M15 Signals Review: a Scary Signals Provider

M15 Signals Review: a Scary Signals Provider

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M15 Signals ( is providing two to eight signals per day using the Telegram platform. They claim to help investors reach their investment goals thanks to their accurate signals. Before you go ahead and sign up with the platform, a few bits and pieces are missing. The platform may be all shiny from the outside, but; the inside is rocked with problems. At least this is what we have witnessed in the last couple of months. It is a platform with too many complaints against it.

M15 Signals Review

About this M15 Signals Review

The reason why we conducted this m15 signals review is that we have received complaints from investors. They wanted us to investigate the platform after it emerged their signals are not that accurate. Most of them claim that the signals are not on the stated time frame. With this bold statement, we had to investigate and find out the truth. What we found out is shocking beyond words. They have a long way to go before they can achieve the efficiency of a dependable signal provider.

For the best trading practices, it is advised that investors go for proven online tools. With authentic forex trading robots, investors have a better chance of realizing their goals. These robots offer transparent conditions and protect your investments. It is what every successful trader uses.

There are some downfalls when using this signal provider. Most of the signals are far from accurate, which makes trading the more difficult. Traders get signals that are far from reliable since the timeframe is undisclosed. They may claim to trade on Asia, London, and USA trading sessions, which is not the case. The platform has done a shoddy job in trying to entice investors from the three regions. In short, they want investors from Asia, Europe, and North America to buy their signals.

Accuracy of the signals

They claim that they offer a 90 percent accuracy level with the platform. These are unfounded claims since this is very high accuracy. No expert or robot that can achieve this high accuracy level. They fail to show us their skill with a demo account, which would be impressive. One of their biggest flaws is claiming to have such a vast accuracy level, which is not the case. These are mere scam artists who want nothing more than to steal from investors. It is why we insist traders get better signal providers recommended by trading experts.

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Advantages of this signal provider

It is difficult to get the right signals to provide in today’s market, where scam artists are everywhere. If the signal provider worked on their delivery, there would be no issues. Some of the advantages that traders would get include three take profits per signals. Other notable advantage includes 1500 to 3500 pips per month and automated trading. They also offer signals for currencies and gold, which is rare to find. These could be the highlight of their services, too bad their signals are inaccurate.

Business owner

For all their ‘transparency,’ they fail to disclose who the developer of this signal provider. They claim to have started trading out of Venice, Italy. The only problem is that they fail to give actual names of the people behind the platform. A signal provider with nothing to hide will post details of their ownership. If they want users to take them seriously, they must give up the names. No one wants to sign up with an anonymous signal provider. It is why most clients are not happy with the way things turned out.

Comments posted on their homepage

Another issue we found with the platform has unfounded testimonials. All we see are words and names of the people who claim to benefit from the signal provider. If they can give such names, why not give the names of the people behind the platform? Another problem with the testimonials is that there is no way to prove it. These people are not on any social media platform. A legit platform will even post links to the social media handles for all to see. They feel like false signals.

Domain and website history

M15 Signals Features

To find out the credibility of websites, domain checkers helps reveal the real sense of the platform. And records show that the site went live on 30th December 2018. It means they have been operational for close to two years. Such a platform should now have picked momentum with the trading world. The reason this is not the case is that they keep on changing the products. They have used the domain to sell six other products with similar names. And this is why we are apprehensive of the platform.

Features of the M15 Signals

The platform provides signals for forex currencies and gold, which is a rare combination. They claim to use the short term strategy but fail to inform users how the signals use it. They offer two to eight signals per day via Telegram. These are the notable features and the fact that their website looks professional. When it comes to creating a visually compelling website, we give props to the platform.

License and Registration of M15 Signals

M15 Signals is NOT licensed or registered to offer any trading products and services to investors. And this is the reason why we insist that the platform should not be on the shelves. The lack of compliance means that traders are far from being safe when using these signals. Any purchase made by investors means that the platform is unable to insure deposits. And this is a huge problem as there is no money-back guarantee. The platform becomes a liability as no one is held responsible. A few investors are having a problem with the fact that they can’t get their funds back.

The reason why such platforms are a risk is that the developer is not held liable. It is the reason why they have failed to give users the names of the people behind the platform. No scam developer will want their face to be associated with a scam. They know for a fact that their accuracy level is way too high to be true. These empty claims and promises used to lure naïve investors must stop. It is one of the leading causes of online scams as investors want a quick way to earn money.

Restrictions/Disadvantages of M15 Signals

Contact and support

They have chat support whereby users must give their names and email information. The problem with unregulated platforms is they can also sell your information to third parties. After giving them the details, there is a pop-up message that scares users. They claim that they will reach you even if you are not on the site. This is proof that they are using the chatbox to harvest data. They sell this data and to affiliate marketers who bombard users with numerous subscription packages.

Plans and Pricing

M15 Signals Packages/Plans

M15 Signals is offering users three plans to choose from. On their plans page, one can get to see the full features of these plans. The plans listed include Premium for one, three, and six months. What we noticed is that these plans all have the same features. There is no advantage of holding one plan over the other. The prices of these packages are $55, $110, and $175. And this is the main reason why we should stay away from the platform. They are not able to offer any meaningful plans.

Results on the signals

They have posted the results signals, which are from 2018. It means they have not updated the results, which is why we must stay away.  Why would they fail to update their results if they offer 90 percent accuracy? It is why we believe that even the posted results are doctored. They are not on any reputable verification platform such as FX Blue and myfxbook. And this is the reason why we must stay away from the platform.

Safety of funds with M15 Signals

The safety of funds is not a guarantee with a signal provider that fails to be compliant. Stay away from any product that hides the identity of the people behind the platform. It is why we insist that this is a ridiculous signal provider.

Shakedown or Legit M15 Signals

After checking all the facts, it is clear M15 Signals is a scam.

Final thought

To help keep the trading world safe, we will be adding this bot to our scam blacklist

Use the best forex trading robots for a chance to make a passive and steady income. These robots offer a safe way of trading by protecting their investments. It is what every successful trader uses.

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