M3TA MOGULS Review: NFT Scam on the Rise

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M3TA MOGULS Review: NFT Scam on the Rise

M3TA MOGULS is a high-risk NFT investment platform that will drain everything you have. Our review exposes why this NFT scam is a potential risk to your wallet.

Those who have invested with the platform have by far lost everything. The NFTs are worthless and it’s clear these were AI-generated images that were sold as NFTs on the platform. You need to know how best to invest in NFTs for those who clearly don’t have a grasp of it.


There are countless reasons why you should stay away from M3TA MOGULS. We have exposed the platform for what it really is, another NFT Scam.

The intention of M3TA MOGULS is to defraud investors of every penny once they buy in the products. It’s a well-planned scam clearly showing the platform creators have experience in doing so.

Here’s an in-depth look at M3TA MOGULS and the scam products on offer.

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Little is available on the homepage regarding the creators of the website. We did a little digging and found some alarming details. It turns out the creator is also associated with another Crypto buy and dump scheme.

William Coyle is the supposed CEO of this platform and was behind Crypto Mutual Capital Trust, another exposed Crypto Ponzi scheme. The scheme pitched investors a guaranteed 1 percent daily ROI.

When the vesting period lapsed and investors wanted to withdraw their profit and initial deposit, things went astray. William was not seen and his LinkedIn profile was deleted at some point. And now, he claims to be the brains behind this ‘wonder NFT’ investment.

Everything William touches collapses and it’s a matter of time before M3TA MOGULS also falls short of expectations. Cracks have emerged with the first initial investors demanding answers from the CEO.

As their vesting period was first to come up. It seems the platform accepted partial withdrawals. What most don’t know is that they were withdrawing part of their initial deposit disguised as interest earned during the vesting period.

After the initial withdrawal, the platform went dark and no one managed to withdraw even a penny. And the same will go to the current crop of investors. Withdrawing funds from this pool is impossible.

There’s a reason why William and his team have managed to defraud investors, and that’s having a good sales pitch. That includes claiming to offer incentives and referral commissions to affiliates as well.

Find out more of the red flags exposed in our detailed M3TAMOGULS REVIEW.

Accounts and plans

The platform claims to sell bot-generated NFTs for $1 USDC. These NFTs are projected to increase in value within a few days or weeks. Let’s take a closer look at the types available for sale on the platform;


For the select account holder, the bot produces NFTs tokens worth hundreds of dollars. Investors are required to deposit 300USDC to get started with this account. And this means, from the horse’s mouth, an array of valuable NFTs.


With the premier account, the bot produces NFTs worth thousands of dollars. Members get a limited number of NFTs depending on the number of deposits. The acceptable minimum deposit is 600USDC.


For silver account holders, the bot promises to generate NFTs worth millions of dollars. The client has to deposit a minimum of 1,400USDC before getting access. There’s no information about this wonder bot on their homepage.


One of the more exclusive packages, investors must deposit 2,000USDC to gain access. Plenty of claims that the bot produces one-of-a-kind NFTs that would fetch gazillions of dollars in the future.


It’s the most exclusive package offering a selection of all of the above NFTs. Investors have to deposit 4,300 worth of USDC to gain access. As you can see, the creator has made it clear it’s a bot creating NFTs.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Why can’t the owner sell these NFTs on a known exchange and let investors know of the price received. That’s how transparency works. Instead, they count on the NFT fetching millions, which is far from the case.

Affiliate Compensation Plan M3TA MOGULS

Affiliates on the platform are poised to earn commissions on this platform. And this means having to sell the platform to others before making any real funds. And the developers take full advantage of affiliates as well.

Withdrawing commissions from sales made by affiliates has been a challenge to many. Most of them hardly get or receive the payouts guaranteed by the platform. And this is why we must expose the platform for its utter disregard of the sales representatives.

These affiliates end up losing more than just the commissions. Those who they direct to invest in the NFTs end up blaming them for the losses incurred. And this is what makes William ad his team remain anonymous.

Contact and support

Even a chat bot to welcome users on the homepage is unavailable, and yet they claim to have a bot that creates NFTs. You can see the irony in that the creators of a million dollars worth of NFTs don’t have direct communication tools with customers.

Clearly, the developers want to stay away from this platform or even make any direct contact with their would-be victims. That means we have a platform failing to offer much in terms of reliability and convenience.

Stay away from

Please stay away from platforms that fail to deliver in terms of communication. There’s not even an email address on the homepage that would warrant access to support for clients in need. It makes sense to the developer as they won’t have to hear from victims.

Is M3TA MOGULS Licensed or Regulated?

The disclaimer at the footer of the homepage would suggest the platform is registered in Costa Rica. Please note that the registration details don’t much any business or foreign entity in the country or entire South American region.

What we have is a classic false registration business number. The people behind this platform are in fact miles away from the region. Please insist on confirming business registry details before moving forward with depositing funds.

Lack of registration also means there’s no regulatory oversight that would protect consumers from insolvency. The platform fails to offer deposit insurance to customers. And that means members have nowhere to turn to when things go south.

Safety of funds M3TA MOGULS

Security of funds has to be an issue with a platform using false business registration details. The platform fails to offer much in terms of any security protocol you would expect from an NFT website standpoint.

The platform fails to offer DDoS protection and SSL encryption. That’s why we insist this is a major problem as the platform exposes users to third party hacks brought about by lack of proper security firewall.

Scammed by M3TA MOGULS

For those who have lost funds with this platform, the good news is that you can try and recover such funds. With the help of a professional recovery team, you can get back stolen funds.


Stay away from this platform.

Note: The best crypto investment platforms offer genuine NFTs trading and more.

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