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Luxxis Options is a dangerous scam platform that will deceive all your investment fund if you fall for their catch. This platform target innocent investors who do not have a general knowledge of the trading world.

The platform claims to manage trade account for investors on their behalf.  However, you are not provided with any online trading platform such as MT4 to declare they will generate profit for you.

Investors who are experienced will realize these red flags, and they do not have any access to any trading platform, and this is a red flag by this platform. Luxxis Options expect you to trust them with your money by giving them your account details and letting them manage it as you expect returns.

However, do not be so quick to believe any allegation this platform offers you as the method of operation they use is not transparent to investors. The platform tries to lure you into thinking they are legit by using massive investment plans on their websites.

The company claims that investors do not require to put energy in the platform to generate profits because they do all the work for you. This is just an attempt to target new investors who have no idea of the trade and who may end up believing this company is legit.

This alleged investment firm claims to generate profits for all investors within a week. We expect to see evidence of the same for at least 3 months. For you to trust the legitimacy of a company, they need to provide you with evidence to support the allegations failed to do so they are lying about everything they have to offer.

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The platform owners even have the confidence of bragging to being the best forex brokers and binary brokers in the world. Luxxis Options is banned in many countries; this should be the ultimate reason to prevent you from trusting this platform at all costs. Review

Luxxis Options cannot offer its services to investors in the US and EU and also several other countries because they are known for their illegitimacy in these countries who have already disallowed their services. Various countries have set specific guidelines to govern members of the public from falling for scammers. is conducting its alleged investment services illegally, and you will not benefit from this company. The platform is not a broker yet claims to offer you brokerage services in the forex world.

This company exposes numerous red flags, and several complaints have been raised not only from investors; it has robbed money but also from governments. Investors who are quick into falling for any claim they are told will end up falling for the catch losing a lot of money if not all. Review, Luxxis Options Platform

You expect to get rich quick their dealings however we all know this kind of companies always turn out to be scammers and they never really pay you. The owners of this company are not mentioned anywhere, and you do not know who is handling your you do not know.

Information about who owns the company is essential as you will know whom you are dealing with. The team behind this Investment returns is not disclosed or any info of experience they have.

The tools and software Luxxis Options uses and the method they apply is also not transparent to you. Legit trading companies are always backed up by a corporate entity, and they are the ones you should trust with your money.

Nothing this platform offers investors is sensible; they resemble a  failed brokerage. The company is also operating without regulatory data, which only proves that they do not follow the laws governing the trading world.

Funds Safety

The company does not guarantee your fund safety because they do not provide you with any banking information that you require. Once you lose money in this investment firm, you cannot trace them, and your account may even get deleted.

There is no security measure, the owners of this platform information are missing, and you will only be trading the anonymous people who are also not regulated. There is no single evidence of any successful pay to their customers.

Regulation and Customer Support

This company is not regulated and is generating money from the public illegally.  Legit trading companies will always provide you with the required certificates in their websites to earn your trust and prove genuineness.

Unregulated platforms always use fake regulatory data on the website to try and convince you that they are verified to offer you services. The owners of this platform risk facing criminal prosecutions and also is part of the main reason why they hide personal information from you.

The contact support is inferior to the platform. No contact support is provided for you while venturing in Luxxis Options is it has not offered any telephone contact or at least email support for investors to use to reach the company.

Unregulated platforms risk facing closure with all your Investment fund in their accounts, and you cannot reach them for refund. The whereabouts of this platform are also unknown, and no regulatory body acknowledges this company regulation, and you should not waste a single dime with them.

The address this company uses for its location of the company is just made up, and the business that is there is matching this physical address is not Luxxis Options. The platform produces the address as Ground Floor, Pavilion Buildings, West Bridgford, NG2, U.K.116 Huntington Avenue South End, Boston , MA, USA.

This address contains a tattoo shop rather than a trading company. The company tries to stay anonymous, and you should not trust a platform that provides false information about almost everything they claim to offer to you.

Investment Plan

Luxxis Options features similar characteristics as Ponzi Schemes. This platform allows investors to choose from the three different investment plans. You are permitted to deposit a minimum of $500, and $10000 is the maximum limit for trading.

The two Invest plans offer you a ROI of 7.5% and 8.5%. Basic Plan provides you the lowest ROI, which is 6%. The platform promises you that these returns are every week; however, no investors seem to benefit from the platform. This is just a marketing strategy to tempt you into depositing money in the company.

Any experienced investor will realize this figure is overestimated, and you’ll stay away from this platform at all costs. Even for established platforms generating this kind of terms and maintaining a constant number is not entirely true.

Final verdict

Luxxis Options is not a regulated platform on the method of operation is also shady. Unregulated companies always go out of existence, and they break the law at any time.

The company does not provide you with any contact support that is working, and they use a fake location address. The company lies to investors on the trade methods basically about everything else they have to offer to you.

People are from users unregulated brokers and how they plan to generate profits for you in one week this entirely of estimated. Legit platforms will always provide you with information about who are the founders of the company.

You cannot trust a platform that does not provide you with at least some demo of the history. Without any evidence to support allegations, the company claims it only disapproves of the legitimacy.



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