KronosInvest Review: Brute Forex Scam

KronosInvest Review: Brute Forex Scam

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KronosInvest ( is an awful Crypto Currency and Forex broker who is stealing funds from anyone who signs up. Kronos Invest is claiming to offer a platform which gives users financial freedom. If this was true, wouldn’t we all be signing up with them? After receiving numerous email complaints from members, we decided to investigate. Why are members crying foul? Read this detailed and honest KRONOSINVEST review for more details.

KronosInvest Review

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KronosInvest Review

After getting some emails which were touching, we had to investigate. Members have lost huge sums of money, some as much as $20,000! Why would a broker allow such misfortune to fall on their members? What seems to be a money making platform is turning out to be a nightmare? Why is it? Most investors do not conduct a thorough research before signing up with a broker. Reading reviews is one way of ensuring you get value for your money. What is wrong with Kronosinvest?

Landing on their homepage, we immediately notice a few discrepancies. Website is not fully protected and is not user friendly. What these scam artists have done is create a visually compelling website. Using empty claims and promises is another well laid plan to deceive investors. What expert trading advice will you get if members are losing huge amounts? Professional scam artists know we all want to make an extra buck. What they are good at is take advantage of this need.

About KronosInvest

No one actually knows anything about this platform. According to ‘our story’ page, they claim to start the trading journey on March 2010. Scammers will do or say anything to make their platform appear legit. In this case, KronosInvest wants to make it appear they have been in the industry for long. They are trying to paint a picture of a broker with experience and a good reputation. Watch out for such unfounded claims as no expert broker or trading community knows of this platform.

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When it comes to the founding members of this platform, no names are given. Who are the people working round the clock on this website? How can investors get a hold of the people who are handling their funds? Can we get the information regarding the CEO or CFO of this company? Why has this broker failed to give users such vital information? Reason is simple; they want to remain anonymous. Anonymous online platforms are to be avoided at all cost!

Is KronosInvest Licensed or Registered?

Since we don’t know where this platform is based, licensing becomes a huge concern. After looking at their contact page, its clear users are dealing with an anonymous platform. Stay away from this broker since they are not licensed by any regulatory body. After checking with known regulatory bodies, no results bore any fruits. What we did was contact regulatory bodies such as CySEC, FCA, NFA, and ASIC. None of these bodies has ever licensed this platform. What does this tell you?

Another unsettling issue we found in regards to licensing is lack of proper certificates. A real broker will easily post copies of their licensing details. What we found shocking is KronosInvest fails to post any legal documents. Website does not have any tab linking users to required certificates. It means we are dealing with a rogue broker who has other plans. In most cases, cloning a website is usually done by offshore brokers and professional scam artists. Stay away!

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No Account Type

How can a broker offer trading services with no account types? Is it possible KronosInvest is offering users a single account? How can investors know what account types are being offered if there’s no information? Why has this broker failed to issue details regarding account types? They want to fleece funds from investors. What they are after is filling their pockets with funds deposited by investors. KronosInvest does not care about account types; they simply want your money.

Lack of Live Chat

Another huge problem with this broker is lack of proper communication channels. How does this broker intend to communicate with users? Furthermore, how long does it take to respond to messages? After going through their contact page, we noticed a few problems. KronosInvest is asking users to leave their contact details. What seems to be a safe way to make contact is far from it. KronosInvest is harvesting data and selling it to unknown third parties. Hackers to be precise!

KronosInvest Broker Review

Demo Account

Have you ever heard of a rigged demo account? KronosInvest is rigging their demo account to compel investors to sign up. A rigged demo account produces fake results which in most cases is high profit margins. Remember demo accounts use virtual money which is not real. After placing your trades, investors get over 98% successful trades. It means we are dealing with a rogue broker who will do anything to get your funds. Make sure to be on the lookout for rogue demo accounts.

After getting over 98% successful trades, newbie investors will want to open a real account. Ask any professional trader; making such high profit margins is near impossible. Even automated trading robots can’t reach this profit levels. Why? Market prices always change abruptly due to unforeseen circumstances. Boardroom wars, climate, and politics are some of the unknown factors. Stay clear of such brokers offering insane profit margins.

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Are funds safe with KronosInvest?

How can funds be safe from a broker whose identity still remains a mystery? Did you know investors are funding an unknown third party? For all we know, this could be a money laundering site. Where does this broker bank money deposited by investors? Why have they failed to disclose details regarding ownership? Is it possible investors are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account? It’s highly possible.

Is KronosInvest a Scam?

After checking all the details, its clear KronosInvest is a certified scam. Stay away from them by ignoring all their pleas to sign up. Mark all their emails as Spam and warn your family and friends from joining these platforms.

Bottom Line

KronosInvest Crypto and Forex Review

Adding this broker to our scam blacklist will play a vital role in protecting our readers. What authorities should do is shut down this platform. Make the informed decision and stay away from this platform.

Wishing our readers a safe trading experience.

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30 Replies to “KronosInvest Review: Brute Forex Scam”

  1. About
    Stay away from them. Easy to deposit money but a living h*** to trying to take out the profit, more exactly seems to be impossibble to make a withdraw, i did this mistake and invest 250 us dollar made a profit 359 us dollar after 10 days but for what when i don’t can make a withdraw, the answer i got
    “It doesn’t work that way”
    Well i loose my money and hope to saved someone elses money with this post, if you want to loose money send them to me instead i can insure i need it better then those scammers

    1. Ich habe 875 € eingezahlt. Das Scheinkonto weißt mittlerweile innerhalb von 31 Tagen einen Gewinn in Höhe von über 900 € aus. Ein Antrag auf Teilauszahlung bleibt unbeantwortet. Kontaktaufnahme ist nicht möglich. Anfangs meldete sich noch ein vermeintlicher Broker telefonisch. Rückruf war nicht möglich, da der Anschluss gleich gesperrt war. Auch Androhung rechtlicher Schritte blieb unbeeindruckt. Betrug in höchster Kriminalität. Das Geld ist wohl futsch.

    2. Ya no es sólo una estafa,son unos ladrones, invertí 500 dólares el 31 de octubre,gane 496 dólares a 10 de noviembre, solicito la devolución de mi dinero y no hay forma,les mandé 30 correos electrónicos y no hay manera, ahora me bloquearon los correos,los wa**aps y ya no puedo acceder a la cuenta por el móvil, pues desapareció.Mi asesor un tal Gabriel es un sinvergüenza .

  2. Ho versato 250€ a luglio, parlando con il broker che mi segue,mi invitava a versare cifre più consistenti, ho sempre rifiutato. Poi ho fatto una prova per prelevare 100€ , non sono riuscito, mi dice che finché ci sono posizioni aperte non è possibile prelevare. Mahh…

    1. Per prelevare, mi risulta ci voglia il benestare del broker con due giorni di attesa. Mah! Per ora non ci credo. Se la mia storia andrà a buon fine, lo scrivero’ ma ne dubito. Perdero’750€ e potevo perderne altri – più che darmi dell’id**ta!

  3. Ich habe 875 € eingezahlt. Das Scheinkonto weißt mittlerweile innerhalb von 31 Tagen einen Gewinn in Höhe von über 900 € aus. Ein Antrag auf Teilauszahlung bleibt unbeantwortet. Kontaktaufnahme ist nicht möglich. Anfangs meldete sich noch ein vermeintlicher Broker telefonisch. Rückruf war nicht möglich, da der Anschluss gleich gesperrt war. Auch Androhung rechtlicher Schritte blieb unbeeindruckt. Betrug in höchster Kriminalität. Das Geld ist wohl futsch.

  4. Si, sono dei truffatori. Abili, fino a un certo punto perché gli versi 750€ (come la sottoscritta, che più che darsi dell’idi*t* non puo’) e poi te ne chiedono subito altri 5000. Cosi’ potrai ritirare una rendita di 2000€ al mese, non male, dicono loro. Gli dico che devo pensarci, ma ovviamente non gli daro’ più un bel niente. Gli chiedo la prova: ritirare subito quei 750, ne ho bisogno, sono nei guai. Poi si vedrà. Naturalmente spariscono. Faccio la prova sulla mia dashboard e non riesco a ritirare. State lontani da loro, non dategli niente o perderete quel che gli date.

  5. Confermo che questi signori sono delinquenti. I miei soldi sono persi, andati chissà dove. Avendo anche fornito la mia carta d’identità, ho il terrore che facciano parte di un’organizzazione t********ica. Li denuncio alla Polizia Postale, alla Procura della Repubblica e all’Unione Consumatori.

  6. They are a bunch of criminals,thieves,l***s of the highest order,l would have more trust in a rattle snake then these b*st*#rds, stay away from them period

  7. Son unos estafadores
    Mucho cuidado con ellos, hice la i versión mínima de 250 euros, al principio todo muy bien, la asesora te enseña y te llama a diario, te intenta convencer para que inviertas más capital, pero cuando quieres recuperar tu dinero es imposible, nadie contesta a tus llamadas ni a tus correos. Es una estafa en toda regla, mucho cuidado con ellos.

  8. Also ich habe Euro 250,00 eingezahlt und in wenigen Wochen wurden auf meinem Konto knapp Euro 630,00 gutgeschrieben. Nachteil: ich wurde immer wieder in sehr kurzen Abständen telefonisch aufgefordert mehr Geld zu investieren. Bevor ich aber eine neue Einzahlung tätigen wollte, habe ich erst einmal durch einen Auszahlungsantrag meines angeblichen erwirtschafteten Geldes geprüft, ob ich mein Geld eigentlich auch wirklich wieder auf meinem Girokonto zurück überwiesen bekomme oder dies Geld nur auf dem Papier existiert!!!
    Mein Berater von Kronosinvest war nicht sonderlich begeistert, er empfand es als persönliche Beleidigung, Vertrauensbruch etc. und ich bekam einige nicht sehr “freundliche Worte” zu hören. Einfach nur unglaublich!!!
    Also nach einer Beschwerde meinerseits an Kronosinvest hat mein Berater mir mitgeteilt:
    das ich selber Schuld wäre, aber das Geld ist weg – ich habe jetzt sogar noch Euro 83,00 Schulden.
    Einfach nur unfa**bar dumm-dreist von diesen Betrügern, denn anders kann man es nicht nennen.

  9. Son unos estafadores,mi asesor un tal Gabriel, es un total sinvergüenza,pero la culpa, también la tienen los organismos que lo permiten,en mi caso yo personalmente me puse N contacto con la FCA,y te contestan muy amablemente, pero no hacen nada,les siguen permitiendo hacer lo que les da la gana,yo aunque hay gente que considerará que perdí poco dinero 496 dólares son míos y no lo voy a dejar correr,ya he puesto el caso ante las autoridades competentes y espero que les den su merecido.

    1. Hola Marina!Yo tambien fui victima de estafa pero a todos los lugares que fui no tuve ningun tipo de ayuda. Sabrias decirme de algun lugar o alguna persona con la cual poder poner una denuncia y si bien no se si podre recuperar mi dinero, por lo menos para que da algun modo estos criminales paguen y dejen de estafar a las personas?

  10. Soy José Antonio esto es un fraude un tal Alex te engañan y he perdido 5000 euros ojalá las autoridades los cojan y estén donde están los estafadores

    1. yo tambien he sido estafada por un tal alex que aun me llama para que desbloquee mi cuenta poniendo 10000 mas son unos caraduras

  11. A mí también me han estafado, creo que las personas que hemos sido sus víctimas deberíamos unirnos para hacer algo contra ellos. Lo mínimo que podemos hacer es dar a conocer lo que son, y que no haya más personas que caigan en sus trampas.

  12. Yo he podido recuperar capital pero los 250 euros invertidos inicialmente nada. Es increíble se enfadan incluso siendo tu dinero. Cómo si ellos pudieran disponer de tu dinero. Mi asesora se llama María Miller. Una ladrona.

  13. Bom dia, fui enganado por um corretor chamado Harry Grant da Kronosinvest, foram 82.000,00. Tinha feito o pedido de reembolso e eles enviaram um documento falso da FCA,(Financial Conduct AuthoritY,eles próprios me mandaram um email a confirmar a falsidade), dizendo que eles desconfiavam de lavagem de dinheiro, querendo obrigar-me a depositar 10.000, de caução para poder receber o dinheiro. Eu não fiz e eles limparam todo o dinheiro. Já fiz queixa da Policia Judiciaria Portuguesa.
    Pergunto há alguma entidade em qualquer parte do mundo que me possa ajudar a receber o meu dinheiro?

  14. Yo estafa por Kronos Invest en nombre de Scarlet Kruger, aunque puede que sean nombres falsos.
    Seria mejor si ponen los comentarios mas recientes arriba, la gente se sencibilaza Mas.
    Esta ladrona tiene estos numeros de telefono : 00442036700129 – 0035796136011 –
    Cuidados a estos numeros de telefono.

  15. Ich habe am 17.12.2019 250 Euro eingezahlt, Stand am 28.2.2020 536 Euro. Der Broker, von dem ich whatts app habe, setzt für mich die Trades, Devisen. Noch sehe ich keinen Betrug, habe aber auch noch nicht nach Auszahlung gefragt

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