LinkUpHost Review: Is a worthy VPS?

LinkUpHost Review: Is a worthy VPS?

A platform that claims to offer both Blockchain and Forex VPS is worth checking out. LinkUpHost ( review is out after they claim to meet the varying needs of traders. The developer claims to have advanced knowledge in the trading world and offers expert virtual private server host services. These could all be fancy claims meant to drive users to sign up with the vendor. To know more, read this entire post and find out more about Link up Host.

LinkUpHost Features

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About LinkUpHost

There’s not a lot to say about the platform apart from their exceptional homepage design. We have to give credit where it’s due, and they have a well-designed platform. After landing on their homepage, users get to see the variety of services offered. The platform boasts of being the best in terms of cloud infrastructure and cutting edge technology. We have seen various VPS service providers coming out with strong marketing campaigns. The only question is whether they provide quality VPS services.

Upon scrolling down on their homepage, the platform boasts of having over seven years in the market. The number of team members is quoted as ten, with over 100,000 hosting services sold. These developers also claim to have 98 percent of happy customers on their servers. The technology partners they claim to have include Cisco, Dell, HP, Microsoft, and others. Investors should note that these could be empty claims as there is no way of verifying these claims. There is not a single company that has backed the claim of being in bed with Link-up Host.

An affiliate program with Link-up host

LinkUpHost Review

LinkUpHost is furnishing users with an affiliate program meant to boost customer numbers. One has to register as an affiliate, start referring people, and get paid. Although this is a highly consumer-friendly approach, we have not heard of a happy affiliate member. It means that the vendor could not be paying these affiliate members. Another probability is the vendor is using high marketing goals before releasing funds. No matter what the vendor claims, there is no added benefit of being an affiliate member.

Assets and trading instruments covered by the VPS service provider

The vendor offers blockchain and forex VPS services. The vendor fails to inform users of their full coverage of the blockchain market. It would have been easier if the vendor disclosed the full assets on the blockchain list. All we get from the vendor is the advantages of using their blockchain VPS. These include access anytime, 99 percent uptime, reboot protection, trustworthy security, among others. The vendor should have listed the full Crypto assets that the VPS service covers.

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Business model and owner

It seems that this platform is privately owned, and the vendor fails to give their full information. Apart from claiming to have ten staff members, there is no information on the actual developers. It is sad that with today’s level of transparency, developers still fail to disclose their details. Without this vital information, users are left using an anonymous platform. Apart from claiming to be located in London, we are unable to determine the people behind it. With any anonymous investment platform, traders should be cautious.

Comments from users

Link Up Host comments

At the bottom of their homepage, the developer claims to have satisfied users. Among these satisfied clients is Christian Muller. Note that these reviews or comments are from unknown persons. Even though the developer posts their names, we couldn’t find them on social media forums. There is no chatter from the online trading forums in terms of the credibility of the platform. The vendor could be offering a solid VPS platform, but there are a lot of holes to fill.

Domain details

Looking at their domain history, we can confirm that they have been around for more than seven years. The actual date the site went live was 13th August 2011. One of the biggest problems we noticed with their website is the number of IP changes. There have been a total of 6 changes on their IP address over the past nine years. It points out to a platform that could have sold other products via the same web address. With such a great IP change, trusting the vendor grows dimmer by the minute.

License and registration of LinkUpHost

LinkUpHost is not a valid VPS service provider as the Financial Conduct Authority does not recognize them. With all their effort in creating a VPS service provider that looks professional, they fail in the biggest test. There are no terms and conditions to inform users of the contract. We also could not find any license or registration claim by the vendor. A real VPS service provider should have the necessary documents to prove their authenticity. Without a valid permit, the vendor remains to be a hostile entity.

The problem with unregulated entities is the fact that they offer no client protection. Once you buy their products and services, there is no customer protection. A good example is the lack of a money-back guarantee feature. Once you purchase their VPS service and fail to use them, there will be no reimbursement. And this is the reason why investors should use recommended trading tools.

Pros and Cons of LinkUpHost

Available VPS Services

LinkUpHost Forex VPS

LinkUpHost is availing two types of VPS services, blockchain, and Forex related services. The blockchain VPS services come with four subscriptions. These include BTC, LTC, SIA, and BCH. All these subscriptions come at a monthly price of $25, which is considered fair. The forex VPS comes with seven subscriptions. These include Forex 22, Forex 44, Forex 66, and Forex 88, Forex 110, Forex 132, and Forex 154. The vendor claims to have a state of the art data centers to enhance performance.

Contact and support staff

Once you click on the support tab, users are directed to a ticket system. One has to leave their email and message and wait for a response. The problem with this type of Communication Avenue is the time to get a comprehensive response. A professional vendor will make sure that the time to respond is almost immediate. Others ensure the response is within one business day, not with Link up Host. The response time varies with the question, and users might wait for over two weeks.

Payment methods

LinkUp Host Blockchain VPS

There are five payment methods available on their platform. The five include American Express, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, and Visa. Once you make the payment, there is no way of the money-back guarantee, as explained above. The only way to recover funds for those who don’t want to use the service is via PayPal. With PayPal, one can complain and insist they don’t need the platform’s services. A dispute will be open, and the funds might reflect on your account if the vendor complies.

Scam or Legit LinkUpHost

LinkUpHost is a VPS service provider that clearly has a solid service. The only problem is with transparency and longevity. No one knows whether the vendor will shut down after some time, as this is a personal platform. Investors should deal with VPS service providers that have a long and credible online history. Although they offer blockchain VPS services, it doesn’t mean they are on top of the list.

Bottom line

Even with their services, we won’t be recommending it until there’s more transparency.

The best way to make money is by ensuring you sign up with industry-backed products. With experts backing these trading tools, investors go home happy. Be the next successful investor and start using the best forex trading robots the industry has to offer.

We wish every trader all the best in their online trading venture.

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