Lifestyle Galaxy Review: A Revival of Skill Dragon Crypto Company

Lifestyle Galaxy Review: A Revival of Skill Dragon Crypto Company

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Lifestyle Galaxy is the revival of a crypto mining company called Skill Dragon. In fact, it is not the first version of a similar business model. The owner of has been involved in the crypto industry through similar companies that have collapsed due to a variety of reasons.

Since Lifestyle Galaxy is following the business model of failed companies, it is important to review this platform to determine whether it is providing any reliable income opportunities. By the end of this article, you will be able to understand the entire working mechanism of this company and answer the primary question that is it a suitable platform for investment or not.

What is Lifestyle Galaxy?

According to the owners of the Lifestyle Galaxy, the purpose of the company is to make the world a better place by providing a variety of income and crypto mining opportunities. Instead of providing any specific information about the company itself, mainly focuses on the basics of crypto mining and the benefits of investing in blockchain technology.

The primary products of the company are mining contracts. There are no retail products. A surprising aspect of the company is that it does not provide any significant details about these mining contracts. The website only states that the price of the contracts will be higher than the original cost. Yet, there is no proof of such claims.

History of LifeStyle Galaxy

The most important thing to know about the Lifestyle Galaxy is that it has been established after a series of failures. At first, the company was operating with the name Smart Media Technologies. It was a traditional MLM company that distributed profits for recruiting more members.

However, in 2014, the affiliates of Smart Media Technologies were arrested and the company completely collapsed. The following year Skill Dragon was established by the same team. However, this company failed in a very short period.

Finally, Lifestyle Galaxy was formed in 2017 which follows the same business model of Smart Media Technologies. Lifestyle Galaxy is acting as the combination of both Smart Media Technologies and Skill Dragon. Yet, the core of the company is quite similar as it is mainly relying on recruiting people and offering commissions after buying mining contracts.

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How to Join the Lifestyle Galaxy?

Lifestyle Galaxy is asking users to invest $400 in the company to avail any kind of earning and crypto mining opportunity. Moreover, you also have to pay a $30 fee per month. The company is further asking you to pay $500 to $10,000 for the mining contract.

It simply shows that is asking for a massive amount of investment. It is significantly higher than other crypto mining companies. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you avoid investing in this platform so that you do not lose your hard-earned money.

Instead, you can invest in the trustable crypto mining companies that have the required tools and technology for crypto mining. You can trust these companies because they have minimum risks involved. Furthermore, they have flexible account plans so both beginners and experts can rely on these crypto mining companies. 

Income Structure of Lifestyle Galaxy

Once the members sign up on, they will have to buy mining contracts to generate any kind of profit. The company has the following 6 levels of investment in the mining contracts:

  • Members of Level 1 have to invest $500.
  • Members of Level 2 have to invest $1000.
  • Affiliates of Level 3 have to invest $2000.
  • Affiliates of Level 4 have to invest $2500.
  • Members of Level 5 have to invest $5000.
  • Members of Level 6 have to invest $10,000

The company does not provide any detailed explanation about these mining contracts. It only states that the contracts are attached with bitcoin and ethereum crypto mining. Moreover, the duration of the mining contracts will be three years.

The website states that the purpose of offering various levels in the income structure is to make sure every kind of business and people are able to participate in the income opportunities and earn a good amount of profits. Yet, the joining fee of the company is quite high. is promising higher profits for larger payments in the form of daily ROI. The website does not give any further details about the breakdown of such daily ROIs. It only states that the affiliates have the option of reinvesting up to 35% of the payments on a monthly basis.

Recruitment Commissions

Like many other similar crypto mining companies, Lifestyle Galaxy is also promising recruitment commissions to the affiliates. You have to recruit a new affiliate directly to earn $150. The site does not provide any information about the way in which this payment will be distributed.

Lifestyle Galaxy

The company is heavily focusing on highlighting the recruitment commissions because it serves as a free marketing tool for the company. By offering $150, the company is making sure that it generates buzz in the crypto industry. However, a similar trend failed in Skill Dragon because the company does not have any source of external revenue. This platform has rebooted several times now due to which the recruitment has dropped quite significantly.

Residual Commissions

A binary compensation structure is used to give the residual commissions of the members of Lifestyle Galaxy. The affiliates have the option of filling the positions via both direct and indirect recruitment methods. Moreover, there are no limits on the total number of possible levels of a binary team.

The company uses binary points to distribute residual commissions. states that you can earn binary points through recruitment, investment, and paying monthly affiliate charges. Furthermore, the company has features like eSports to attract more customers.


Many new crypto mining companies are combining a variety of business models such as MLM schemes and points-based platforms. However, the number of such scam companies is also increasing. In this case, it is quite evident that Lifestyle Galaxy is a part of the long-running scam.

It has been established after the failure of Social Media Technologies and Dragon Mining. Both of these companies failed because they had an unsustainable model. This new venture follows a similar business model which means it will eventually collapse as well.

In fact, it can be said that Lifestyle Galaxy is a combination of Smart Media Technologies and Dragon Mining because it promises features like mobile gaming, auctions, mining, and many other similar functions.

There is no guarantee that the company will pay any kind of daily ROIs. You also have to remember that Lifestyle Galaxy is no registered with any well-known authority and security regulator. The previous venture of the same team collapsed due to security concerns.

There is nothing new in this company. The eventual result of such a company is a total collapse because when the recruitment stops, this company will not be able to survive on its own. The company is only promising to use power mining machines to attract users and make them invest in the company.

In the end, you will not be able to generate any significant profits from this company. Instead, you will lose money when the company collapses. Therefore, you should not invest in this company. Instead, you should consider investing in reliable crypto mining companies. These companies offer a wide range of crypto trading options that can help you in earning a significant amount of profits in the crypto industry.

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