Lendium Review: Scam with Creative Ideas

Lendium Review: Scam with Creative Ideas

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Lendium is an interesting platform because it copies the exact business model implemented by several other ponzi schemes on the internet. They lend, stake and trade for an extremely high ROI. They actually claim that the reason why you’ll be making this much is because their business generating external revenue through trading.

Their ”super advanced trading bot” coupled with their ”professional team of traders” will help generate profits because they have several years of experience analyzing all kinds of markets. claims that their ”trading bot” was designed according to instructions from their expert team. The robot has been generating an average daily return on investment of 0.82% since January 2018. No evidence has been given to support the claim though.

By reaching an average of 0.82% daily ROI, the robot is allegedly performing so well to the extent that it has even exceeded their daily expectation of 0.50% per day.

According to Lendium, this robot makes several hundreds of transactions, thus making money in an extremely short duration of time.

On the other hand, their alleged team of human traders can boost your daily ROI by constantly carrying out market studies, fundamental, technical analysis of various Cryptocurrency markets.

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It seems that Lendium is working hard to convince prospective users that their project has the potential to realize impressive short and long term results.

4.3% is the average daily returns for this robot in normal market conditions. Therefore, Lendium is insinuating that good days can bring daily returns of 5%.

These are weighty claims indeed. We need to find more evidence regarding the so-called professional traders. We need to look at their skill, experience and performance records to understand whether or not they can perform to expectations.

lendium review

At the end of the day, we want to know whether or not Lendium is a scam. Will we achieve this goal? Definitely.

Lendium Review

The first thing that we should probably be concerned with is the fact that Lendium has not provided any information on their site regarding the owner of this site.

The site where Lendium is hosted at was privately registered in January 2018. According to Alexa details, it appears that this website has been getting a significant size of its traffic from Russia.

We want to remind you of the fact that if a Cryptocurrency investment program is not willing to disclose the owner of the site or people in charge of their operations, you should think long and hard. You should think twice whether this is worth your hard earned money.

You see, Lendium does not have a product or service line. But of course they are selling their affiliate membership where people must buy their coin through participating in their frequently hosted ICOs. This is supposed to raise the price of this coin and make it valuable like Bitcoins in the long run.

Lendium plans

Lendium’s anonymous owners have allegedly created what they call ”LEN coins” so that those who are participating in their ICOs can purchase the coins for alleged profits.

The amount of money that can be spent on one Len coin is currently between 95 cents and $1.85. Once these coins have been acquired, Lendium expects investors to ”lend back” the coins so that they can generate interests.

If you invest $100, you are supposed to receive variable ROI which is capped at 48% per month. If you invest $1010 to $5000, the platform claims that you will receive a daily variable ROI plus a bonus of 0.1%. This is capped at 51% per month.

If you’r willing to invest between 5K and 10K, you will be entitled to variable ROI plus 0.2% daily bonus rate. Daily return on investments are capped to 54% per month.

And of course those who are willing to part with over 10K are promised a monthly return on investment of 57%. Bonuses will apply as well.

When they consider you their ”most loyal client”, Lendium claims that they have devised a special 15 day lending plan.

According to their promotion materials on their site, people who invest a large sum of money and fail to withdraw for a significant length of time will be considered ”most loyal customers”.

To confirm that Lendium is potentially a ponzi scheme hiding behind a unilevel compensation structure, they have included a referral program with 5 levels deep. This structure has different commissions to be paid based on where an investor is.

That makes us think that this is yet another ponzi scheme since Lendium does not have any actual product or service.

Joining this site

Joining this site is free. But there is a catch along the way. As a free affiliate, you can only make commissions by referring other paying members.

For you to become a full member, Lendium requires at least $100 investment from you. Again, this just confirms the true nature of what this site really is.

You must take note of the fact that all payments that are made to this site must be done in Bitcoins, Ethereum or Litecoin.

Cryptocurrency transactions are not reversible. That means you won’t recover your money once it lands on their wallet. You have a zero chance of getting your money back. Unfortunately, this was designed by plan to make it impossible to reverse payments or ask for refunds. Basically, once funds are sent, you are on your own.

It remains to be seen whether what affiliates are provided syncs with the alleged ROI rates.

This website has already passed the ponzi logic test. They know it very well. That is why they claim that their traders are able to generate income from other means too. A trading bot is supposedly provided. This team of traders are sometimes hands on traders too. They will generate up to 5% daily returns. You are not supposed to worry that this system will collapse.

The big question is this: if Lendium really employs a team of great traders and are also having a bot that can make 5% daily interest, how exactly do they ask for capital from randoms all over the internet? They are literally hustling us into this bogus deal. You know what, it looks shady.

Just think about it. 5% daily returns (when we are not compounding) gives us 1825% annual returns. If you invested $100 for instance, you’d make over 18k at the end of the year. Does that make sense? Not at all. Is it sounding too good to be true? Definitely. You cannot make this money anywhere in the world. These guys just proved that they are running another ponzi scheme.

The main problem is that these guys are not generating income from external avenues. They are taking new deposits and making payouts using funds collected from new affiliates.

This is the worst thing that can ever happen to you if you find yourself inside this ponzi scheme. Truth is that they don’t have a long term plan. Forget their alleged road map because it misleads. You can’t rely on such information when logic tells us that Lendium is a ponzi scheme.

Our best advice for you

Lendium is having a token sale every now and then. Those who will get sucked in will lose their money. That’s because this coin has no real value. There is no money generating activity here as well. Please stick to these platforms. 

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