Killa Gorilla FX Master Review – Scam Robot?

Killa Gorilla FX Master Review – Scam Robot?

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In this review, we will be looking at a Forex robot known as Killa Gorilla FX Master EA( That is the exact name of this robot, so don’t think that we made a mistake by writing the title this way.

The expert advisor is actually named after an ape which suggests that it is so powerful in commanding the Forex market. We will never be sure until we put it to test a publish this review for you to read.

Thankfully, we have done all the hard work for you. Now it’s your chance to read this Killa Gorilla FX Master review and decide for yourself.

Killa Gorilla FX Master review

At the moment, this developer has not given any information about themselves. We also do not know where they operate out of since this website does not reveal the physical address of this developer.

killa gorilla master ea review

The website has a live chat feature to allow visitors ask questions before purchasing Killa Gorilla FX Master EA. This website seems to be putting more emphasis on collecting user contact info than showing trade performance.

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There is also an affiliate link on the right side which redirects to IC Markets Forex broker. The developer of Killa Gorilla FX Master says that this robot can be tested on all demo accounts regardless of the broker you choose but can never be used on a live account hosted by a broker that is different from the one they are recommending. Why?

You see, in as much as the developer of Killa Gorilla FX Master would want you to believe that this expert advisor only works best with their chosen broker because of the trading conditions offered by this broker, the truth is that they have a different agenda for recommending this broker.

The first thing you need to realize is that the owner of Killa Gorilla FX Master is into it for business. It’s the reason why they are selling this robot instead of just using it to generate profits for themselves.

Maybe they do not trust its ability to make money, so the only way to be safe and make some income on the side is through offering it for a premium price.

Actually, it’s quite ridiculous how this developer tries to tackle this question on their site. They claim that the reason why they are offering it is because the Forex market handles daily trade volumes worth $3 trillion, and that it would only make sense to help you get a piece of the pie. Not very convincing, don’t you think?

Anyway, we will not let this discovery influence this Killa Gorilla FX Master review. We are rather concerned with its trading logic.

So according to the developer, Killa Gorilla FX Master expert advisor is a basked trader meaning that it uses the very dangerous Martingale and Grid trading strategies which we have warned in this blog before.

These are high-risk trading strategies that are akin to gambling. In as much as they do make huge chunks of profits quickly, the risk of blowing your account with one or two trades-gone-bad is real.

Therefore, we can never vouch for any system that uses these gambling strategies to trade live money.

Nevertheless, this developer states that they have countered the potential effect of blowing your account. For instance, they’ve included a stop loss, spike protection, trend protection, and filters to deal with this risk accordingly. In other words, they are admitting that Martingale and Grid trading strategies are very dangerous.

In addition to this, the developer of Killa Gorilla FX Master claims that the settings of this expert advisor are customize-able, although a copy of the Killa Gorilla FX Master will always come with a default preset settings.

What is more, the developer encourages users to test this system under various settings to find out what works from what does not work. They recommend doing this testing on a demo account.

We thought this was the work of the developer, not the user. So how come that traders are being asked to test this robot on behalf of the vendor to find out whether or not it works? Does it mean that they are selling an incomplete expert advisor?

Let’s see what’s contained in the package

First of all, Killa Gorilla FX Master goes for $195 per year. Actually, this is the price of the affiliate edition of Killa Gorilla FX Master expert advisor because it restricts traders to brokers recommended by this vendor. You should know that this vendor is looking to earn commissions with the broker through this arrangement.

Now, the ridiculous part is this. If you want to use the premium copy of Killa Gorilla FX Master, the price will be $1495 per year.

Notice that this is a huge discrepancy in the pricing of this robot. It actually does not make sense to sell a robot for such a small price and all of a sudden hike the price if one wants to use it with any Forex broker.

Also, if we are to go with the words of this vendor, we would understand that the chances of Killa Gorilla FX Master working with another broker is almost zero. There would be no need to pay such a huge price anyway.

Trading results

We noticed that the trading performance area of this website was missing some very crucial elements.

 Killa Gorilla FX Master back tested results

The one important thing that was missing is that this robot was not being tested or tracked on any myfxbook live account.

The only thing we can see on this section of the site is back tests.

Back tests don’t give an accurate reflection of what would happen if you traded with this expert advisor in 2017.

Nearly every Forex trading system that we know of today uses advanced technologies in conjunction with live data, and these results can never be reproduced in back tests. It is not possible.

Also, the developer of Killa Gorilla FX Master claims that this robot uses high-frequency trading strategies. If this statement is anything to go by, then we can conclude that it is extremely difficult to get the true picture of what this robot is capable of by just looking at the back-tested results.

For us, the only thing that we needed was a myfxbook account that tracks results in real time. We would be able to see how the equity curve is climbing and whether or not this robot has a risk of blowing accounts.

Our best advice for you

We would be hesitant to recommend Killa Gorilla FX Master because it does not have a live myfxbook account. This is usually all that is required to validate a robot and determine whether or not it is profitable.

All our recommended Forex trading robots are validated this way, plus we also test them ourselves to see whether they are worth praising.

The point is, Killa Gorilla FX Master does not meet our requirements. The developer is anonymous and two, they are very careful not to tell the truth. The truth here is that this robot possibly blew their testing account. Seeing the situation, they opted to do away with myfxbook results and instead work with back-tested results. Avoid.

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2 Replies to “Killa Gorilla FX Master Review – Scam Robot?”

  1. Hi there Valforex,

    We are the developers for Killa Gorilla FX Master EA (now renamed). Our website is
    Just letting you know that we have been working hard over the last 18 months improving our EA and it is now ready for download….. for FREE for everyone to use!

    Unlike other EAs available, we do not charge a price for our robot at all, it is totally free to use on both Demo and Real accounts. This allows anyone anywhere in the world to have access to our robot. But to use on a real account, the trader must open a live trading account through one of our Recommended Brokers on our site – this is how we can afford to offer Killa Gorilla FX Master for free – it does not cost the trader any more. The brokers share their earnings with us…. it’s a win-win !

    We are extremely excited with FX Master’s performance, but the settings used can make or break an EA – it’s so important to use the right settings. We believe our default settings are the best we’ve formulated to date.
    We have also provided several settings files with the download package, to be used based on your starting balance.
    Take a look at our realtime trading performance since Feb 14:

    We will be setting up more realtime accounts shortly with various account balances and risk settings and will be posting them.

    We urge you to revisit Killa Gorilla FX Master and download the latest version and update your review (good or bad). We think you’ll be impressed!

    Our offices are located in Sydney, Australia.
    We can be contacted anytime via out Contact Us page or through out Live Chat window.

    Jimmy Cross
    Killa Gorilla FX Master Team

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