LucroTrade Review: Disturbing Forex and Crypto Scam Broker

LucroTrade Review: Disturbing Forex and Crypto Scam Broker

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LucroTrade ( is another fake Forex and Crypto currency broker that we must address. Being an offshore broker, we decided to investigate it due to numerous complaints floating around the web. Claiming to offer 24/7 days a week, this was the first red flag we noticed. They also claim to trade over 140 assets daily. Read this detailed and eye-opening review to find out the truth about Lucro Trade.

LucroTrade Review

LucroTrade Review:

When you visit their homepage, you will notice they claim to provide cutting edge trading platform. Members also have 24/7 access to their accounts according to the homepage. You are also given the chance to enjoy fast order execution. Another interesting offer you get from LucroTrade is competitive spreads. With all these promises, Lucro Trade looks to be the real deal, right? Wrong, they have just masked the truth with their empty promises.

Lucro Trade Weekend Trading.

One of the biggest lies these scammers are using is that traders who use their platform trade during the weekends. How can this be? We all know that all financial markets are closed during weekends. How then can they be trading? Which market will they be using to make their trades? All this is a ploy to entice newbies to join them. Once you join them, you will realize that you have been scammed when it’s too late.

This leads to our next point when they claim to be trading during the weekends, who is actually trading? It means LucroTrade’s platform is tampered with if it actually trades during the weekend. How can the platform make trades when the markets are closed? This is what we are against. Fake promises that lead to forex investors being swindled of their hard-earned cash.

Fake Live Charts.

On their homepage, you will realize that their homepage has live charts. What we found odd was that this live chart was also live during the weekends. Prices would change from time to time making us doubt the whole platform. As we earlier said, there’s no way the markets can be opened during the weekends. This proves that we are dealing with professional scammers.

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What we also noted was that the live chart has a forecast menu. Funny thing is that this forecast menu does not change at all. This means that the number shown on the live chart never changes. It means we are dealing with a team of fraudsters who simply want to steal your money.

LucroTrade Scam

There are preferred Forex brokers who actually make real money. With these brokers, your money is safe and you get a chance of making some real money. Why not sign up with approved and tested Forex brokers and start making winning trades? This is the only way to earn real money with Forex trading. Get a regulated broker today and see your fortunes change.

LucroTrade Trading Instruments.

According to the website, there are more than 100 assets available for trading. Note that these people claimed they have more than 140 assets for trading. When you scroll down their trading instruments page, you will see the problem. They also claim that their traders can use any device for trading. Based on what they claim, their platforms are secure and are at all times monitored by their cyber security team.

One promise that is a load of bull is the fact that they provide comfortable trading conditions. These conditions are meant to multiply your success. Problem with this promise is that they don’t actually tell us what conditions they have set. Don’t you think this is weird? How can they make promises and yet, not tell us what they are actually doing?

We also tried downloading their platform on different devices. We tried on desktop, mobile, and tablet. This may come as a shock to you but none of the downloads worked. All downloads would stop at 50%. This means that you cannot trade on the go. You will be required to trade with them on particular devices.

How to Create an Account?

One of the disturbing features with this platform is the details they ask for. You will be asked to provide your email, phone number, and credit card details. This is not unusual except the credit card part. Why would they want you to give them your credit card details? It means that once you give them your credit card details, you open yourself to card fraud. This is how bank account balances are swept clean by scammers. They use the credit card details to fraud owners.

Lucro Trade has a bad habit of calling users and asking them to add a small deposit fee. They claim that this is one way of making a huge score with Forex trading. We have come to learn that LucroTrade has a call center staff that usually tricks customer into making huge deposits. Members receive calls from people claiming to be account managers. These managers will entice you to add money so that you can get more profits. This is far from the truth.

LucroTrade Fake

You can always avoid fake forex brokers and start dealing with Forex robots. Always use trusted and tested forex robots when trading. This will ensure all your money is safe and you stand a chance of making real profits. With Forex robots, your ROI is not bloated like with fake forex platforms. You will always make some real money with recommended Forex Robots.

Fake Lucro Trade Reviews.

You probably have seen some positive LucroTrade reviews floating around the web. This is what scammers do. They go to sites such as Fiverr and hire writers or webmasters. These masters ensure that they write positive reviews just to make the product look legit. Webmasters earn their commission by signing up with these scammers.

You can easily be manipulated by these scammers if not careful. Webmasters write enticing and juicy posts that make you believe the product actually works. Never trust all products that have too good to be true reviews. LucroTrade is not different as some positive reviews have led to people signing up with this fake Forex broker.

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Fake Testimonials.

Visiting the homepage, you will see some people claiming to have won with Lucro Trade. All these testimonials are fake. Some of the photos used can be easily downloaded and comments are written by a third party. This is not the last time we have seen this happen. Note that people who do this are seasonal scammers who will do anything just to steal from you. Actors can also be hired from Fiverr and they post promotional material online.

You probably have received a promotional video from someone claiming to be a millionaire overnight. And they praise LucroTrade for this success. These are actors we mentioned earlier. They are probably paid $5 per minute to post such a video.

Is LucroTrade a Scam?

LucroTrade is without a doubt, a scam. You should stay away from it and ignore all the promotional materials. This platform has scammed millions and the only way to avoid being a victim is by hitting ignore.

LucroTrade Final Verdict.

LucroTrade Scam Review

Due to the incriminating evidence we have produced, we simply have to blacklist LucroTrade. This is a one of a kind Forex scams that has stolen from thousands of investors. We urge the relevant authorities to bring down this site. Stay away from it to avoid any losses.

If you are interested in Forex trading, we recommend you use tested and trusted forex brokers. You will always trade comfortably knowing your money is safe. These Forex brokers are reputable and have years of experience. Try them and get to make real money trading with Forex.

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2 Replies to “LucroTrade Review: Disturbing Forex and Crypto Scam Broker”

  1. ich denke, da** ich auch ein Betrugsopfer von Lucrotrade bin. Mails kommen nicht an bzw. werden nicht beantwortet. Auszahlungsanweisungen werden nicht ausgeführt.

  2. LUCROTRADE… ein wahrer Albtraum!
    Alarmstufe ROT!
    (Vermeintlicher) Anlagebetrug vom ALLERFEINSTEN!

    Ich habe Einzahlungen im 6-stelligen Bereich getätigt.
    Garantierte und beglaubigte Auszahlungen sollten in Höhe von über 1 Million Euro folgen.

    Wenige Tage vor dem Auszahlungstermin wurde ich angerufen, da** ich angeblich unter „Geldwäscheverdacht“ stünde – ein absolut gegenstandsloser Vorwand bzw. Hinhaltetaktik.

    Dennoch wurde eine Ausgleichszahlung mit fixem Auszahlungsdatum vereinbart, die durch eine eidesstattliche Erklärung von Lucrotrade abgesichert wurde, so da** ich zu 100 Prozent mein Geld erhalte.

    Ich habe die Ausgleichszahlung geleistet und bis heute keinen einzigen Cent erhalten!

    Allesamt sind die persönlichen Ansprechpartner, Account Manager, Geschäftsleitung und auch der Support von Lucrotrade nicht mehr zu erreichen. Hier einige Namen mit denen ich bei Lucrotrade Kontakt hatte: Annabell Müller, Michael Hoffmann, Maja Schweiger, Benedikt Kraft, Klaus Richter, Maximilian Groß und Udo Seemann. Ob diese Leute wirklich real sind, ist zu bezweifeln.

    F a z i t:
    Alarmstufe Rot!!! Ich kann nur eindringlich alle vor Lucrotrade warnen. Absolut unseriös, Finger weg und macht einen großen Bogen herum. Ihr verliert Euer ganzes Geld. Es wird eine äußerst professionelle Show abgezogen. Leider alles Fake von Anfang bis zum Ende. Ich hoffe, da** diese dreisten Betrüger bald ihrer gerechten und längst überfälligen Strafe zugeführt werden.

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