Kiyosaki Formula Review – Big Scam!

Kiyosaki Formula Review – Big Scam!

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The Kiyosaki Income System is a fallacy and a sham. It’s a big fat lie to say that this website is owned by Robert Kiyosaki… who is considered a wealthy industry guru, semi-retired but also controversial sometimes.

The real criminals who run the Kiyosaki Formula show are piggybacking on his success to make money on the web through illegal means. And by doing so, they are committing the crime of impersonation which can earn them a significant jail term in the US and also everywhere across the world.

This malicious investment fraud takes a very clever approach, and it’s easy to fall for it due to the mention of Robert Kiyosaki brand.

Whoever is behind this scam is good at impersonating individuals. The video clip which you see on this website was lifted from popular news sources on the internet where Robert Kiyosaki was being interviewed. The images used to send the message on this website are also the work of copy-pasting.

And by so doing, these sleazy internet marketers have made the Kiyosaki Formula Group a bona fide scam. As an innocent trader who has never lost money online, this could be a very powerful trap for you. It’s just a matter of time before these guys wreck financial havoc on households.

It seems that the Kiyosaki Formula website is designed to deceive, bait and then mislead prospective users into something that will not yield the advertised results.

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Thankfully, you are here reading this review. This means that you are burning with the desire to equip yourself with the right knowledge.

So the number one fact that you should know is that the Kiyosaki Formula is just another scam on the internet. Proof will be provided below. Are you ready?

Kiyosaki Formula overview and proof that this is a sham

The Kiyosaki Formula software is being promoted through the name of a very popular investor and business man. As you can see, the picture below suggests that this is Robert Kiyosaki.

Actually, these scammers have gone ahead to say that this system was developed by Robert himself, and that this guy is now giving everyone the chance to change their life through the Kiyosaki Formula software.

This sounds a little bit stupid. Where has this guy been all along? And why has he decided to give out a very powerful system for free? What does he stand to gain in this business deal?

You will most likely ask yourself those questions before making your mind on this. However, evidence suggests that this is a highly dangerous game being played before your eyes by people who don’t mean what they say or do. The reality shall hit you the moment you sign up with any of their investment brokers.

But since you’re reading this review, there is no need to subject yourself to the pain of losing money.

Evidence suggests that Robert Kiyosaki has nothing to do with this filthy scam. In fact, if contacted on this, he will most likely get his lawyer on call to pursue these criminals. And this would also result in a scenario where this website is pulled down from the internet forever.

On the same note, he may also opt to ignore the criminals because rich people have criminals impersonating them every day. So it’s up to you to see that you are not conned by these internet gangsters.

Is there a possibility that this scam is related to another filthy system known as the Profit Ball?

We highly suspect that these websites belong to one faceless individual whose mission is to con unsuspecting victims who are always looking for real opportunities in binary options trading.

If you take a look at the registration form on both sites, you will see that these are very identical. The thieves just changed the video and graphics of the website, then slapped the logo of the Kiyosaki formula on it to make it look unique and genuine. However, they are using the same technological infrastructure to peddle lies.

robert kiyosaki is not involved in this scam

kiyosaki formula scam copies other scams

So, will you get convinced by a scam that knows how to play with design and color schemes? No way.

Who the hell is Robert Kiyosaki and why is this scam piggybacking on him?

The real Robert Kiyosaki has been involved in a lot of business ventures, most notably the Nylon Velcro wallets deal which ended so badly that it made him bankrupt in the 80s.

Around the same time that he went bankrupt, this guy started an MLM scheme that came to be referred to as the biggest pyramid scheme in the history of all fraudulent MLMs.

He is also the founder of a publishing house called Cashflow Technologies. This company is famed for having published books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad etc. This book sold more copies than ever. It’s the reason why Robert Kiyosaki became rich in the process.

Kiyosaki Formula

This guy is now considered semi-retired, although he still shows up once in a while on motivational talk scenes. This earns him extra cash and a treat of publicity. It keeps him going.

Now, concerning this scam software…. you can be sure that Robert is not involved with the Kiyosaki Formula in any shape or form.

The real owners of this software are crooks who love to take advantage of the anonymity that the internet gives them.

No wonder they claim that Kiyosaki Formula is a magic system that will give everyone financial freedom. It creates the perception that escaping the rat race is possible when you take advantage of this offer now. Truth is, many people are still in for a surprise because there is nothing like making money quickly.

Kiyosaki Formula sales video

It starts off with an interview between Kiyosaki and a media personality. In this YouTube video, Robert is asked about his journey to becoming rich. He replied that he wanted to be rich and so the element of desire played a big role in catapulting him to where he is today.

Immediately, the interview is cut short and a narrator steps in to explain how everyone can make money and become rich in just a short time. This narrator also claims that now people can take advantage of the big secret that Kiyosaki Formula is presenting to make money before the window of opportunity closes.

To convince you that the Kiyosaki Formula is different, this scam actor claims that this software has been copied several times by fraudulent developers who don’t have experience.

He also talks of how amateur programmers from India are taking advantage of the opportunity to con users and how Kiyosaki Formula was only made by 100% American programmers.

He also claims that his track record speaks on his behalf because he has been in the business of making people rich.

One lie that caught our attention is that he used to work at the trading desk of JP Morgan Chase where he partnered with the firm to make this ”great product”. We cannot trust this crap.

Our best advice for you

The Kiyosaki formula is not to be trusted because strong evidence point to the fact that this is a scam. The story behind it is a lie. The people behind the Kiyosaki Formula are funny actors. And most importantly, the owner wants to steal from you. Avoid. Just use these products if you want to trade binary options profitably.

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