JBL Mall Review: How Deceives Investors of their Deposits

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JBL Mall Review: How Deceives Investors of their Deposits

JBL Mall is one of the biggest click-a-button E-Commerce platforms to hit Pakistan and neighboring countries. Here’s our full review giving insights into the victims.

Those who signed up hoping to earn USDT by simply clicking on e-commerce websites were duped. The platform claimed they would release funds within 7 days; most investors haven’t received a penny.

How JBL Mall scams naïve Pakistan investors

To join JBL Mall, you had to deposit $70 or USDT equivalent to gain access to the click app. Seeing how easy it would be to sign up and invest, naïve investors signed up in their droves. Sadly, nearly everyone has lost funds with JBLMall.

It’s emerging that the platform was only trying to gain backdoor access to crypto wallets from members. As it turns out, we have a platform that fails to offer much in terms of accountability and authenticity.

Anonymity seems to be the game of such apps in Pakistan, and we moved to expose some of these culprits. Unbelievably, JBL Mall is a product created by Chinese scammers residing in Singapore.

These scammers are using some of Pakistan’s leading influencers to push the product. And the government is cracking down on such Crypto MLM products. Pakistan has seen a rising number of Crypto MLM victims in the past year alone.

Therefore, everyone needs to take action. Authorities need to ensure no one gets to take advantage of naïve investors.

Here’s our decisive JBLMall Review.

About JBL Mall

Passive income is an activity everyone should be after, it offers extra income especially if it’s a viable project. For most, this would be a lifetime opportunity to get a project promising daily returns.

Scammers know this and take complete advantage of naïve investors. This is why we’ve seen an upsurge in such frauds in Asia, especially Pakistan. What we have today with JBL Mall is a perfect example of what’s happening.

You need to know how to discern some of the risky passive investment platforms out there. Be on the lookout for platforms claiming to guarantee daily profit margins by simply clicking an action or tab.

In hindsight, JBL Mall is merely promoting traffic to some of the e-commerce websites. And they are using your clicks as a way to fool investors of the possibilities of earning daily ROI. That’s far from the truth; JBL Mall is a high-risk no-reward platform.

Even the homepage screams of an unprofessional website that doesn’t live up to its promise. Our platform fails to offer accountability and real investment products and services. That’s why we must expose all features of the project.

The platform claims you can get 1.30 USDT in daily guaranteed profit margins after making an initial investment of 50USDT. What the platform fails to mention is the acceptable number of vesting days.

And this leaves investors guessing as to when exactly they will get the chance to withdraw funds. That’s when the platform takes full advantage by constantly pushing your withdrawal date. And this has happened to way many investors before.

It’s high time we explored the risks associated with JBL Mall and who’s behind it.

How JBL Mall deceives investors

Pretty simple actually, the platform preys on investors looking for high returns in the minimum days possible. And that’s why we have to expose the store’s blatant use of on-existing products and services to fool investors.

What we have here is a platform led by Mohammed Ali who’s pushing the product to Pakistanis. There are a few Indians who have lost funds too but, the main targeted investors are in Pakistan. It goes to show those behind this platform have other ties to the region.

Despite Mohammed pushing this platform, he claims he was approached by Chinese investors to push the project through his YouTube channel. We’ve also seen Mohammed push other Click-a-button Ponzi schemes in the region.

It’s safe to say Mohammed is part of the cartel that targets naïve investors. We believe he was also a marketer of other Click-a-button E-Commerce websites such as ClickFlow Life which we later exposed.

Those who have invested in such websites rarely get what they wanted. The platform is barely making it as it fails to offer much in terms of authenticity. Only a handful of investors get to profit and these are those with the lion’s share of deposits.

The platform does allow them to make partial withdrawals to convince them of the project. And that’s why we have to push the scam angle to naïve investors. What they don’t know is that the platform even uses these investors to fool others.

Such investors get asked to post their withdrawals on social media as a way to convince others withdrawal is possible. That’s when others fall into the trap and deposit their life savings just to get daily guaranteed withdrawals.

There are several traps set by these Chinese scammers that look appealing to investors.

Scammed by JBL Mall?

To gain the highest number of sign ups, the platform does use affiliate and referral programs to rope in investors. You get a promise of making huge bonuses and commissions just for signing up other investors to the project.

These bonuses are in form of USDT and come with a multi-level commission based referral program. It’s a way to ensure you keep on enlisting other naïve investors into the tray. Most investors have convinced family and friends to join the platform.

How the platform manages to convince investors that clicking a button equates to real orders baffles us. Yes, by clicking these buttons, the platform claims you’ve allowed a client to place an order of different products.

We’ve seen such projects before including the now defunct DF Mall and eBayShop. The expose we did on these two was significant as it led to three Chinese developers to payback funds deposited by Canadian investors. is a scam

Mohammed Ali has been pushing these projects but rarely gets to show his withdrawals. Anytime these Chinese investors want to influence the market, they go to Mohammed to push such projects.

We believe Pakistan authorities need to take action and invest in eradicating such projects in the region. India is trying to cover such promotion aspects by introducing laws that would regulate promotion of such products.

Sadly, those who’ve already lost funds with the project don’t have a clue on how best to recover such funds. Luckily, there are professionals who partner with authorities to try and get back part of your investment.

Nearly $4 million lost as investors deposited in their numbers with JBL Mall.

Customer Complaints and Ratings JBL Mall

Several customers have come forward and shared their experience with the platform. Anwar Bin Rajab lost close to $400,000 with the platform. The platform allowed daily partial withdrawals of $500.

By the seventh day, he added more funds to gain more ROI. Later that day, he could no longer gain access to his JBLMall account. That’s the story of most investors who signed up with

Our Verdict JBL Mall

There’s no doubt in our minds that JLB Mall is a high-risk no-reward platform. You need to stay away from this and every other platform sharing similar traits.

Instead, you must invest with proven passive income projects that offer realistic ROI margins.

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