Join Deposit Review: Scam Suggests Your Deposit At Risk

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Join Deposit Review: Scam Suggests Your Deposit At Risk

Join Deposit 2023 Review Update: How investors are losing their investment with bogus antics with the website now a gambling service provider.

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About Join Deposit

Join Deposit at is a scam investment platform claiming to have the ability to generate up to 5000% in 10 days. There are 3 referral levels in this site which allegedly pay 3%-10% of a user’s deposited amount. The sales page claims that their decisions are driven by customer demand and that nothing is impossible with Join Deposit. In addition to these alleged benefits, Join Deposit claims that your potential losses are insured up to 70%, and that you will never lose any money because they are only working with qualified and experienced fund managers. Their website is also protected from hackers who can steal data or financial assets.

The question is, can this website really generate those massive returns in a few days? Is it worth spending time on this website to begin with? Those are some of the questions we will be seeking to address here. Please read this short review because we are highlighting facts that will help you determine whether JoinDeposit is a website worth sending your funds to.

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Join Deposit Review

All high yield investment websites don’t pay, and are very risky to participate in. Join Deposit is considered a high yield investment site because it runs investment plans that promise a high yield in an extremely short period of time. The site claims that they are taking advantage of proprietary trading systems to enjoy continuous profits while ensuring that losses are within acceptable levels. They are essentially claiming that their fund managers are using technical analysis to trade the markets in addition to sound money management principles.

This begs the question of past performance and why the site is not publishing any numbers to start with. We’ve always observed serious fund managers publishing their trading statements on their sites and even letting visitors scrutinize those statements to determine their accuracy. With Join Deposit, there is nothing like past performance or trading statement. This is clearly a worrisome trend. It is easier said than done. And if a site will never prove what they do, then it is as good as saying that that website is not engaging in that investment activity.


Join Deposit fails this test, and we are definitely sending it to the blacklist. They should be able to prove their trading activities. Since this proof is nowhere to be found on their site, we have the right to question them or even blacklist them as one of the latest ponzi scams intending to rob internet users.

Impossible to achieve ROIs

One thing you should understand is that no site will every make you an overnight millionaire. 0.64% hourly returns is an impossible to attain ROI. We have never realized such ROIs in trading, and it’s definitely not going to happen any time soon. 10-18% hourly is ridiculous. We do not know which kind of trading this is. And when Join Deposit says that they are going to generate 2000-5000% in 10 days, it raises eyebrows because clearly this site is making promises that it has never achieved. If this was real, the site would be an extremely popular investment destination where everyone can go to make quick profits any time they wish to.

In fact, the anonymous owner would wish to remain anonymous. They would be an instant celebrity. But on the other hand, we don’t see how this anonymous individual can share with everyone such a profitable opportunity. If they truly were able to generate such wealth, they would keep it to themselves. There would be no need to build a website and start offering a fund manager’s service. Rich people never do this. Only scammers set up websites and claim that they can help you multiply your investments overnight.

Fake testimonials

There are a few testimonials which are appearing on the Join deposit website. These testimonials can’t be verified. This is yet another proof that the site is fake and is only using falsified testimonials to lure victims. The site can never produce proof that these testimonials are legit. They can never justify those testimonials for the simple reason that they were forged by the anonymous admin.

If they were genuine, we are sure that a confirmation would have followed elsewhere in terms user reviews and feedback on popular investment forums. This site seems to have a bad reputation, and its paying status is not known. So even though they claim to generate thousands of dollars in ROI, those claims are useless if they cannot be confirmed.

The site is actually very suspicious. As we have said before, you should never trust an anonymous website owner claiming to be offering a million dollar investment opportunity for peanuts. It’s just too good to be true.

The names of the faces who appear behind the fake testimonials are not real either. Those faces were sourced from a photo bank, meaning that the testimonials accompanying these faces are very fake. The characters are nothing but stock photos. You can confirm it on Google.

This just proves that the alleged ROIs of this site are nothing but empty claims. Performance should be able to market this site extremely well without them having to resort to cheap scamming methods involving the use of stock photos.

A ponzi scheme: more evidence

You want more evidence that Join Deposit is a ponzi scam? Think about this fact. The site is run by an anonymous entity and secondly, it is only accepting payments in Crypto currencies. That combination is very dangerous. In case you want a refund, you will not have the chance to get it. The reason is simple. This site is operated by a scammer, and they feel extremely safe if using these methods of payment.

Our best advice for you

Join Deposit is a desperate scam with nothing to back its claims. The sales page claims that Join Deposit is based out of the UK. But this does not confirm to us whether the site is conducting legit trading operations. That is why investors who want to trade must use these trading robots instead. The site offers no solution.

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