Liberty BTC System Review – Another Scam Of Course

Liberty BTC System Review – Another Scam Of Course

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Liberty BTC System is a fake robot because it cannot trade crypto-currency and make profits like the official website claims.

First of all, this is a new crypto-currency scam on the internet. It promises thousands of dollars per day. Actually, the website claims that this software is able to make 5k in pure profits a day. This project is obviously driven by scammers who want to make you believe that it is possible to multiply your small deposit of $250 in the blink of an eye.

So they set a trap, give it a name and promise you that this system will generate thousands of dollars for you on auto-pilot.

By now, traders must be fed up with these phony trading systems. They keep using the same tricks which no longer work.

We are sure that this man called ”Kyle Stanford” is not a real person. We mean that this persona was created by the owner of this website. He is not real. And the good thing is that we have evidence to support this assertion.

And now Liberty BTC system is one of those free robots that you can obtain and start using to generate wealth for free. Really?

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Of course this statement is doubtful. Only those who have never lost money on the internet will believe. But if you have gone through the horror of losing money to these phony binary options system, you should be a little bit reasonable with your expectations this time round.

Liberty BTC system review: the dirty underhand tactics of a scam system

Crypto-currency is big news nowadays. Because of this, scams have also joined the industry to take advantage of naive individuals who want to invest in cryto-currency.

The obvious fact is that Liberty BTC system abuses this trading instrument for selfish gains. The only people who stand to benefit from this project are the scammers themselves, not you.

If you want proof, we will unleash them shortly. Rest assured that nothing in the way of evidence shall be presented to validate the promises found on the website of the Liberty BTC system.

Kyle Stanford: who is he?

For any robot to sell on the internet, it has to be tied to the name of a real person. But since scammers are aware of the fact that they can be traced, they are always too careful on revealing their true identities.

Kyle-Stanford of liberty btc system

liberty btc system stock photo

In fact, this is the main reason why they opt to use actors with fictitious names. This particular person whom they call Kyle Stanford does not exist. At least he is not the architect of this system.

He is just a creation of scammers. Once they use stock photos to represent him, naive traders can believe that they are dealing with a real person when the truth is that reality has been disguised.

Apparently, a simple Google image search reveals that he is not the head of operations. He is just a stock photo that was used for the convenience of this project. So expect no one to welcome you in the system as initially announced alongside his stock photo.

Fake review endorsing Liberty BTC system

As usual, scammers will go an extra length to include fake testimonials on their site.

This site is using fabricated testimonials which suggest that ”members” are endorsing this software as profitable and capable of making far more than 5K a day.

Thankfully, we have found evidence that the so-called user testimonials were only crafted by the owner of this website. They also used stock photos in this case.

This makes them look bad because this trickery is so obvious in the eyes of those who bother to do their own due diligence.

fake reviews for liberty btc system

Out of the first 4 fake testimonials, we managed to identify a stock photo that matched someone else on the internet. This lady whom these scammers have named ”Nella” is not real. She has never subscribed to Liberty BTC system and neither has she traded crypto-currency in her life.

And now the fake results

We do not know why scammers always have to make it so obvious that they are cheating us.

Look at the supposed trading performance of the so-called Liberty BTC system. Do you see anything that can convince you that these results are real?

First of all, these results show that at no point in time did this system trade bitcoin. If this was a real crypto-currency trading system, there is no way they could have missed trading BTC. So these are definitely not real trading results. The scammers just fooled us with another system’s results. Or better still, they just fabricated the screenshot to push their evil agenda forward.

Inside the Liberty BTC system: you will be shocked!

We got an opportunity to snoop through the software and found that it was not anything unique as claimed on the website.

We realized that this kind of software is only developed and sold by scammers as opposed to people who are serious into creating effective trading solutions.

If you look at this app very carefully, you will see that it resembles scams like the Infinity app which we labeled a ”The Most dreaded scam”.

It also looks similar to scams like the Wealthy Trader and even the $1500 per day. We have written about these scams in the past. You can read about them by clicking the provided links.

The point is, Liberty BTC system is so widespread that you can never fail to bump into it in your quest to find genuine robots that actually trade and make profits.

We already have a lot of feedback from users and those who are suspicious of this opportunity. They all agree that this software is a fraudulent system.

So, how does Liberty BTC system work and what does it intend to do?

These scammers know that some investors will fall for their shenanigans.

One thing we noticed was that these crooks were connected with an unregulated broker called PWRTrade. The agreement is that if they bring in new depositors, they will get commissions.

In other words, this software can never be activated with empty hands. You have to pay $250 to activate it. That means that it is not free in the real sense.

However, making that stupid move will most definitely cost you that amount of money, why? Because this software just keeps trading and only stops when your account has been depleted. Then you lose everything and start filing complaints left, right and center. No one will ever listen to you if you get scammed by the crooks who sell Liberty BTC system.

Our best advice for you

We have already provided a list of trading robots that everyone can use to trade binary options. Now we only want to drive the final nail on the coffin by declaring that Liberty BTC system is a deadly scam.

The anonymous nature of these individuals make it easier for them to scam you. Secondly, lack of trading results is also an indication that this is just a fraudulent piece of app.

And just in case you didn’t get the link to the robots that we’ve been recommending on this blog, here it is. Pick any one of them and start trading.

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