Jump Trades Profit Alerts Review: A Stock Trading Scam?

Jump Trades Profit Alerts Review: A Stock Trading Scam?

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Wealth Press promotes a system called Jump Trades Profit Alerts. This website targets traders who want overnight riches in the Forex and stock market. In fact, their logo suggests that is about approaching the market with integrity, intelligence and pure winning trades. The owner claims that we can turn every $500 into $4000 which is something that sounds too good to be true.

On the landing page of Jump Trades Profit Alerts, we find the following statements: See How Two Legendary Traders Routinely Grab 426%… 780%… and 883% gains with… Roger Scott of Wealth Press is offering a venerable smorgasbord of financial products and services. All appear to be pure hogwash. He claims the following:

Worked in the White House as a “Key Economic Advisor” (he didn’t)

Is a commodity broker and hedge fund manager. (he’s not)

Turned $5k into $720,000,000 (pure fantasy)

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Claims to be a lawyer.

Claims all manner of investment whack-a-doodle

Roger Scott (the owner of Wealth Press) appears to be well situated in the financial fraud capital of the world: Florida. He is operating a ‘boiler room’ where unlicensed and unregistered advisors are making all manner of financial claims to an unwitting public. According to one customer, “everything that comes out his mouth is a lie.” A financial scoundrel of the highest order. Avoid this charlatan.

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Jump Trades Profit Alerts review

What is Wealth Press, and what are they selling? The company is a stocks and options trading signal service. The primary focus of this company is selling investment advice. This investment advice is delivered in the form of ‘trading signals’ that users must access through a subscription-based platform. Wealth Press is owned by a person named Roger Scott. The business is located at 12276 San Jose Blvd Ste 518, Jacksonville, FL 32223.

Whenever We see a Florida address pop-up, We start to get really worried. Florida is the undisputed king of ‘investment scams.’ In fact, Fortune magazine rated Florida as “the fraud capital of the world.” In yet another study by the Department Of Justice, they ranked Florida as “the epicenter of many Ponzi schemes” and “a place where investment scams seem to flourish.” Regardless, we decided to take a closer look at Wealth Press, this so-called “investments” company promising delightful stock picks.

The Wealth Press products offering.

In the past several months of simply observing the Wealth Press website, we have seen several products ‘come and go.’ Lets take a closer look at what is on the current menu:

Jump Trades Profit Alerts (one of the products offered here)

  • Alpha Rotation $1,495 per year. The service claims that in 1930, two world-renowned mathematicians discovered a secret profit formula. This secret will turn $10k into $238,956 with what appears to be nearly NO DRAW DOWNS.
  • Billionaire Breakout $1,497 per year. This service claims that you can turn $1k into $1,964,031 and this is achieved by legally ‘front-running’ Wall Street.
  • Dark Pool Trader. This service claims to own a “sonar signal” that reveals when stocks will gain 2,812%.
  • Red Lines In The Market. A service that delivers 300% in 48 hours.
  • Momentum Factor $1,495 per year. This service supposedly turns $10k into $2,600,000 in only 6 years. And it generates consistent income “Month After Month.”
  • Precision Profits $1,497 per year. A service that achieves 339% investment returns in “30-days or less.”
  • Prime Alpha Trader. A signal service that uses “Shadow Market Trades” that is “hidden and concealed” and investment returns of 2,812% or $412,119 for “just 2018 alone.”
  • Profit Trends Alert ETF $1,497 per year. This service coos “only work minutes per day, and earn 1291% over 7 years.”
  • Options Income Formula $1,497 per year. This service PROMISES “85% Winning Trades and Reliable, Steady Income Month After Month!”

At this point, most readers are probably already laughing. But for those that got suckered into these ridiculous promises, it is no laughing matter. More on that later.

Roger Scott of Wealth Press and Jump Trades Profit Alerts

Our inbox has been flooding with spam advertising from Wealth Press. Users from all over the planet have been forwarding these marketing emails, and begging that We draft a review.

The promotional material contained within these emails is truly outrageous. Let’s review a recent email. We won’t publish the entire email, simply because its just scammy marketing. However, I will publish a truncated summary below…

Roger Scott, the owner of Wealth Press, makes the following claims:

He is a licensed Attorney.

He started with $5k and realized profits of $720,000,000. Yep, he claims nearly a billion in profits.

He worked in the White House as a “key economic advisor.”

Is a Hedge Fund Manager.

And a licensed Commodity Broker.

If true, this is one heck of a resume. We were curious, so we started digging.

The search for truth regarding Roger Scott.

The first step in our journey was a deep search to discover affiliated websites. Sure enough, Wealth Press is not his only marketing channel. You can find him peddling his wares at and However, these websites use a different address than the Florida address. These businesses are located at 1976 South La Cienega Blvd #270, Los Angeles, California 90034. This address appears to be nothing more than a mail dump.

The Wealth Press Boiler Room

Next, we decided to take a more proactive approach. On the Wealth Press YouTube channel, Roger Scott has a video where he appears to be in a ‘boiler room’ with a bunch of salespeople taking calls and dispensing of his so-called investment magic.

Our best advice for you

There’s no trading track record for the Jump Trades Profit Alerts. We then started to wade into the deeper water, all the while poor Josiah thought our credit card was sitting in front of us. We asked, “We want to buy the $6k daily special, but we just need a little more information. We wanted to see the audited trading record of the amazing Roger Scott. Josiah responded, “Roger Scott doesn’t share his account statements with anyone. But we have some actual proof.” This is hogwash guys. If you want cheaper and more efficient automated trading system, just look here.

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6 Replies to “Jump Trades Profit Alerts Review: A Stock Trading Scam?”

  1. thank you Ken, I wouldn’t part with $1500 just for a program, but many people would. Great review and I hope scams like this get penalized!

  2. As of 02/15/2020, Alpha Rotation just go on sale for $997, life time access. Thanks for scam review; save me a $1000. Keep up the good wrk…. 😉

  3. Well, I bit. After receiving endless emails, I paid the $1497 for one of the services. I followed it to the letter. The result is that I wiped about 50% of the value of the account that I was using for the trading. In my opinion, their claims (Roger Scott and Rob Booker) are misleading, and I have not had one success in my overall account. As they say, there is one born every minute.

  4. I bought the whole enchalada from Roger Scott for $ 2995.00. I started with $ 3,000.00 in my account. Within 3 weeks I lost $ 2,200.00, bringing my account to $ 800.00. I called within the 30 day money back guarantee & luckily received all my money back . I am an experienced trader & brought my account up to $ 5,000.00 in a couple of months, option trading.
    Buyer Beware
    I would like to know if he makes more money selling Junk or trading his own account. My bet is on selling Junk. I dont know of anyone that has made real money trading with any of these so called Gurus. I dont trust any of them , they are full of c***.
    Good luck in your trading

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