Large Mining Review: Another Scam Crypto Operation

Large Mining Review: Another Scam Crypto Operation

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Large Mining is an online-based investment platform that claims to be the best among cryptocurrency websites in the world. The platform claims to be beneficial for both experienced and inexperienced investors.

However, you expect trading materials and trade background of at least three months for you to believe that any platform is legit. The platform claims to offer investors profits of up to 60% in the number of investments. allegedly offers investors a new innovative solution to traditional crypto mining. The platform also brags being an easy-to-use platform and its user-friendly.

These allegations are not enough to guarantee that you should deposit with this investment firm as the information of the founders is not mentioned in this is a major red flag on the platform.

Legit investment firms will always let you know who owns and controls the operation in the platform for you to believe the company is legit and will genuinely pay profits to you. The platform claims that users are not required to download any material and that the platform uses a cloud that is accessible at any time.

Large Mining claims that investors get the benefit of cost-cutting as they do not have to buy any hardware to generate profits. Despite not having to buy any hardware or software, the platform still does not explain how you will benefit and earn profits.

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The platform was created for cryptocurrency mining, and it has reached up to two million registered users across the world. This figure, however, is just made up to hide the shady business behind the platform.

The company promises you more hash power than any other investment firm on the platform. The amount of hash power that you expect this company is not well outlined, and it is a definite scam company. Review

The company overestimates the members it has in the platform as registered users. However, any experienced investor in the trade will realize at first glance; the platform is not a legit company.

The platform was founded in 2018, and this is not enough time to claim that you have enough experience to beat all the companies in the crypto world. If any of the allegations this platform claims to offer you, they will be at the top of the market and will be recognized globally.

Large Mining Review,Large Mining Platform

The crypto wallet is fast-growing and facing numerous competition; hence promising investors massive return figures is an ultimate scam lie that you should not fall for. Legit mining platforms will always offer you reasonable return estimations to prove the genuineness, and you should only trust such companies.

The method this investment firm plans to apply to generate the amount of profit it promises you is shady and one that is common among scam platforms. In this review will explain why  is a scam company that you should not waste fortune, expecting profit gains.

Large Mining claims that the operators of the firm are located in the US; the platform is registered to anonymous founders.

Large Mining Regulation

Large Mining offers securities products, yet it is not under SEC radar. SEC is a legal, regulatory body that governs almost all mining platforms in the US that are legit.

The company is operating against the law and generating funds from the public illegally without following the set guidelines. Once the owners of the platform and people the spreading lies of profit returns, they risk facing criminal prosecutions.

Unregulated platforms smoothly go against and whenever they feel like. Legit trading companies that we recommend always provide you with their regulatory data to assert transparency in the company.

If at all Large Mining is providing returns to investors, it is operating illegally and risks facing closure unexpectedly. Large Mining is a scam platform that will smoothly go out of existence, and they are not regulated is a direct warning.

Customer Support

legit trading platforms will always provide you with at least email or telephone contact you can use to reach the platform. In case you require feedback or assistance in Large Mining, this is almost unachievable.

How can you trust a company with your money that does not provide you with any information you can use to reach them when you need a refund. Scammers always hide their contact support or provide fake ones, while legit platforms will always provide you with a working support system.

Investment Plan

The use of a massive investment plan is an attempt to lure you into depositing more money in the platform while you expect massive returns within a short period. Large Mining has similar characteristics as Ponzi schemes, and we can consider it as one that is dangerous.

Large Mining has up to 6 different overestimated investment plans that you can use to generate profits; Bare Metal plan is the first investment plan in the platform, investors are promised $0.042 every hour and as if this is not enough $1 is promised every day.

The monthly estimated profit you expect in this plan is $30 and the yearly return of around $360. While in the remaining five investment plans: smart metal plan, dual-core Mining, Smart ASIC, Bare ASIC, and Double Crypto Mining offers you up to $72000 in yearly profits as ROI.

This investment plan return estimation seems lucrative, but you will not earn a single coin from the alleged investment firm. Use your funds in only legit platforms that offer you reasonable returns.

Funds Safety

Large Mining has not provided you with any banking information or location of the bank to assert that the platform will protect your money. There is no visible evidence of any successful pay to investors, and you will only end up losing money as the people who have lost money from this platform.

The company founders are mysterious, and you do not know who is operating your money in the investment firm. Legit trading companies will always prove pay to investors by providing evidence of the same.

Domain Insights

According to, the platform was registered in 2016 September, and the registration expires on 2020 September. The platform is registered under registrar that allows them the freedom to hide the founders’ information. The domain name for the platform is

Final Verdict

This platform is not regulated in does not provide any contact support to investors to assure funds are safe with the company. The platform has not provided any bio, or of the team, it works with to generate profits for you.

The method this company applies to generate funds for you is not well known, and you risk losing all your money once you fall for the catch. The use of massive investment plans without any evidence to support the platform is a major red flag.

The platform assures you that you earn daily returns; however, this is not always the case as the platform depends on a new member to earn profit for themselves. Once Large swindles your money, they easily block your details or even delete your account.

The company uses registrar that allows them to hide their details from you, yet this is crucial information for any experienced client in the crypto world. It would be best if you only trusted legit mining companies that guarantee you security and have evidence of paying investors their profit.

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