KJ Invest Capital Review: Forex Scam

KJ Invest Capital Review: Forex Scam

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KJ Invest Capital ( is another bane CFDs, Cryptocurrency, and Scam platform to hit the lucrative trading world. KJInvestCapital is professing to help traders discover a modern way to invest. A look at their website reveals we are dealing with a well thought out plan. The design of their website will easily fool newbie traders and this is a huge problem. Read this detailed KJ INVEST CAPITAL Review for more.

KJ Invest Capital Review

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KJ Invest Review

From the look of things, members have been dealing with a cloned website. After receiving some compelling emails from victims of this scam, we decided to investigate. What seems to be a genuine trading platform is nothing but a cloned website. These scam artists are using information from real trading websites to sell their false services. And this is why we have to expose them and ensure the trading market is free from this scam. Want to know some of the tricks used by these scam artists?

Professional scam artists will start by having a cloned website. Next step is to use moving images and information to try and sell their services. Use of empty claims and promises is another feature on most online scam platforms. Expect to hear such things such as help you make huge profit margins in a short period. These scam artists will even hire call agents to act as account managers. You will be constantly called and urged to deposit more funds to earn a huge payout.

About KJ Invest Capital

According to the company’s page, KJ Invest Capital is claiming to have been in business since 2014. If this was true, why doesn’t anyone seem to recognize this platform? A look at the domain register says a different story. The website was created on 27-06-2017 and registered January 2020. Why are they using false statements in regards to their history? Scam artists will do or say anything to make sure their platforms appear legit. And this includes falsely creating dates.

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Another huge problem we noticed with KJ Invest Capital is anonymity. No one knows who the founding members of this platform are. Why have they failed to post names of the people running the day to day activities of the website? The last thing scam artists want is to have their names on websites. Fear of retribution from authorities and victims makes them hide their identity. The fact that they claim to be located in Valencia is another lie. Using Spain as a base of operation is bait to trap European investors.

Is KJ Invest Capital licensed or registered?

KJ Invest Capital Regulatory Warning/ License Status

Since the platform claims to be located in Spain, we contacted the Spanish authorities for confirmation. The Spanish registration body CNMV does not have any broker or platform licensed under this name. We also came across a warning issued by the Financial Markets Authority of Austria. The warning states that investors should be wary of using KJ Capital Invest. When a regulatory blacklists a platform, it has compelling evidence to do so. Ensure you stay away from this illicit platform.

Another issue we have with this platform is failure to show any documents to prove compliance. A real trading website will post copies of their trading license for all to see. By doing so, it helps users verify the documents using the right channels. Without a valid license to display, it is a sign we are dealing with an unlicensed and unregulated platform. With such platforms, funds are never safe. Once you deposit funds with unregulated platforms, never expect any safe trading experience.

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Advantages of KJ Invest Capital

KJ Invest Capital Features

We could not find any advantage of dealing with KJ Invest Capital as it fails to have a valid license. With the number of complaints rising by the day, KJ Invest Capital is surely a scam. The problem with this platform is that it blatantly refuses users to withdraw funds. Even if you stop trading and have a balance, you will not be able to make withdrawals. Instead, you will get excuses such as how your bank is refusing to allow funds from their system. And this is just a tip of the iceberg.

Disadvantages of KJ Invest Capital

Account types

KJ Invest Capital is not furnishing users with any account types. And this is a real problem as users give full control to the platform when trading. Information regarding the accounts is missing which leaves us with more questions. What is the set minimum required deposit to start trading? Why have they failed to give users such vital information? They want to ask for different depository requirement. Note that the industry has set $250 as the acceptable minimum deposit.

Customer Support

When it comes to making contact with this platform, they will call you, not the other way round. Members register by filling in their contact information and this gives them a chance to call you. The so-called account managers will constantly harass you asking you to deposit more funds. These scam artists prefer emails as it gives them a chance to consider whether to respond. A real trading platform will make it easy for clients to contact them. Having a live chat support is one way to better the experience of traders.

Demo Account

Another disturbing feature lacking KJ Invest Capital is a demo account. Investors know how important a demo account is and why it is necessary to test it. With a demo account, users are able to know the advanced tools available and speed of trades executed. Without a demo account, users are signing up blindly. These scam artists have done this on purpose. They have failed to post account information and demo account so that investors sign up. You simply have to deposit funds to trade with this platform.

Trading platform

The company also fails to mention the type of trading platform is used. Are they using MT4, MT5, or a custom made platform? These are mere scam artists who create an unstable platform leaving users vulnerable to third party attacks. An unstable platform lacks proper security features and is not tested by experts. The website fails to have even the most basic of security software. Lack of DDoS and SSL encryption is proof hackers can gain access and steal credit card information.

Safety of funds with KJ Invest Capital

When it comes to safety of funds, KJ Invest Capital is never going to guarantee it. With no account type, segregation of accounts is not possible. The industry has barred platforms from pooling funds in one account. Members are depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account. Never expect any compensation if and when bankruptcy and insolvency sets in. These scam artists claim to have your back when in fact put your bank account at risk. Stay away from any unsecured online investment trading platform.

Scam or legit

KJ Invest Capital Company's History

Evidence is clear; we are dealing with a rogue platform which is stealing from users. Without a doubt, KJ Invest Capital is a scam which must be exposed to protect online investors and traders. Ensure you mark their emails as spam and never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. Warn your family and friends from signing up with any of their affiliate programs. To stay safe, you need to block all contact with their account managers.

Final thought

We will be adding this platform to our blacklist and ensure no one else falls for this trap.

Why not use authentic and transparent brokers who have a strong online reputation. Make the bold move today and sign up with credible and dependable brokers. Stay safe and use brokers who are well established. What are you waiting for?

Wishing all investors a prosperous and safe trading experience.

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