LiborTC Review: Scam a Shady Platform

LiborTC Review: Scam a Shady Platform

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LiborTC is a financial institution that claims to have involvement in Forex and CFDs trades. However, in this unbiased review, we highlight why you would reconsider investing with them.

They brag to have admirable customer service and relations. They are allegedly the best trade institute in the market. This statement lacks any sort of evidence for back up and if it was true word spreads fast in this century thanks to the internet.

The company has a shady method of operation and you are more likely to encounter losses on your hard-earned cash. Choosing to invest with tried and tested platforms will have a significant impact on the profits you will generate.

LiborTC claims to have top-notch customer support and they guarantee constant investment returns. Nevertheless, you cannot generate the same returns due to the volatility in trading. You will be in great shock because once you deposit funds in your account your business and theirs are done.

The company lures multiple clients with overestimated returns. This kind of marketing strategy is common among scammers. The profit margins they promise clients are not easy to gain and a joke to any expert in the niche.

However its trust that earns your confidence in choosing to invest in any platform. You need information regarding the founders and the kind of experience they hold.

This kind of information is nowhere to be found in LiborTC and creates more doubt than trust in the investment firm. Legit companies will always provide all the relevant data you require on the company and this data should be easily accessible on the website. Review showcases several scam traits to warn you from investing a single coin. They are operating anonymously and this behavior is only done by scammers.

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Ponzi schemes never reveal the founders’ details because they result in opening new platforms once the previous one is closed.  Therefore once your funds are lost no one is left accountable and tracing them is an almost impossible task.

LiborTC Review, LiborTC Company

Multiple queries have been raised all over social media of customers who have lost funds while trusting the platform. The situation is not likely to change any time soon if you wish to invest with them.

To avoid all the losses that may arise it is only wise to use legit forex trading platforms to earn reasonable profits.  There is no such thing as sure investment returns trading just like any other business you may incur profiting days and vice versa.

The location address information available shows they are based in Threadneedle, London EC2R8AH. However, while reviewing LiborTC this location is made up as is expected and does not feature anything to do with the investment firm.

If the platform was transparently providing the services they claim they would provide legit data. Transparency plays a major role in earning the customers’ trust in the company and any service they guarantee clients.  

How Does LiborTC Work

Investors do not need previous trade experience to use the software. The company promises customers up to date data on the trading world. However, blindly trading is very risky to any profit-oriented client.

The company does not have any demo account to set a winning strategy and trust the company will make reasonable returns for you. Legit financial institutions will provide graphs and charts of previous trades to earn customer’s trust in the company.

LiborTC claims to have a mission of delivering quality trading services on forex and CFDs. How the company aims to train newbie clients is not known. The sales pitch is also shady and misses a lot of data that customers should be provided with. 

LiborTC Funds Safety

LiborTC has a bad reputation on social media and you should always be cautioned by other traders’ experience. They do not feature and refund policy and once you deposit funds you will only be profiting the platform owners.

The information of the company founders is not known and you would not risk your hard-earned cash with anonymous people. There is also no banking data to guarantee your funds are safe in the investment firm.

You should be provided with at least three months of past trade transactions or more before investing. The software also does not provide any demo account or past transactions and this is a major red flag.

Once you lose your funds the address they provide is of no help to you and you may have a hard time tracing the reallocation. The company also risks facing closure at any given time with all your hard-earned funds.

Regulation and Customer Support

LiborTC customers can receive support to raise queries or anything related to the company. You can reach them through [email protected], or via telephone contact +442037692140. However, there is no guarantee you will receive any response.

The telephone contact may not be active considering the address is also false. Working contact support is part of most expert traders while choosing trading platforms to use for trading.

Regulated platforms showcase a high level of transparency and your funds are always safe in such investment firms. LiborTC does have a lot of information missing which is highly inconsiderate for a company that boasts high financial returns when trading.

Unregulated platforms rarely provide founders information because they risk facing criminal prosecutions. Nevertheless for any platform to be allowed to generate funds from the public they need to be regulated. claims to be based in the UK yet we all know most if not all financial institutions need to be regulated by the FCA. Meanwhile, according to, LiborTC is considered a clone of recognized financial institutions. 

The company will easily swindle your funds while they portray being another platform. The fact that the legal regulatory body does not recognize LiborTC is a major warning not to waste a single coin in the investment firm expecting unattainable returns.

Various countries require all trading platforms to be regulated before generating funds from the public. The company risks facing closure with all your hard-earned investment funds. Most scammers will provide registration data.

You should easily verify regulation data and never confuse one to be the other. Unregulated platforms rarely last in the market and you should avoid them at all costs.

Final Verdict

LiborTC is not transparent in their method of operation and you will only end up making losses once you fall for their catch. They also do not provide any past trade data to showcase any profits are being made by clients. 

You may be lured by the overestimated return gains but without a strategy, there is no credibility in the figures to expect as gains. Working contact support is also key in selecting a trade institute to generate reasonable returns.

The company has false information and even recognized as a clone platform by the FCA. Therefore you would not trust a company with such traits.

They fail to reveal credibility in any information they provide and once your funds are lost there is no refund. LiborTC founders know they risk facing criminal prosecutions and is the main reason the same data is missing.

Hence it is only wise to use transparent platforms and you should always read reviews regarding the company. However, you should invest with these tried and working trade software to earn reasonable investment returns.


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