Magnetic Profits on the Mission to Deprive the Investor Off his Hard Earned Money

Magnetic Profits on the Mission to Deprive the Investor Off his Hard Earned Money

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If you did not have luck with binary option trading so far then you need to decipher the key reasons behind your failure. Most of the time failure in trading is because of trading bots. Now these trading bots showcase an idealistic scenario and compel you to sign up.

Note: A good alternative to this Magnetic Profits scam is the Super Simple Bot.

One such trading bot is Magnetic Profits. It has the same goal that usually the scam trading systems have and that is to deprive the trader of the hard earned money. David Silversmith is the person who has come up with this scam. Before you opt in for this system make sure that you go through the complete review of this system.

Magnetic Profits shows that the positions are limited for traders

Now Magnetic Profits puts up the picture that there are only 138 positions. The presenter acts that once the 138 figure limit is met then the video will be removed and the viewers will not be able to see it. Interestingly this is quite an old pressure technique that does not hold much weight at all. Thus the investor should not fall in for this claim. He should use his discretion before opting in for a scam system like Magnetic Profits.

Magnetic Profits

Note: The trader should opt for scam free and reputed binary option robots if he wants to excel in the field of trading.

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Exaggerated profit figures by Magnetic Profits

Magnetic Profits gives this perception that the trader can earn even about $4,032 in no time. Though it is not really possible in real and it is not really that easy to earn such a huge amount. When the investor trades then it is a gradual journey and it takes the investor sometime to develop his grasp on binary option trading. However, it is not easy to make in a huge amount of money in a short time and that is truly exaggerated.

Magnetic Profits Scam

Varying marketing tricks used by Magnetic Profits

Now when the investor visits the website of Magnetic Profits it is mentioned there that only 4 copies are left. This is yet another gimmick to make the trader feel that this system is valuable and the trader should not miss out on the opportunity to sign up. However, there is no reality in such claims and whenever the investor will visit the Magnetic Profits website he will find this copies left option.

Magnetic Profits Scam Review

Note: Scammers like Maganetic Profits will urge you to sign up by showing less amount, so don’t catch by them and choose the original one from our suggestion.

Do not give email to Magnetic Profits

Most traders get enticed by scam systems like Magnetic Profits and end up signing up with the system. Now once the email is given this means that the trader is compromising on the element of privacy. The investor should not make this mistake. If he does then the investor should get ready to get his inbox flooded with unsolicited emails by Magnetic Profits and no trader will want that for sure. Thus the investor needs to do his due research about the Magnetic Profits system before signing up. This will be the right approach.

Some key red alerts in the sales video of Magnetic Profits

When the investor watches the sales video of Magnetic Profits it is mentioned by the presenter that his blog is the number 1 authority website. Well he has given no proof. This should be a red alert signal for the trader that the blog of this presenter could be a scam so the investor needs to be careful if he does not want to end up losing his hard earned cash. Usually such claims are made to make a fool out of the trader. Most new traders are the common victims of such scams.

 The lame statement for giving Magnetic Profits for free

Well the presenter of Magnetic Profits claims that brokers pay him when the investors trade using their platform. Thus what the maker of this system is trying to convince the trader is that he is potentially earning through the brokers and that is why he is offering the system for free. Well it sounds like a very unbelievable statement to anyone and this is yet another well set trap, but the trader should not fall in for this trap so easily. The investor needs to be quite careful.

Another worrying aspect is that name of the associated brokers are not mentioned in the Magnetic Profits sales video. Usually when the brokers are legitimate then the maker of the system has no issue in mentioning the name of the broker. The problem only arises when the automated trading bot is a scam and this does seem to be the case for Magnetic Profits so the trader better needs to watch out before making his move or else he will end up losing all his hard earned cash in simply no time. Thus the investor should not fall in for this deal at all if he values his money.

$250 is a huge deposit

Now as mentioned earlier all the aspects clearly indicate that Magnetic Profits is a scam. Now for a new trader each and every penny is valuable so the trader needs to think 100 times before making in a deposit. $250 is surely quite a large amount and there is no guarantee whether the trader will be winning or not so the investor should not strike such a deal in the first place. He has to make smart choices.

Efficient Customer support missing

Another drawback of Magnetic Profits is that it lacks an efficient customer support. The customer support is the backbone of a system. It helps the traders to know the questions that come to their mind at the spur of the moment. However, when the live chat support is missing then those questions cannot be answered. This means that the trader cannot look forward to efficient help if he gets stuck. Another reason why live chat support is not offered is that these scam systems cannot give honest answers to the questions of the traders and this is why this help is not offered to the trader in the first place.

 Demo not offered by Magnetic Profits

Magnetic Profits does not offer a demo to the traders. Thus it is yet another setback of the system. There is no way that the traders can try out this system and know its real value. The investor cannot get an idea about the key features of the system as well.

The website of Magnetic Profits does not have appeal

The main setback of Magnetic Profits is that the website fails to impress the onlooker. It looks incomplete and disorganized. The sales video occupies the whole page and this does not have give a nice perception at all. The trader has to be careful. This is the main clue that the trading system is a scam. The investor needs to make smart choices if he wishes to earn well at the end of the day. When the website lacks authentic information this is truly something suspicious.

The final conclusion is that Magnetic Profits is truly a bad bargain. The investor should not waste his money. If he does then he will have to go through the ordeal of losing his hard earned cash. If the investor is interested in automated trading then he should look for the most reliable trading bots and then the investor will not have to face any trouble at all. However, the best approach is to master manual trading initially so that the investor can figure out all the scams with ease. If the investor will follow this approach he can get success with trading. Make it a point to say no to Magnetic Profits.

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