Learn Crypto Trends Scam Review: We are Doubtful

Learn Crypto Trends Scam Review: We are Doubtful

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In this review, we will be exposing a good for nothing scam called Learn Crypto Trends aka Criptotrends. This shady robot is supposed to make you money on auto pilot because it is built with an intelligent algorithm for trading. They also claim that their method of trading has passed the test of time. At the same time, they claim that they are performing basic technical analysis which aids the software to make better trading decisions. Learn Crypto Trends website simply thinks that the unsophisticated trader will enter the trap if they are told about how this software makes money by using technical analysis and trends. It’s all BS. So in this review, we will make you see why this software is nothing but a scam.

Learn Crypto Trends review

This landing page is all about convincing you to sign up for the offer. They are using a basic website template which has a sign up form next to the pitch video. This is to increase sign ups into the bogus offer. Once the scammers have your name, email address and phone number, they can still try reaching you with their promotion content in the event that you failed to convert into a paying customer.

Learn Crypto Trends is similar to other scam robots that hide behind Cryptocurrencies. In reality, this software is a generic robot which has been distributed by scammers for close to 3 years now. It keeps getting rebranded to give the impression that it is a new robot. It has lost money in the past. Traders fell for it when it was still trading Binary Options. Now they have rebranded it and designed it in such a way that it can accommodate Cryptocurrency markets as well, although it still remains a Binary options software that loses money.

Fake reviews

On the website, you will see some testimonials from people who claim that Learn Crypto Trends has made a lot of money for them. These testimonials cannot be verified because they were edited by the owner of this website. The alleged pictures of these users are nothing more than stock photos. They have never traded Bitcoins before. They have probably never traded the markets in their lives since they are just stock photos.

Learn Crypto Trends

The alleged earnings never happened. That is why there is no proof of these earnings. It would be wise to believe that these fabricated tales of financial gains were created by the anonymous owner of Learn Crypto Trends software.

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An anonymous owner

Lack of transparency is the biggest issue as far as the credibility of this software is concerned. Like all scams operating in the Bitcoin trading industry, the owner of Learn Crypto Trends is anonymous. The sales video does not show any faces. In fact, even the presenter of this video is an actor who has been paid to spread falsehood on this landing page.

Generally, people never trust anonymous guys who sell high risk products such as trading software or any other product/service involving the exchange of money.

Even the website is registered anonymously, which raises questions regarding the credibility and intention of the owner. There is a chance that Learn Crypto Trends is a big scam that doesn’t want to take responsibility for their evil doing.

More proof that Learn Crypto Trends is a scam robot           

The best proof that this software is a scam is in the actual trading robot that they will give you access to.

Like we said earlier, this software has been recycled several times before. The best example of Learn Crypto Trends is Kryptonex Research group. Investment scams love to use this trading app. On the other hand, we receive lots of user feedback from people who complain that they were robbed by this same software.

How traders get robbed

Learn Crypto Trends cannot be activated until you have deposited $250. They have teamed up with an unregulated broker called Prestige Financial Markets. This broker is also notorious for robbing traders of their hard earned money. Only unregulated brokers can afford to be controversial because their activities are not overseen by any regulator. They are a high risk brokerage to trade with.

This shady broker simply wants new traders onboard. To do so, they are offering an incentive for anyone who will get people to trade with Prestige Financial Markets.

However, to persuade people to sign up with this broker, the scammers have to come up with amazing success stories of how Learn Crypto Trends is making money for other users. If you get convinced, you will be asked to join this broker and make a deposit of $250 thereafter. In return, the owner of Learn Crypto Trends website gets a commission. You essentially lose money at the expense of someone who cashes it out in form of broker commission.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. It becomes unreasonable and criminal if the person asking you to deposit money is using misleading statements to persuade you into such a deal. While trading is risky and all of us must only trade with what we can afford to lose, we must only use robots that have been proven to work.

Summary of things to remember

Learn Crypto Trends has been recycled several times. You have to remember this fact.

The second thing is that the owner is anonymous, and is potentially going to scam you. Otherwise, they would be having nothing to hide. This is quite suspicious.

The third evidence that suggests that this software is no safe and reliable is the lack of past performance. We believe that this is something that they would be proud of. But since the software does not make money, they have opted to ski that part altogether.

Our best advice for you

Learn Crypto Trends is a money loser. There is no doubt about that fact. You are responsible for safeguarding your money while entrusting such systems to trade for you. Thankfully, we have collected at least 2 trading robots here. You should check them out.

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