Laza Company Review – Quite a Funny Scam

Laza Company Review – Quite a Funny Scam

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In this post, we are interested in Laza Company, a site claiming to work with professionals in finance, programming, marketing and advertising to help clients achieve high and constant returns in the long term. In addition to this, the company claims that they are providing full support and guaranteed profits. Investing in Laza Company is allegedly secure. Looking at the investment plans, we find that there are 6 of them. These investment plans promise a return of up to 8,950% in 55 days.

The question is, can we realistically make 8,950% in less than 2 months? That’s quite interesting considering that even the best hedge funds out there are not making 50% annual profits. In fact, these numbers are just out of the norm. It would be interesting to note that Laza Company doesn’t even have real employees behind its operations, let alone traders and programmers. Since these returns are impossible to make, we are interesting in knowing which activities this company is engaging in and what investing methods are they using to generate the alleged returns?

The answer is in how the website is presenting the information, trying to convince us that these returns are actually possible to attain. If you don’t believe that this site is actually lying about those returns, you should probably quite reading this review. However, if you doubt the alleged returns and are wondering whether what you are seeing makes sense, then this post is for you.

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Lazacompany Review

First of all, we feel that the name is quite weird. The website claims that Laza Company was founded in 2005 with commercial traders who have 10 years of experience in the industry. They claim that these traders have mastered the art of generating stable cash flow but with minimal risk of a financial loss. The question we are asking is why are these traders not introduced for us to see and scrutinize their background? It is one thing to claim that professional traders with 10 years of experience are involved but is quite another to prove that assertion. If we are to believe this ridiculous claim, we would ask for proof of trading in the last 5 years at least.

lazacompany com

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And of course a professional trader with 10 years of experience will not have a problem pulling out their trading statement to showcase their work. In the case of Laza company, things are different. The website is not transparent about their alleged traders and we are even doubting whether there is any trading activity going on behind the curtains.

Also, while this website is claiming that they were setup in 2005, domain records for this site reveals that it was registered a few weeks ago. In fact, the owner did a big mistake. They privately registered the domain and forgot to conceal the fact that this site is only a few weeks old.

We definitely don’t believe that you can be paid by such a shady site claiming to have been incorporated somewhere in the UK.

Claims of guaranteed profits

Any form of investing is a risky game. Nobody should ever guarantee you profits at the end of the day. Additionally, if we were to believe that Laza company is guaranteeing profits because they have such good traders, we would need to see their track record over the years. What is their performance like for the last 3 years of their operations?

Surprisingly, that is a question that we can only ask a serious hedge fund and not a hyip investment scam like Laza Company. With zero evidence of trading, we cannot conclude that Laza company is trading Cryptocurrencies. With zero evidence of traders ever using this platform to reach out to investors, we can’t blindly fall head over heels for what they are promising. These promises are definitely too unbelievable. It appears that this site is probably targeting people who have never lost a coin on the internet. Just in case you though you had found a gold mine, this could be the worst place ever. It could leave you feeling disappointed. Only due diligence can help you.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect any profits, let alone guaranteed profits. This site isn’t trading. It is not mining. It is only doing a time honored activity of collecting funds from members of the public and aligning their pockets. In that case, your money won’t be multiples. You won’t receive the original deposit either because clearly this high yield investment program is run by a unknown scammer.

Customer feedback

We’ve tried looking for meaningful testimonials and found zero evidence of customers who claim that they received payment from this site. One thing you have to know is that if Laza company was truly generating revenue and paying out in the percentage claimed on the homepage, there would be so many glittering reviews out there about their service. It would never be a problem confirming whether or not the site pays.

But in this case, it is the complete opposite. There are a few people talking about it in the forums. But these people are not giving us any substantial information with regards to whether they have received payouts from this site. In fact, it cannot even be verified whether these users are genuine or were paid to promote Laza company in the forums.

But we generally do not have to speculate harder to find out the truth. It’s written out there in black and white. This is not your ideal investment destination but a perfect place to lose your money as quickly as you send it.

Our best advice for you

Laza company is an interesting website. With so much design work going into the site and so little in terms of meaningful content, we think this site is doing really nothing to convince us that they are generating returns through trading. They are of course not traders since there is no proof that Laza company works with traders. And of course fabricated payout records should never be trusted. Here are robots you could use to make your work easier.

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