Linxella Review: Is A Reboot of NexGen Or A Fractional Ownership Risk Project?

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Linxella Review: Is A Reboot of NexGen Or A Fractional Ownership Risk Project?

Linxella is a fractional ownership of assets investment platform luring naïve investors to vest into unknown assets. Here’s more in our candid review.

Former promoters of the now-collapsed NexGen are the founders of Linxella. And this goes to show the people behind this fractional ownership investment are frauds. The few who have already joined don’t have a clue about the end result.

For those who haven’t yet signed up, thank God! We will reveal some of the high risks involved when signing up with this platform. The platform is an utter high-risk no-reward platform as there’s no asset to own in the first place.

Linxella Review: Pros and cons of

Investors should also note that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) banned crypto MLM products. And yet, those behind LinXella claim to have their headquarters in London. There’s a reason they have chosen to use the UK as their base of operation alongside Dubai.

Rohit Sharma, Magda Karapetyan, and Azad Mohamed are the founders of the platform. Haider Mustafa is another behind-the-scenes financier of the project with ties to other Crypto MLM products banned in the UK.

The recruitment team in Europe comprises Michael and Merha Laiho who are serial promoters of financial Crypto MLM products in the region. Beware of products pushed by the two, they usually fall mid-way through investing.

Here’s our candid review for more.

About Linxella

The platform claims to elevate your investment approach using digital assets. These include Metaverse Gaming and other crypto investment options such as staking. Some of the other pushed investment projects include forex trading and real estate.

‘Embark on a journey to financial liberation’ is the call for action with Linxella promising a life of luxury and opulence. There’s also the Linxella Billionaire Club offering exclusive insights into upcoming investments.

All these are mere words with no action or asset to back the claims. There’s no real estate project under the flagship or umbrella of Linxella. And this is why we have to highlight the risk factors of such projects.

Anonymity and lack of transparency is one of the biggest red flags with Despite these founders claiming to be behind the platform, there’s no transparency in the project. The platform fails to name any of the assets owned or invested by the project.

In terms of real estate, the platform claims to invest in the UK and other parts of Europe. Clients don’t get to visit any of the projects or have insights on the business aspect of real estate. And trading on the platform is another high risk platform.

Are investors going to take the word of investors with a poor track record and give away funds? It’s likely the case as we have seen plenty of investors already buying in some of the projects without doing due diligence.

Where should you draw the line when it comes to investing with Crypto MLM and Real estate projects? What should you look for when investing in the markets?

How Linxella Entices Investors

By claiming to guarantee high returns in a matter of days. This is what makes the platform appealing to naïve investors. The platform also has some daily profit margin claims on some of the investment projects involving crypto and trading.

There’s also a marketing team using social media to highlight the lives of investors enjoying the luxurious life. What most don’t know with such claims is that some of these are paid actors who sell homes for the rich and famous.

You also get paid reviews such as the ones on TrustPilot. You will notice that TrustPilot has issued a warning towards the platform. Scammed comments usually happen within days of each other as is the case of Linxella.

Investors are to blindly give away their funds and expect the platform to double or triple their investment. That’s not the case here as the platform doesn’t have even the license to offer such investments.

And this leaves your investment in jeopardy as there’s no regulator or oversight body to protect your interest. We suspect the platform will also go under just like other previous projects under the grip of these founders.

Investors are promised USDT and LCSP points which they will withdraw after the vesting period. Only a few investors get to enjoy the perks of Linxella as they are either part of the platform or used to entice investors.

Scammed by Linxella and how it works

Recurring monthly guaranteed income and virtual shares is the promise given to investors. And as such, the platform starts off by requiring a registration fee which comes with perks such as earning bonuses and commissions.

With a minimum acceptable investment of $500 or 500USDT, the platform promises withdrawal in as little as two weeks. When the withdraw time approaches, the platform allows partial withdrawal of $100 and $150 for the second withdrawal.

The two withdrawal two weeks apart are used to entice investors into believing the platform does really make profit. What investors fail to realize is that this is part of their initial investment. The platform then moves in for the kill after the second or third withdrawal.

You’ll get an email claiming you’ve successfully qualified for the next tier. All you have to do to start earning even higher ROI is deposit additional funds to cater for the plan’s interest and ROI margins.

Most investors go crazy and even deposit their lifetime savings into such projects. The platform now knows whether you’re all in or all out at this point. Those who fail to add more deposits find themselves in a pickle.

The platform blocks login credentials ensuring you won’t withdraw the remaining balance. It’s the same for those who deposit large funds as the platform will use different tactics to block withdrawals.

Some of the funds are used to fund other accounts to entice investors to add more into the fray. And that’s how Linxella manages to deceive investors.

Customer Reviews and User Complaints LinXella

User Complaints

Despite what you see on TrustPilot, the truth hasn’t hit above ground yet. With the first victims about to feel the pain, Linxella is not the investment platform claiming to offer high ROI in forex trading and real estate.

Reviews on TrustPilot are a dicey thing especially if you have a click farm you can subscribe for paid comments. Social media is a buzz with a few of the victims who have lost funds pursuing such projects.

“I had invested £3,000 hoping to withdraw £7,000 in a month after Magda convinced me through telephone it was possible. Now she’s not even picking the phone and after calling authorities, the line was supposedly a VoIP.”
Mary Boyden.

This is what investors will go through even after the FCA banned such projects in the UK.

Is Linxella Legit or a High-Risk Investment Project?

From where we stand, Linxella is a high-risk project that fails to offer much in terms of authenticity. The platform fails to meet the obligations required to offer forex trading and real estate investing.

The background and history of the founders paint a grim picture of what to expect with Linxella. It’s a high-risk no reward platform.

Verdict Linxella

There’s no way we would recommend investing in a platform whose founders are aligned with NexGen, a collapsed and exposed Crypto MLM Project, stay away!

Instead, you MUST invest in proven and tested projects that offer realistic profit margins.

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