Lobto Review: Crypto Ponzi Scheme is Offering Daily ROIs

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Lobto Review: Crypto Ponzi Scheme is Offering Daily ROIs

Lobto is a newly-established crypto company that is promising you complete financial freedom if you invest in the company. It is important to review this to determine whether it is actually capable of providing any significant profits. Keep reading this article to learn about the important features and income structure of the company.

What is Lobto?

Lobto describes itself as a leading crypto platform that is capable of generating massive profits for you in the crypto industry. Its website,, claims that investing in this platform is the perfect opportunity for you to get complete financial freedom.

Moreover, the company entices the users to invest in the company by stating that cryptocurrency cloud mining is the future of the economy. Lobto is promising that it has all of the important tools and technologies for crypto mining. As a result, you will get to mine your own coins with which will give you maximum control over your finances.

Features of Lobto mentions a number of features of the company to make users invest in the company. However, it is important that you get to know about the full details of these features because there are several claims of Lobto that does not seem genuine.


Lobto is claiming that a team of crypto mining experts is running the platform have years of experience in the crypto industry. However, the website does not provide any specific information about the people running this platform. In fact, does not even reveal the name of the owner of the company. This shows that the company is concealing important facts about its owner and team. Such kind of practice is quite common in Ponzi schemes.

Company Registration

The domain of the company,, was registered in June 2020. The analysis of the website shows that Thailand (52%) and Egypt (16%) are contributing the highest amount of online traffic to the website. Yet, the website is actually hosted in Ecuador.

Furthermore, Lobto also provides a UK incorporation certificate to seem like a legitimate platform. However, it is a fact that the tactic of providing an address and registration number of UK incorporation is quite common in Ponzi schemes. It allows scammers to incorporate their companies because they are effectively unregulated by the higher authorities.

Crypto Mining

Lobto is presenting itself as a crypto mining platform that will allow you to mine your own crypto coins once you invest in the company. However, the actual business model and income structure of shows that the company is heavily relying on the users’ investment. It offers referral and recruitment commissions to pay the old members and keep attracting more investment.

Safe and Secure Transactions is claiming that you can fully rely on this platform to conduct safe and secure transactions. The company claims that modern cybersecurity solutions are implemented to protect transactions and preventing fraud. Even though Lobto seems to have SSL and other important security protocols, it is quite interesting that the site does not provide any specific information about the transaction system used in the company.

Moreover, the company is also promising quick withdrawals but does not provide any information about how much profits will be distributed. There is a very high chance that you will not be getting any compensation from Therefore, you should avoid investing in this platform.

You should invest in genuine crypto cloud mining companies. These platforms actually have modern crypto mining equipment. Hence, you can rely on them to make a large amount of profits by mining your own crypto coins.

Registeration Fee

Lobto claims that it is a highly affordable company that is aiming to provide massive profits via crypto mining to all kinds of people. It markets itself as a cost-effective and reliable crypto mining platform. Yet, makes it clear that you must invest at least $100 in the company to earn any kind of profits.

Moreover, it even encourages users to invest a massive amount of $5000 to be a part of the Representative program. It shows that the company is asking you to invest a very large amount which contradicts its claims of being an affordable platform.

Income Structure of Lobto

The income structrue of Lobto has nothing to do with the promised crypto mining services. In reality, the business model shows that is acting as any other Ponzi scheme that promises daily ROIs in exchange for investment. The breakdown of the income structure of this company is as follows:

  • Invest an amount of between $100 to $1000000 to get 7% daily ROIs for 30 days.
  • Invest an amount of between $5000 to $1000000 to get 11% daily ROIs for 30 days.
  • Spend an amount of between $75000 to $1000000 to get 150% ROI in one day.
  • Invest an amount of between $250000 to $1000000 to get 250% ROI in one day.

The website provides information about the income structure in USD. However, Lobto is accepting payment only in bitcoins. These packages show that the company is trying to get as much investment as possible because affiliate memberships seem to be the only source of revenue for this platform.

Referral Commissions

Like many other Ponzi schemes. Lobto is also promising referral commissions. The purpose of promising these commissions is to attract more investment and make the users refer the company to others.

  • Members of Level 1 can generate 5% referral commissions.
  • Members of Level 2 can generate 3% referral commissions.
  • Affiliates of Level 3 can generate 2% referral commissions.

Representative Program is marketing its Representative Program as some kind of life-changing scheme that can help you in making massive profits. In order to qualify for the Representative progrram of Lobto, you have to invest $5000 or convince someone else to invest this huge amount. The company is promising the Representatives to get $250 in exhange for each active referral.


The bottomline is that Lobto is using these different tactics in the income structure to get investment from the users. By promising significant referral commissions and profits under the Representative program, the company is trying to convince people about its legitmeacy and profitability.

Final Verdict About Lobto tries its best to seem like a genuine and profitable crypto mining opportunity. Yet, the analysis and thorough review of the company makes it clear that you should not invest in the compnay. It is presenting itself as a crypto mining platform. Yet, the business model of the company has nothing to do with crypto mining.

Moreover, the company is claiming that a team of experts and professional crypto miners is running the platform. However, there is no information available about the people behind Lobto. In fact, the company also gives a UK incorporation number to seem like a genuine platform but such number does not have any value.

There is no proof that the Lobto is registered with any organization or cyber security authority. Therefore, there is a very high chance that the company is actually operating illegaly.

The income structure of has nothing to do with the crypto industry. It is fully dependent on the investment from the users. All of these facts show that that Lobto is a traditional crypto Ponzi scheme. It is promising daily ROIs to catch the attention of the users and make them invest in the company.

You should not invest in Lobto because it is not likely to provide any kind of profits to you. Instead, you should rely on crypto mining companies that have been present in the crypto industyr for some time now. They provide a variety of mining options to help you in mining your own crypto coins and earning good profits.

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