Jump Trades Profit Alerts Review: A Stock Trading Scam?

Jump Trades Profit Alerts Review: A Stock Trading Scam?

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Jumps Trades Profit Alerts is an online-based trading platform that aims to make massive profits for investors. However, do not be so quick to fall for the catch yet because the company also exposes several scam traits.

Therefore if you are looking to make profits, you should invest with legit signal providers that lower the risk you encounter while trading. The company fails to reveal any evidence of the kind of qualification the people behind the company hold.

However, in this unbiased review, we reveal some of the red flags. Jump Trades Profit Alerts exposes and why you should not rely on them to make any profits for you. The company claims to be under Wealth Press; however, during our research, there is no association with them.

Scammers will try all methods to lure investors into depositing funds into their accounts. Therefore this is a significant warning, and this ultimately proves some murkiness in Jump Trades Profit Alerts.

They aim to make massive returns for investors, yet the strategy used in making the profits is unknown. The sales page is poorly presented, and a lot of relevant data on their operations is missing causing doubts to investors.

The company boasts that customers receive ultimate satisfaction from their services rendered by a team of top-notch personnel. However, they do not reveal any evidence on the same to earn your trust. You are working with legit people.

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You might even be shocked to find out these people do not have any experience in the trade world and risk making massive losses. Investors are promised unmatchable winning trade results but do not be tempted into depositing a single coin in the Investment expecting any returns.

Furthermore, if at all there were any customers making profits. Jump Trades Profits Alerts would easily showcase this. You should be provided with past trade transactions of some months before investing your funds.

Jump Trades Profit Alerts Review

Jump Trades Profit Alerts resembles a get rich quick scheme, and no profits are made in such an investment. The return figures you expect to earn from this platform are over the limit, and with a new strategy, you are likely to make losses on your returns.

Jump Trades Profit Alerts Review, Jump Trades Profit Alerts Platform

Hence it would be wise to invest with legit Signal Providers that have a reasonable win rate, and you will earn practical gains on your hard-earned money. Investors are given free training and a chance to make up to 883% in returns.

Ponzi Schemes showcase a high level of shadiness, and they expose so may red flags to prevent you from trusting this firm with your funds. Moreover, investors are given opportunities to invest in stocks and signals.

They give customers investment advice, and the win rate is not known. You should know the win rate to expect in the signals the company provides, and without this data, you should not deposit a single coin.

They also claim to have made multiple billionaires through the various trading investment plans. However, the company has similar characteristics to scammers, and you risk falling for the catch and end up losing your money and sharing personal information with anonymous people.

You do not know the kind of timeframe the company uses, and they only seem to be interested in the funds you deposit. Legit investment firms will always showcase a high level of transparency, and you will know the kind of returns to expect.

Trade Strategy

Investors receive multiple plans that they can use and benefit from; Alpha Rotation, Billionaire Breakout, Momentum, Dark Pool Trader, Precision Profits, Prime Alpha Trader, Options Income Formula, and Profit Trend Alerts.

In all the above trading structures, investors are expected to receive trade signals with a win rate of 85%. All the designs are always set to make a profit for investors amounting to $1500 at the time expected for these returns to be reached is not known.

You may be tempted into depositing in this money laundering scheme. However, the result will not change simply because multiple customers have lost funds from Jump Trades Profit Alerts.

Funds Safety

The safety of your funds is not guaranteed in this investment firm; simply, this is because you do not know the kind of returns to expect. The people behind the Investment firm are unknown, and the kind of qualification they hold is also not mentioned to earn your trust.

The company exposes multiple scam traits, and even customers have lost their funds in this platform. You should be able to see evidence of past trade transactions for a couple of months before investing money in any company.

There is no demo account for you to set up a winning strategy or test the credibility of the software. The use of a demo account helps you know how the company operates. The customers are complaining to have lost money from this investment firm, and they should be used as an example of why you should not invest in the company.


The use of fake testimonies is every day among scammers, and Jump Trades Profit Alerts expose similar characteristics. The company provides you with customers who claim to benefit profitably from the various Investment.

However, the names provided are just made up, and they do not feature any trade link that you can use to verify trade activities taking place. Nevertheless, you may be shocked to find out the people whose names have been mentioned do not even know the company’s existence or have any relation to it.

Regulation and Customer Support

Jump Trades Profit Alerts does not provide you with any regulatory information; hence they are not legally allowed to generate funds from the public. Different countries have come up with various measures to protect citizens from Ponzi schemes.

Unregulated platforms do not last for long in the market, and they showcase a high level of shadiness. The company also does not have any contact support information that you can use to reach them just in case you require assistance.

They also claimed best in the US in Florida, yet no address has been provided to prove the same. You should always be provided with working contact support and regulatory data that you can verify before investing in a single coin.

Final Verdict

Jump Trades Profit Alerts overestimate the return amount you are to expect, and this is a major red flag not to trust the company. Transparency is vital while choosing the right platform to generate Investment gains for you.

However, if you’re looking to make investment returns, you should invest with these automated signal providers that will surely make reasonable returns and lower. Information on the owners is essential because you know the people who are controlling your funds and the experience they hold.

The platform owners probably risk facing criminal prosecutions for illegally generating funds from the public is the main reason no information on the whereabouts is available. Furthermore, the returns you expect are overestimated, and the kind of algorithm they use is not known.

The platform uses fake trade testimonies, and there is no evidence of any past trade transactions you can use to verify trade activities. While choosing a legit investment firm, you should be able to see past trade transactions of at least three months or more.

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7 Replies to “Jump Trades Profit Alerts Review: A Stock Trading Scam?”

  1. thank you Ken, I wouldn’t part with $1500 just for a program, but many people would. Great review and I hope scams like this get penalized!

  2. As of 02/15/2020, Alpha Rotation just go on sale for $997, life time access. Thanks for scam review; save me a $1000. Keep up the good wrk…. 😉

  3. Well, I bit. After receiving endless emails, I paid the $1497 for one of the services. I followed it to the letter. The result is that I wiped about 50% of the value of the account that I was using for the trading. In my opinion, their claims (Roger Scott and Rob Booker) are misleading, and I have not had one success in my overall account. As they say, there is one born every minute.

  4. I bought the whole enchalada from Roger Scott for $ 2995.00. I started with $ 3,000.00 in my account. Within 3 weeks I lost $ 2,200.00, bringing my account to $ 800.00. I called within the 30 day money back guarantee & luckily received all my money back . I am an experienced trader & brought my account up to $ 5,000.00 in a couple of months, option trading.
    Buyer Beware
    I would like to know if he makes more money selling Junk or trading his own account. My bet is on selling Junk. I dont know of anyone that has made real money trading with any of these so called Gurus. I dont trust any of them , they are full of c***.
    Good luck in your trading

    1. gale I investigated before jumping in….. as a thought How do we bet against his advice, seems like it might be profitable

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