Magnus Capital Center Review: 240% a Year Scam

Magnus Capital Center Review: 240% a Year Scam

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Magnus Capital Center which is found on the domain was privately registered in September 3018, and thus it is a very new domain and chances of it scamming can be very high. On the Magnus Capital Center, we get no information about who owns or runs the operation. While we continue to do research, we also discover another fact. That most of the marketing material for this website is in French. And according to Alexa, the country France is the top source of traffic sitting at 64%.

Therefore, there is a very big chance that the anonymous person running this entity is either based out of France or is in a French speaking country. Before we go far, we’d like to remind you that whenever you come across a site whose owner is anonymous and yet they are promising returns for an investment, you need to be extremely cautious because majority of these sites are not genuine. If you want a genuine platforms where you can find profitable bots for trading, go here.

Magnus Capital Center review

The main thing is that Magnus Capital Center does not have any products or service which it can sell to generate revenue for the company and its users. As an affiliate, members are supposed to recruit others and this is the way income is generated. Affiliate membership is the only area of focus in this website.


Magnus Capital Center members invest funds while being promised a specific figure for a monthly ROI. They claim that they are inviting everyone on the internet to earn at least 20% by sharing the knowledge and skill which they have worked on since 2009.

People who invest between $20-$50 are allegedly going to receive 120% in 6 months. Invest 125% up to $500 and the site will allegedly give you 160% in 8 months. If you invest between $1000 and $5000, the site claims that you will be entitled to 200% in 10 months. If you invest 10k or 25k, the site claims that you will earn 240% in 1 year, which basically means that they are promising to double your investment capital in one year. If this is true, then we have no doubt that it can be a really profitable business to do or participate in.

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The compensation plans

For every affiliate who recruits another affiliate, a 10% referral commission will be earned. The compensation plan has some criteria which must be met in order for one to move from one level to the next. These are called Starter, Supervisor, Pro, Leader, Manager, Team Manager, Director, Executive, President and Diamond.

You gain starter membership simply by signing up for the Magnus Capital Center. The rest of the investment plans have minimum investment requirements to join. In order to be counted for earning future ROIs, personal investment amounts must be active.

In addition to this, Magnus Capital Center adopts a binary compensation structure which is similar to that of a ponzi scheme. This business model places one affiliate at the top and places two affiliates in the next level to support the first level affiliate. The trees grows on and on.

Pool bonus

Magnus Capital Center does not disclose what percentage of revenue is assigned to the pool. As an affiliate, members are supposed to earn one share per affiliate which they have recruited into the scheme. Also, there seems to be no limit on the number of shares that one can earn in this pool.

What you should know about Magnus Capital Center

Membership is free. However, the system will deduct $10 every month if the affiliate has made $100 in commissions. To fully participate in this scheme, one has to part with at least $25 minimum investment.

From what we can see here, it appears that this site is only taking money from one person in order to pay another. This is the purpose for which they have included a binary compensation structure to take advantage of the power of leverage. This is how ponzi schemes work, and we have no doubt that this is a shady type of site. By highlighting their operational procedure to the public as well as compensation structure, one gets under the impression that the site is not actually trading with its members funds. Instead, it is using them to pay profits. But at the end of the day, the owner of Magnus Capital Center receives the Lion’s share because they are only paying 10-20% of the revenue which they collect from internet users.

What are their claims for generating revenue?

A ponzi scheme would never admit the fact that it is a ponzi scheme. So how do you know that they are not engaging in legit business activities? It is simple. Just look at the way they emphasis on referrals and the binary compensation structure to take advantage of the power of leverage. Then you will know that the business in question is actually making 100% of its revenue from funds collected from new members.

In the case of Magnus Capital Center, they claim to generate revenue through expert advisors that are equipped with artificial intelligence. They claim that their expert advisors for trading have very complex algorithms and are technologically advanced.

But Magnus Capital Center does not provide us with any evidence of their use of trading bots, plus they are not giving us evidence of their trading license. Since they are offering securities, they should operate with a license but they do not have one to display on their site.

The sad thing is that they continue to operate an illegal business across the globe when most countries regulate this kind of investing.


To comply with the Securities act, they would need to provide specifics of the alleged trading bot and how it works to generate returns. But as you can see, the site has not disclosed anything to do with this trading bot. Furthermore, they have failed to pass the simple ponzi scheme logic test. If you want to make money with trading bots, consider these ones. Avoid pyramid schemes or anything that has no proper explanation.

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  1. Компания Magnus Capital Center действительно торгует на Forex при помощи советника своими деньгами и деньгами вкладчиков. Австралийский брокер. Компания дает возможность доступа к своему счету. Результат весьма впечатляющий. Мы все проверили.

  2. Bài báo này tiếng anh bạn VN này dùng google dịch lại nó không đúng, cái gì cũng có sự cạnh tranh trên thị trường, nêu bài báo này là nói không tốt nhằm hạ uy tín MCC, mình tin MCC là dự án thực sự tiềm năng vì Forex là thị trường chính thống, và dùng Bot kiếm lợi nhuận trên thị trường này là có thật

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