Litemi Hub Review: Another Litecoin Scam Is Here

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Litemi Hub Review: Another Litecoin Scam Is Here is an off-the-peg hype script but with the theme of Litecoin in it. The ugly truth is that these guys don’t intend to pay anyone any money. If you fall for their silly promises, you will have yourself to blame.

These folks definitely don’t understand one thing: that modern investors are becoming more informed by the day. It is becoming even more difficult to trick people with silly promises such as ”you’ll earn guaranteed daily income of between 1% to 5%.

There is nothing like guaranteed daily income. No special mining equipment and algorithms either. Even with these things, people still can’t be guaranteed any percentage of daily returns. It’s quite misleading.

And what’s up with the poor grammar on their website? Litemi Hub targets English-speaking investors yet their website speaks a totally different story. It is hard to understand the poor grammar. But most importantly, it shows that the owner of this site is not serious with this project.

So how do you think they’ll compensate you with Litecoin? It’s impossible.

Just to make you see why Litemi Hub is a scam, we decided to write a review about it because we see that it’s a popular service, meaning that people are beginning to express their interest towards it.

litemihub review

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Litemi Hub Review

The site is very new as it was registered in September 2017. The owner remains anonymous, something which they prefer very much because they are running an illegal ponzi scheme.

No details were provided on the website to suggest whether or not Litemi Hub is incorporated. That means we don’t have any company behind the so-called Litemi Hub. It is just a simple website operating a Litecoin script while collecting depositor money.

It’s quite risky because this domain is even registered privately on They never wished to disclose their identity for fear of reprimand.

That’s a common trend that we have seen with many internet criminals. They never want to be discovered.

Apart from this, Litemi Hub does not have any clear road map. This suggests that Litemi Hub is a ponzi scheme with no long term goals in mind. That’s evidence that they could sink anytime with investors’ money.

Moreover, we do not see how investors can trust this ”cloud mining service” so much that they are willing to send their hard-earned money to someone they do not even know.

That stranger isn’t foolish. In fact, he is a stranger for a good reason — to steal your money. They are only waiting for you to fall for their silly promises. Once you send them the minimum deposit, you won’t be able to get it out again.

Your supposed profits will never be paid out because this website does not involve itself in any mining operation. There is no need to risk paying back ”profits” to their members when actual profits are never generated.

If Litemi Hub was mining Litecoin as they claim, we would have some pictures on their site showing us their mining rigs. They would have talked about their mining farms and their locations (not the exact location though due to privacy reasons). But this isn’t the case. Litemi Hub just says that when you invest with them, they will make you anywhere between 1% to 5% daily profits depending with what you have invested. We already know that this is a big fat lie.

The supposed benefits of investing with Litemi Hub

Litemi Hub tells its audience that they used to run specialized ASIC-devices which ceased to be profitable because more sophisticated mining farms came into the picture.

They no longer use specialized ASIC-devices. Instead, they rent mining farms to produce Litecoin for their members.

Litemi Hub claims that they use advanced mining technology which achieves stability and guaranteed high returns.

That is how scams introduce themselves. There is no clear roadmap as to where the project is supposed to go, how it’s supposed to sustain itself and so on.

By just looking at the website, you will see that Litemi Hub does not have any goal in focus. Their goal is to collect member deposits. But there is no evidence that these deposits will buy hashpower for mining Litecoin and making money.

So this makes it an illegal ponzi scheme. There is no way the owner of this site will pay you back money that has not been made. In fact, in as much as this site is popular, we have not come across anyone claiming that they got their payment from this site.

How they plan to steal from you

Litemi Hub has various plans to suite everybody regardless of the amount they have.

The reason why this site is accommodating any budget is because they want to collect as much as possible. Locking out people with $10 to invest would give them an unfair advantage over other scams that are accepting as little as $1.

litemihub plans

So if you want to test their cloud mining service, you can send anywhere between $1-$300. This is supposed to guarantee you a daily return on investment of 1%.

If you’re feeling confident that Litemi Hub is not a scam and want to earn up to 1.2% a day, you can send $300-$500. The website owner will appreciate it very much because you’re only fattening their profits. They are not purchasing any mining power.

Now, the ultimate plan is for the greedy but wealthy investor who has no qualms forking out $5,000 on the promise that he will earn 5% per day.

This is quite unrealistic regardless of how you want to look at it. Not only is 5% a day impossible to achieve, but Litemi Hub has also proved several times that they have nothing to do with mining Litecoin. So why are you sending your money to them? As a donation? Probably. But don’t expect a return from a donation.

Their team

Litemi Hub apparently has a ”team” of experts who understand blockchain technology and are able to mine Litecoin efficiently.

Notice how team members are introduced by one name. There are two co-founders, Oliver and David. The scam does not want to give full names here because they know we will conduct due diligence to find out.

These people are stock photos. They have nothing to do with Litemi Hub at all. They have never mined any Litecoin. They have never owned any website with the name Litemi Hub.

If you don’t believe us, look at it from this perspective. If the owner of this site has decided to register the domain privately, why would they want to introduce their team members all of a sudden? Think twice about it.

The first thing here is that the owner of the site isn’t comfortable disclosing their identity or location for that matter. Secondly, even if they were working as a team, they wouldn’t wish to disclose details of this team either. In simple terms, we are dealing with a Ponzi scheme.

Our best advice for you

Litemi Hub is a scam, no question about it. Anyone donating his money to this project will lose it all. The evidence is written on the wall.

Now, here’s the best thing. You can still mine Cryptos profitably when you use legitimate companies to achieve that goal. Follow this link.

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