Likwel Review: How Manages to Fool Blockchain Enthusiasts

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Likwel Review: How Manages to Fool Blockchain Enthusiasts

Likwel is making waves in the Crypto space, not to mention the MLM niche. Our detailed review plans to highlight the dos and don’ts of this platform.

Just like other Crypto-related MLM scams before it, there are potential risks that come with investing in the platform. And one of the reasons for our Likwel review is the growing number of naïve investors signing up.

The brains behind this platform is finally out, and you won’t imagine the sheer arrogance of the developer. From hiring a Russian actor to a French serial MLM scammer, Likwel has everything going but an investment platform.

Likwel is a scam

Those who sign up will likely lose part of their money or enlist other victims to all lose with the platform. That’s how the Likwel platform plans to operate. With some of the biggest Russian Scam artists behind the platform, you need to be extra careful.

There are signs the platform has gone global thanks to a well-executed marketing campaign. Only the first few members get the chance to profit truly from this platform. What exactly is Likwel offering to the public?

Cryptocurrency passive investment services are what is all about. Here’s more in our eye-catching LIKWEL REVIEW.

About Likwel

Launched in September 2022, the platform has been operating below the radar before jumping ship internationally. It has created a stir among crypto investors with the high-profit claims. Clearly put, Likwel is a high-risk no no-reward crypto investment platform.

Who is behind Likwel?

Here’s where things start getting interesting on who actually owns the platform. You might be led to believe ‘Hector Miles’ is the CEO of Likwel. That’s far from the case as we do have the answers.

Just as with other scams associated with him, Anton Kozlov is the actor playing the CEO of this platform. He first came to light by claiming to be an advert children books’ publishers. It’s clear those who promote the platform are in cohorts with the owners.

Far from being a business tycoon, Anton has over the years failed to offer much in terms of tangible investment options. Another name associated with this platform is Rob Edmundson, he promotes the platform through LinkedIn and other events.

Rob has also been in the MLM advertising game for years with no legal action taken against him. Just like Anton, he is a small fish type who takes the lead in promoting anonymous online product campaigns.

His LinkedIn profile is full of other MLM product sales pitches that never took off. And that’s why his face on this product sparkled fear due to his affiliation with MLM pyramid schemes. It’s best to steer clear.

The platform was supposedly born in Canada with the Shell Company completely out of radar in terms of registry. There are factors pointing to Anton being a legit scam artists and that’s why we have to expose Likwel.

Available Products from Likwel

Nothing! The platform offers nothing but empty promises of creating wealth that would sustain users a lifetime. There are no retail products or services offered by the platform which is a pointer of a high risk platform.

What the platform sells is a pipe dream for membership and a chance to earn daily profit margin. The preferred currency of choice on the platform is USSDT where investors have to vest for a minimum of 150 days.

After the vesting period lapses, the platform promises to offer investors a lifetime of profit margins. A steady income of daily profit margins is what the platform claims to offer which is not feasible.

During an interview conducted on YouTube, the ‘CEO’ claims to offer investors the much-needed investment opportunity to use Crypto mining resources. He states that investors only need to cover electricity cost of mining to earn stable income.

What most investors don’t realize is that the platform doesn’t offer much in terms of genuine investing information. When it comes to investing rules, the product must offer valid information to the consumer.

That’s not the case here as we have a platform failing to offer much in terms of authentic cloud mining services. You need to check out our list of recommended cloud mining platforms to understand the impact of having real data on cloud mining.

Commissions earned and Profit sharing Likwel

To get as many people sign up with the platform, investors have to earn commissions. The best bet is to ensure you enlist other investors and make commissions from their profit. That’s how Anton and his team have managed to earn a huge collection of investors.

It’s an affiliate marketing gig that only helps those who first brought in members. The platform shuts down and no member gets to share the proposed amount. As we publish this post, the platform is not available.

That prompted many investors to start airing their grievances.

Customer Reviews Likwel

What clients think of

Plenty of victims have come out with claims the platform failed to meet its obligation of offering real investment services. It comes as no surprise as Anton and his team have done this countless times before.

With these comments, it clearly shows these investors didn’t do their homework. A big part of investing is to ensure due diligence is done. That way, you get to protect yourself from any unforeseen eventualities.

Funding of the platform by serial MLM scam artists

For such a platform to take full effect, someone is funding the marketing aspect of it. And this is where law enforcement fights a losing battle as the culprits will move on to another project once noise gets raised.

We strongly believe that Anton and Rob do know the perpetrators of this platform. There are French and Russian investors who have colluded to scam crypto investors in Europe. Who these people are remain a mystery.

Claims of having started the project in Canada are false. There’s no way Canadian Finance Regulator would offer a business license to a firm with no information on the financier. That’s where we have to draw the line with LIKWEL.

Is Likwel Legit or a scam?

Anton, the face of Likwel

We are clearly dealing with a scam failing to offer traders with the much needed accountability and transparency. Likwel has finally decided to shut down with the most current members losing all their investment amount.

The vesting amount started from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of half a million dollars. With the platform shutting down, it’s clear the financier has already earned funds to grow the platform.

You have to check with the crypto community and access whether a platform is ripe for registering. If there’s little or no information on it, please stay away. We also recommend you stay away from platforms promising high reward in a matter of days.

The services offered by the platform include crypto mining and trading. Likwel claimed to offer a unique and innovative tool for the masses. Far from the case, this is a crypto MLM scam with nothing constructive to offer.

Our Verdict Likwel

By the bare minimum, Likwel has already committed securities fraud by failing to register any returns with Canadian or any jurisdiction’s regulators. The platform has no audited reports to show performance to the public joining the platform.

Please stay away.

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