

Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage claims that this broker is owned by Storm Complex LTD. According to the details given, this company is based in Azerbaijan. Problem with this claim is that they claim that their head office is in Switzerland. Reason why this is totally a hoax is that we are dealing with an anonymous owner. If you look closely, you will realize that there’s no mention of anyone involved in running JBCAPITALS.

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This is a dangerous broker to associate with simply because they are anonymous. Who is the CEO or CFO of this brokerage site? Can anyone tell us who is running the show with JB Capitals? Lack of this vital information is proof that we are dealing with a rogue Forex broker. Make sure to stay away from this unlawful broker who is stealing funds from members. An anonymous broker will never be trustworthy, stay away!

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Is JBCapitals Licensed or Regulated?

JBCapitals Scam

From what our investigation revealed, this broker is far from being registered. There’s no proof that JBCapitals is licensed anywhere on their homepage. It means that we are dealing with an unauthorized Crypto Currency broker. Who can stop them if they decided to close shop and leave with money deposited by investors? These are some of the hard questions that all traders should ask themselves.

A real broker will publicly reveal their licensing and registration certificates. This is in line with what the Forex industry expects from brokers. It helps show transparency between the broker and users. Reason why this broker has no certificates is because JBCapitals is a fraud. Stay away from any broker who fails to post or reveal their licensing or registration documents.

Platform Used.

Another disturbing detail with this broker is their preferred platform of choice. Scrolling down the homepage, one can easily see how they sell their platform. According to JB Capitals, this platform has innovating trading tools and world class speed execution. Just below this statement is a link to where users can start using the platform.

It means that this broker is using fake claims to register users forehand. If you are not careful, you might register and find out the hard way. There’s no way that their trading platform even works. What this broker is doing is using images and claims to lure investors into signing up. For what it’s worth, most people who use this platform say it’s unstable. An unstable platform will leave users vulnerable to Cyber attacks. Stay away from this fake Crypto trading platform.

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Account Types.

JBCapitals is offering six different account types to choose from. These accounts are Micro, Mini, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and VIP. In order to start trading with these accounts, users have to deposit a certain number of BTC. Minimum acceptable trading deposit starts at 0.5BTC, 2BTC, 10BTC, 20BTC, 45BTC, and over 45BTC respectively. These accounts have one thing in common, they have monthly market reviews.

What this broker has done is entice users into signing up by promising margin loans. These scammers have made sure that there’s no way of contacting a personal manager. It’s possible that this broker does not have any personal managers.

Are Funds Safe with JBCapitals?

JBCapitals Fake Review

It’s clear that funds are not safe with this anonymous broker. Lack of proper regulation and licensing makes us question their ability to safeguard funds. Problem starts with the lack of information regarding where they bank deposits. It so happens that users maybe depositing funds straight to owner’s personal wallet. Ensure you stay away from this unlawful Crypto broker. There’s more when it comes to security of funds.

JBCapitals is fooling everyone they are segregating funds. There’s no segregation of funds which is a dangerous place to trade with. It means that this broker can easily lose all funds at a go. JBCapitals is capable of closing shop without informing or giving notice of shut down. When this happens, users will have lost a substantial amount of deposit. Another disturbing detail is that investors will never be compensated for any losses incurred.

No Live Chat.

How do they expect users to contact them when they need a quick solution to a problem? Reason why this broker chooses not to offer live chat support is simple. JBCapitals is an anonymous entity and owners are afraid of the backlash from authorities and victims.

Is JBCapitals a Scam?

JBCapitals is a scam and should be brought down immediately by relevant authorities. Lack of proper regulation documents is proof that we are dealing with a scam. Make sure to warn your family and friends from signing up with JB Capitals. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent. Hackers are using these links to steal personal data that includes Credit card information. JB CAPITALS is in league with hackers to harvest information.

JBCapitals Final Verdict.

JBCapitals Scam Review

Placing this broker to our scam blacklist is our next option. This will hopefully prompt relevant authorities to sign up and shut down their site. Make sure to stay away from this broker and ignore all calls to sign up. JB Capitals is calling people in the hopes that they will sign up. Don’t fall for their cheap theatrics.

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Lastly, we wish you all the best in your Crypto trading experience.

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10 Replies to “JBCapitals Review: Forex Broker Scam”

        1. This is a scam company. They took my money, kept asking for more and I now cant get hold of them to close my account. I cant make a withdrawal and they don’t answer my emails. DONT SIGN UP

  1. This is a scam company. They took my money, kept asking for more and I now cant get hold of them to close my account. I cant make a withdrawal and they don’t answer my emails.

  2. H***o, guys.

    Dear Randal : Please be a man of your w*** and clarify the situation with these individuals. Randal bought $10,000 USD worth of bitcoin not 15,000 first of all. And he bought it using the same solution as Leandro. Randal’s blockchain got blocked with the pa**w*** and he can see the funds reflected using his wallet address. Even if the funds didn’t clear on our end and are currently sitting in his blockchain wallet, he dares to claim we scammed him while he has 2.47 Bitcoins in his account.

    David Izen: I see you have been working with Robert, if things have not worked out with him , Please let me know so I can a**ist you.

  3. My elderly father got taken by these people. They advertise on Facebook, he clicked on a link and decided to invest 250 euro knowing nothing about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. An individual calling himself ‘Michael Garcia’ called him soon after and proceeded to upsell him to 5,000 Euros. Immediately the same day I got wind of it and contacted Garcia through an email to demand he reimburse my father. Garcia does not answer direct questions about how to withdraw my father’s money. He only claims that there will have to be a wait of 1 month before he can touch the ‘profits’. No mention of how to withdraw the capital. He also insists on contacting my father via phone even though I have repeatedly asked him to only use email so that we have a trail of his promises. He knowingly took advantage of an elderly man. The fact that they advertise on Facebook shows that they are targeting older people. They deserve to be investigated and fined. I will also be making a complaint to Facebook as they should not allow these scammers to advertise through them.

    1. Update: As of mid-October 2019, Garcia does not answer any emails and the phone number a**igned to him is never answered. Complete and utter scam.

  4. Fortunately I was sceptical so did not invest a lot of money, but I am trying to get it back, with NO LUCK so far. When I call now the phone goes on busy when they find out who I am

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