Leaked Profits App Review – The Terrible Choice for Binary Trading


Leaked Profits App Review – The Terrible Choice for Binary Trading

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Now a days it is a kind of situation where on have to keep a hand in his pocket while moving via the market. It is because there are an enormous number of robbers and pickpockets that are busy on their routine duty in each and every populated and overcrowded area all the times.

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Similar is the case with online business platforms. But their way of looting someone upon someone’s pocket is a bit different. In an instance, they try to attract people through heart touching articles, videos, and pictures to make them look at them and get an involvement with their scammer business sites. I am going to unveil one of such mega character on this field, swindling innocent people via diversified sort of activities online.

Leaked Profits App is introduced to be a binary option online earning site that is claimed to be one of the fastest earning sources available online. I have put forward a review of Leaked Profits App in this article which will not only be proved a very useful and eye opening manuscript for all the interested individuals but will also make it certain to chose a better online learner instead of


This app is proposed to be a very simple, quick and particular source of online earning via which one can earn up to several thousand Dollars within the shorter period. They also presented themselves to be equipped with several thousand clients and some of which have become millionaires with this software.

They use to invest money in such programs that seldom results in the loss according to their views. But in my view after an extensive research and studies, I have come to the point that it may not be a complete scam, still, the points they describe in their promotional video are not less than an imagination and merely documentary claims which have nothing to do with the reality.

Why Leaked Profits App is not a wise choice?

Here I shall be revealing certain aspects of Leaked Profits App that make this not a suitable choice for online earning. All these points and facts are recorded after a deep insight study of the website and promotional video of Leaked Profits App, which means that there is nothing without proof that is included in this review of Leaked Profits App.

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Owner & clients of Leaked Profits App

Frank Bishop, the person who is claimed to be the owner of this app, being a millionaire person who has gained his all property with this Leaked Profits App as they claimed on their website. After verification, it has been come to know that no person with profile exists in real. This is an actor who has been picked by the creator of Leaked Profits App and is presented with a false story of earning to make people attract more and more towards this app. The reality of this person is not present and making of millions of Dollars is not more than a joke.

Leaked Profits App Review

Claim about Registration

In their video, they pretend to have thousands of clients which they have gained in a period of three and a half years struggle. But this is not the fact. The research which we conducted in this regards provided us with the information about the registration date of this app. According to this data, the date of registration of Leaked Profits App is 2nd September 2016. It means that it is a virtual lie which they proposed about the start of this app to make people take it as an established and old app. This is not true that this app is of too much age.

Leaked Profits App Scam

Claim about number of clients

Leaked Profits App feels no shy to use each and every technique to deceive people. They claimed falsely that they had reached the client limits up to thousands figure. According to the video that is designed for the promotion of Leaked Profits App on its website, the number of customers has reached up to four figures. But it is just opposite to common sense to gain so many members within few months as we found the date of registration of Leaked Profits App to be as just a few months ago. So it is very difficult for even an outstanding corporation to achieve this level of clients after just a few months of its registration.

Claim about extent of Profit

According to the official website as well as the video of Leaked Profits App, the minimum profit one can get with this tool is about 6000$ per week. According to the economical and business experts, the extent of profit for the nascent earning app can’t touch such a higher limit for a new client. So such kind of fake arguments will surely give birth to the arising of the image of Leaked Profits App to be a scam in our minds.

Claim of chances of profit

Business means an effort is having equal chances of loss and gain. The possibilities of profit and loss walk side by side on the roads of business. This rule is prevailed both in online as well as offline activities. In certain markets, the chances of profits may be enhanced to a higher limit such as 70-75%. As we earlier discussed that it is a kind of business where you can’t guarantee.

But Leaked Profits App is building sky touching pillars claiming a chance of getting a sure profit to be about 97.2%. According to the promotional video of Leaked Profits App, 97 people out of every hundred clients get a guaranteed profit with this app, without mentioning that the situation may be another way round.

How the chances of loss can drop to less than 3% in a nascent business firm like Leaked Profits App. This fake statement has made the credibility of this app very much doubtful. Moreover the mechanism of their business is to invest your money in assets like gold via brokers. Everyone knows that such kind of business activities undergo a huge extent of fluctuations that may result in the clear cut loss and never guarantee you a certain profit. So claiming a ration of 97.2: 2.8 percent between profit and loss is not less than a joke.

No trading experience required

Leaked Profits App proposed its system to be simple up to its maximum level. According to them, it doesn’t need any prior experience in this field for its utilization. But at the same time, they have explained the working of Leaked Profits App to be working in a very complex manner which can only be understood by an experienced individual and no fresh user of this field can get the points described in the video.


In this review about Leaked Profits App, the data and information regarding the nature of this app has been revealed with picture and documentary proofs. This all points made me advise all not to be involved with any scam online earning software.

Because the main aim of these apps is to take money of your pockets and snatch them all to their accounts. So it is the need of the hour to make it sure before any binary software that it is not a scam. Leaked Profits App has been proved to be not real and sincere online earning partners. All its discussed doubtful aspects show that it does not deserve the money of innocent people.



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