London E-Management Review: Express Forex Scam Broker Revealed!

London E-Management Review: Express Forex Scam Broker Revealed!

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London E-Management is another CFD and Forex broker scamming innocent investors. According to the homepage, this website has over 100 instruments to trade with. Users can trade with CFDs, Forex, and futures. Another thing to note is that this trader offers each user a single connection of over 8 trading platforms. They also offer rates which are low as 0 pip. We had to be sure about Londonemanagement platform.

London E-Management Review

London E-Management Review:

According to their website, this trading platform is committed o being a trusted manager of your account. They also add in the fact that they are one of the leading international brokers around the world. Claims of their expertise can be read on their homepage. They claim to have high technical and commercial expertise.

On London E-Management website, you will come across what they refer to as their trading prowess. When publishing this review, London E-Management claimed to have over 43,562 satisfied customers. We beg to differ because of the negative reviews floating around the web regarding this broker. They also claim to have made over 9 million trades and over $850 million of traded money. With this kind of theatrics, we had to conduct thorough research to find out whether this is true.

Fake Contact Details.

We tried contacting London E-Management but to no avail. They claim to be located in London on 26 Billiter Street. We can confirm that there’s no broker who is situated here. Our telephone calls went unanswered and our emails failed to yield any response. It’s like the owners of this website are trying to remain anonymous as possible. Why would they not even send a single email response?

The reason is simple, they want to remain anonymous. They don’t want the authorities to get wind of their illegal forex activities. We contacted them during the normal hours they scheduled and still had no response. People who have this kind of behavior in our experience are always scammers. Any calls you receive from staff members of London E-Management is simply from call centers. They have hired call center service providers from India to make their calls. Usually, they pretend to be account managers.

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Fake 24/7 Trading Claims.

London E-Management claims to trade 24/7. It means they trade during the weekends. This is unheard of as all markets are closed during the holidays. How can they claim to trade 24/7 when markets such as the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P are closed during the weekends? We are dealing with professional scam artists and must be stopped. This is why we strongly believe that London E-Management is a scam.

London E-Management Scam

Always trade with professional Forex brokers who are reputable and trusted. You will be trading comfortably and safely with recommended brokers. These brokers are trusted and have been tested by the trading community. You will never go wrong with brokers who are used by the forex trading community. Plus, you stand a chance of making real money with Regulated brokers. Try them today!

Fake Forex Training Guides.

London E-Management offers what they claim to be a training service that can be adopted by all. What these scammers are offering include seminars dubbed “FOREX EDUCATION”. According to the website, users will be trained by recognized industry experts and get advice in trading terminology. This would be true if they actually offered this service. None of the members who have signed up has received any form of training.

What we found interesting was that they offered personal training to those people who have credit cards. Yes, they have specified personal training is for those who have credit cards. Why would they do this? It’s because they want you to sign up with them using your credit card details. Once you do this, you will be prone to credit card fraud. They will want to see your credit card information. This is another proof we are dealing with forex scam artists.

Trading Platforms on Offer.

London E-Management is offering three different trading tools. They claim to have a MetaTrader4 where clients can personalize their trading dashboard. According to its website, MT4 has a dynamic security system and a multi-currency support team. They also have a Web trader that offers Internet-based trading. This platform gives full access to market information.

You can also get Mobile trading services using this broker. They say that traders who use this platform increase their trading time for maximum efficiency. This is one reason why we cannot trust this brokerage firm. We also could not download any of these platforms on our devices. Downloads would only go up to 45% and then come to a sudden halt. As we said earlier, this is a clear sign we are dealing with scam artists.

Offline Support Team.

London E-Management with all their tech fancy doesn’t have an online support staff. This is surprising because, with this day and time, all legitimate platforms offer live chat support. It clearly shows that as a trader, you cannot get any live help from London E-Management. They just give you an option of leaving your email, topic, and message you have. You have to wait for them to reply. Sadly, we are sure no response will come in time.

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Is London E-Management Regulated?

London E-Management Fake

No. This trading platform is not regulated by any regulatory body. We contacted different regulatory institutions and none of them had registered London E-Management. Some of the institutions we contacted include the FCA, CySEC, and ASIC. How can this broker claim to be real yet all leading regulatory bodies haven’t registered it? It all points out to one thing, we are dealing with a scam.

Also, London E Management is not registered. We contacted the UK registrar of companies and they haven’t registered any company with such a name. This makes it clear that we are dealing with a foreign forex entity that doesn’t follow rules and regulations. This also means that when depositing, you are opening yourself up to risks. It means you are giving away your money to an unknown third party. In case of theft, you will not be compensated by anyone.

Fake Positive Reviews.

You might have seen some positive reviews floating around the web. These reviews are simply a part of the scam. These scam artists hire webmasters to write and post positive reviews. These reviews are meant to try and legitimize the platform. We strongly suggest that you ignore all such reviews.

Fake Testimonials.

There are also some fake testimonials of people claiming to have won big with London E-Management. We can confirm that some of these testimonials are people who have been paid to say this. You can easily get actors to say anything via Fiverr. Testimonials are simply meant to make you believe that the platform is real. Which it isn’t.

Is London E-Management a Scam?

Yes, London E-Management is a scam. No matter what they claim on their website, thousands of people all over the world are frustrated with this broker. Most of them have lost hope of ever getting back their money since no feedback is given. We urge that you stay away from this broker in order to stay safe.

London E-Management Final Verdict.

London E-Management Scam Review

This is a one of a kind scam. With all the evidence produced, we have no other option but to blacklist this broker.

Get the best out of Forex trading by dealing with reliable and dependable forex brokers. Authentic brokers give you the chance of making real money trading Forex. Valid and genuine brokers are the only true way of making money. Get these tested and trusted brokers and start winning with Forex trading. Remember to trade comfortably and safely.

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  1. Bonjour,
    J’ai versé de l’argent sur un compte, je souhaite retoucher l’argent, plus personnes ne me répond, ni par mail ni par téléphone, un certain Stéphane Verdun m’appelait toutes les semaines et là cela fait bien 1 mois, plus de nouvelles. Grosse arnaque et je me suis fait avoir.

  2. Bonjour
    Idem arnaqué. Même méthode, appel tous les lundis pendant un mois, puis plus de nouvelles. Et je ne comprend pas comment peut on laisser des escrocs agir ainsi sans rien faire. J’ai bien tenté d’aller porter plainte mais pour le moment les gendarmes ne peuvent rien faire. Je vous conseille de faire de même. Au moins s’il voient que la liste des victimes est longue ils se décideront d’agir. Pour ma part vu la somme (500 euro) payer le service d’un avocat n’aurait pas été rentable.

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