Libra Method Review: This is a brand new Scam

Libra Method Review: This is a brand new Scam

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Libra Method is a company that is being presented as the most profitable digital currency trading software. It is allegedly the smartest of the existing bots in the market. That explains why the software is so expensive. 

Sadly, you should not be hopeful or existed when you see Libra Method being advertised. The software is another fraudulent system in the market that you should not trust. It has ridiculous promises of earning investors daily returns worth $950 up to $2,200. 

We are doing an honest review of this platform due to how popular it is growing. Trust us when we tell you that the software will not be in the market in the next few years to come. Software like these will only make enormous demands that they cannot attain. 

The founder of the Libra Method is operating incognito. He does not have any intention of revealing who they are to the public. They will do anything in their power to convince you that their company is profitable. 

However, when it comes to the transparency nature and showing how the software is performing, the company will shy away from availing this data. The company has availed fake testimonials to lure in more naïve traders. 

The majority of the essential info is missing from the website. The platform does not avail enough data that can help to prove they are indeed involved in trading activities. The misconception going around that crypto venture is a get rich quick scheme is misleading and bogus. 

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Digital currency investment is just like every other business. There are profitable moments as well as time that investors will make losses. The company is not beneficial and only want to steal your funds.

Libra Method Review

The trading software claims that it has an accuracy rate of 97%. The daily returns of $2,200 are too high and unrealistic. Libra Method cannot verify their claims. Furthermore, there is no trading bot in the market with such a high winning rate. 

Even the best crypto trading software in the market does not make such ridiculous allegations. You will earn with these legit bots; however, you should not have absurd expectations. If Libra Method has such a very high performance, why are they not availing proof?

The firm does not have sufficient info regarding the algorithm that they use. There is no way you can deposit an amount of $250 and generate profits ranging from $2200. It does not see the logic at all. 

Libra Method Review, Libra Method Platform

They target novice traders in the market. If you register with this platform, you will be linked with unregulated brokers in the market. Investors have reported having received phone cold calls from shady platforms urging them to deposit funds with them.

The trading software markets itself as a tool that has can predict the next movement of the market. The crypto niche is very volatile, and trading bot comes in handy. However, there are many trading software that is fraudulent and not legit. 

The ROI that this company promise investor is a complete red flag. Especially when you consider they do not disclose the con artist behind the venture. 

Customer Support and Regulation

Libra Trading is a company that does not feature any info regarding their office location. The platform additionally does not let its investors know the corporate behind their operations. We find this worrisome and not normal. 

Why would an investment company operate in such a shady manner if at all, they are legit? The platform is not bound by any rule, and they can do whatever it, please. They are running this firm in complete anonymity. 

If the company decides to exit the market, no one will be answerable for their action. You cannot go after them, and the authority will not help you. Upon checking for their regulation status, we were not surprised to find them not in the database of any financial watchdog. 

You should keep off this system at all costs as they lack transparency and legitimacy. Additionally, they do not have a method of contacting them. Before you trust Libra Trading blindly, you should ask yourself if you have any problem, how will you resolve the issue. 

Funds are not safe in this company. Libra Method does not mention anywhere that they segregate investors’ money. Additionally, the brokers will make you trade with are not regulated. Why would anyone risk fund safety in such a manner? 

They do not have a compensation scheme, and they can wake up one day and close down their website. When funds stop coming their way, they will exit the market. Invest only with the legit companies in the market that care about your security. 

False Review

Some websites endorse Libra Method as a legit company. The platform is a scam that everyone can see. The review is only composed by the shady marketers who get a fat commission when you join the Ponzi scheme using their affiliate link.

The software is not accurate as it is being promoted, and what even raises more questions is when the company requires existing customers to reinvest your money. You will only end up making double losses if you fall for their word. 

Be cautious as Ponzi schemes have become smarter and they are looking for every opportunity to exploit investors. The trading software is not free, and the least amount that you can deposit is $250, but the company will also ask you to deposit another same additional amount if you want to increase your chance of earning even high profits. 

We searched online, but we could not find even a single person who has made money using this company. This should serve as evidence that Libra Method is not paying. As if this is not enough, the company further states that it has been featured on several news outlets in the market. 

Furthermore, it falsely claims to have been endorsed by celebrities like Richard Branson. However, if you pay keen, you will realize that they are talking about cryptocurrency in general and not Libra Method. 

If the company can generate such high returns, they do not need your funds to run their system. It is an indicator that the company is not as profitable as they claim, and by depositing funds in their order, you will be making their dream come true. 

Final Verdict

Libra Method is a Ponzi scheme that is shamelessly collecting funds from investors. The platform has no intention of making anyone rich. All their claims are false and misleading. By trusting this venture, you will only end up making huge losses. 

Trust only the reputable, legit crypto trading software that is transparent and offering realistic profits. There is no system in the world that has a performance rate that Libra Method projects. The red flags that the platform shows should not be taken lightly. 

They feature false information like being endorsed by famous people and news outlets. This is a desperate move that shows the real colors of this Ponzi scheme. Find a system that will give you reasonable returns instead of wasting your valuable time in a pyramid scheme. 


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