Loss Recovery Trader Review – Scam or Revolutionary?

Loss Recovery Trader Review – Scam or Revolutionary?

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You’ve probably heard that losing is part of the game when you trade Forex. Is this the absolute truth? The answer is yes and no. Some people lose simply because they use bogus systems. They probably don’t know where or how to find genuine products for this type of job.

That said, do you think this expert advisor by the name Loss Recovery Trader will recoup your lost trades as advertised on the Forex Cabin website?

Loss Recovery Trader Expert Advisor

We think this developer is exaggerating things here. They claim that they can eliminate all your losses, and that losing is something you should not be worried about.

But of course this is how internet marketing is done when one is selling an expert advisor. Unless there is verifiable proof of profit and extremely low draw down percentage, you can’t really trust these guys, right?

It’s the reason why we decided to investigate this offer to see whether or not this developer means what they are saying.

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Loss Recovery Trader overview and what they claim you will get

First and foremost, this developer says that when you pay for this expert advisor, you will get a trading system that will help you recover your losses through a special loss recovery system.

According to the folks who promote Loss Recovery Trader, such a system is valued at $5,000, although they are offering it for a very low price so that everyone can afford it.

Well, this is a perfect example of how salesmen on the internet promote their products. We smell mischief in this software because we have never heard of a system that can recover all your losses.

Loss Recovery Trader is alleged to have been programmed to reduce or neutralize losses so that you can profit from your winning trades and recover the losses in the process. This is according to the developer, not traders who have used it before.

In addition to this, they claim that Loss Recovery Trader is available in both hedging and non-hedging versions.

It’s up to you to choose whichever version is suitable for your trading.

In other words, when you have Loss Recovery Trader up and running, you are supposed to become immune to losses unlike hordes of other traders who absorb losses in the markets.

This developer seems to be a very bright fellow. They use a unique approach of marketing to promote Loss Recovery Trader. They know that most traders will be convinced if they learn that losing trades in the Forex market is something that can be entirely eliminated. However, the fact of the matter is that losses can be managed or kept to the minimum while profits are being made.

But the way this developer puts it matters a lot. Their statement is very misleading, and could also prove to be a challenge when defending this product in the presence of an agitated customer.

A training video/PDF document is included in the package

We must give this developer credit where it’s due. But this does not mean that we are endorsing Loss Recovery Trader in any shape or form.

What we are doing here is to simply recognize that the owner of Loss Recovery Trader was mindful enough to offer this system together with a training video.

How do we know that a training video was being offered in this package?

A former user gave us access to this system, so we tested it without spending a dime.

This training program is very shallow in content as it teaches things that can be found everywhere on the internet for free. For example, it teaches how to set take profits, and informs on what the optimal Advanced Loss Recovery zone is. In other words, if you received this software alongside the video, you have what it takes to run it straightaway.

How it works

The developer of Loss Recovery Trader says that this robot is unique in the sense that if you place a trade and it starts moving in the wrong direction, the Advanced Loss Recovery algorithm will be activated.

Loss Recovery Trader Expert advisor

In the end, this is supposed to make you a profit or at least put you in a break even situation.

But in as much as this idea sounds ingenious, we can’t be absolutely sure whether it will work in a live account settings when used in tandem with other trading strategies.

So the limitations are that not every trading strategy will work with this system. Secondly, if you are using a broker who is regulated by the NFA, using Loss Recovery Trader will be considered illegal due to FIFO rules.

Hedging strategy of trading

Hedging is a very controversial strategy of trading. Therefore, from the word go, both versions of this system may not be suitable for those who hold various opinions concerning this strategy.

After all, most developers say one thing and do another. If they tell you that their robots don’t use Martingale system of trading, rest assured that they mean the complete opposite.

In as much as this developer says that Loss Recovery Trader solves the problem by making sure that you are not closing your trades early and at the same time letting your winners run for a while, there is no verifiable proof that this system has successfully and consistently implemented this strategy in a live Forex account.

The owner of Loss Recovery Trader

Loss Recovery Trader is owned by Michalis Phylactou. It is one of his most popular products so far.

This developer has 11 products which are sold through the Forex Cabin website. These include Trend Extreme dashboard, Double Trader dashboard, Currency Power Indicator among others.

forex-cabin-products loss recovery trader

The problem is that despite developing many trading indicators and EAs, none of these products have a live trading performance.

Loss Recovery Trader does not have an active myfxbook account. The same applies to all other products that this vendor is selling.

Client feedback and reviews

It’s really difficult to trust a system that does not have any trading results.

Secondly, buying an expert advisor from a developer with no track record is not a wise idea.

This particular developer is only skilled at marketing his products, and two, producing many different kinds of EAs while disregarding the fact that serious traders are into track record as opposed to fancy-sounding expert advisors.

Perhaps this is the reason why Loss Recovery Trader has never received any positive feedback from clients who are actively using it.

loss-recovery-trader client feedback

Of course there are a few reviews floating around the internet with the intent of endorsing it. However, you also need to understand that these reviews are sometimes written by people who don’t even test the product before writing.

The general consensus here is that if this system does not have trading results, then it is a failed system.

Our best advice for you

You know the drill as always. Whenever we do a review about a scam or a fraudulent product, we have to compensate your time by giving you the right solution to what you have been looking for. In this case, we have a list of Forex trading products which we believe will work for every trader because we tested and saw that these trading systems are really profitable.

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2 Replies to “Loss Recovery Trader Review – Scam or Revolutionary?”

  1. I wanted to learn more about particular developer is only skilled at marketing his products, and two, producing many different kinds of EAs while disregarding the fact that serious traders are into track record as opposed to fancy-sounding expert advisors. Until today i was in dark, now thanks to this article i am raising above the unknown. Thanks, thanks a lot!

  2. With the help of a recovery expert i was able to recover my money from a fake binary options broker , Happy to share my experience and to enlighten people out here .

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