London Capital Venture Review: Is it a Scam?

London Capital Venture Review: Is it a Scam?

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London Capital Venture is an investment operation whose site can be found at This website offers a wide range of investment services real estate fund, currency fund, equity fund, currency trading and so on. They claim that their company has specialized in assessing and evaluating fixed income securities, investing primarily in high-yield corporate bonds. They also claim that if clients want, they can invest a percentage of the managed assets in alternative investments. These encompass investments in hedge funds, property, commodities and/or private equity funds.

London Capital Venture

London Capital Venture prides itself on transparency, trust, understanding the needs of their clients and offering reliable long term investment. Therefore, in this review, we express our concerns with London Capital Venture and we give you reasons to stay away from this company.

London Capital Venture looks like a company with a really broad range of services (we have mentioned it in the first few paragraphs). They do business management, accountancy, corporate finance, investing and financial planning. It is now clear that this company provides financial services. So, should you trust this company with your money? That is what we are getting at in the next section of this review. In the meantime, we are recommending these investment solutions for your needs because we generally trust what the community is endorsing.

London Capital Venture review

London Capital Venture provides financial and investments services, so it is playing in a heavily regulated area. Every UK company providing this kind of services has to be regulated, this is the law.

It means that London Capital Venture needs a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority, but it doesn’t have it. The company is not regulated, therefore it is not authorized to provide the services it is providing.

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London Capital Venture is acting illegally, because it is breaking the law of the United Kingdom. Deposits with this company are not insured and losses will not be compensated.

This is the main problem we wanted to point out in this London Capital Venture review. The company is more or less anonymous and bypassing the law, so in our opinion it cannot be trusted.

We have seen countless unregulated companies disappearing with money of their clients, so in our eyes it is not even a matter of personal consideration, nobody should give their money to unregulated companies.

The investment offer

London Capital Venture prides itself in creating relationships that enable a lifetime of smart decision-making for our clients. Which is why we spend so much time making sure the small things are delivered correctly and on time.

We offer in-depth financial planning to help you understand where you stand today and what actions, if any, you may need to take to achieve your long-term goals. Their ”experienced” Relationship Managers can help you make informed decisions about spending and saving, insurance and estate planning, taxes and philanthropy.

At London Capital Venture, they believe that a clear understanding of your goals and current situation is critical to creating an bespoke financial plan. So we ask questions, listen carefully, and work hard to develop that understanding. Perhaps, for instance, you hope to maintain a retirement standard of living that is consistent with your pre-retirement lifestyle. We take that knowledge and use it to run detailed long-term projections assessing possible scenarios, offering options. Together we build something that can help you plan for a smooth glide path in the face of fluctuating market conditions.

They believe that thoughtful and individualized financial planning is so integral to wealth management that we routinely do not charge a separate fee for our planning services. They claim that they will continue to assist investors with planning throughout long-term relationship with their services.

All their relationship managers are highly qualified and are supported by analysts who have a deep understanding of the mechanics that move the markets.

The philosophy

They are focused on creating lasting relationships with each and every customer. At London Capital Venture, the operators aspire to fully understand each unique investment objective, giving them an agreeable and effective venture involvement.

Where is their license?

It is a well known fact that every investment operation like the one we are reviewing here must have a license from the financial authority within the jurisdiction where they are operating from.

The fact that they are based in London means that the London Capital Venture should be having a license from the FCA. But this is not what is happening. The operators of this site do not talk about getting licensed or whether they have obtained authorization from the FCA. So that means they are running an illegal business.

Should you invest with London Capital Venture?

Although this company claims to be dealing in serious investment services, there are a lot of things that don’t sound right with them. When we did our investigations regarding the background of this site, we were not able to find the exact date that their domain was registered. However, expiry date is 2020-01-28 and this means that the site could have been created this year.

We are believing so because in as much as this site claims to offer a wide range of services to various clients with different investment needs, they are not providing their track record. So it becomes very difficult to believe that this company can deliver what it says it can offer.

There is a possibility that London Capital Venture is a scam. Based on our observation, we believe that any investor who puts their money into this company will definitely lose it.

Our best advice for you

We have no confidence in this company because their presentation is shady and secondly, they do not have any track record to prove that they can be a source of reliable income for their customers. Unless they find a way to prove that they really provide a profitable means for investing, there is no way we can trust them. For that reason, we recommend that you spend your investment on these products instead.

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