Mama Captain Review: A Crypto Points Trading Scam

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Mama Captain Review: A Crypto Points Trading Scam

Compared to many other crypto trading platforms, Mama Captain is a very strange crypto company. Its domain,, claims the company has an experience of 10 years in international trading. However, there is no proof of such claims. Its website was registered in 2014 and started operating in 2015. Moreover, its marketing is very poor. It uses cartoon characters to attract people and seems like a very friendly company. Yet, there are many suspicious aspects of this company that is discussed in this article:

Overview of Mama Captain

Mama captain’s mission is to be one of the largest crypto payment platforms. Their vision is of giving a platform for all the participants that are fair and lucrative for everyone involved. The company is continuously improving to achieve this goal.

It is basically a crypto MLM company and has been operating since October 2015. The about us page of gives no information about its founder, which raises some serious suspicions.

Domain Insights

The company is claiming to have more than ten years of experience. Yet, its domain was not registered until 2014. There would be no information if this company was previously operating with another name.

Alexa analysis shows that Malaysia (55%) and China (42%) contribute to the highest amount of traffic to This shows that whoever owns the company lives in China or Malaysia.

Products Offered by Mama Captain

Mama Captain does not offer any retail products or services. The only way to earn any profits from this company is through its affiliate membership and recruiting others. The company claims that profits and investments are in the form of crypto barrel coins. It is quite surprising that the barrel coins are the leading force of the company, yet it never states the exact of these crypto coins.

The only information given by is that $813,000 increases the value of barrel coin by 0.001. Similarly, investment of $2,000,000 increases the value by 0.003. Furthermore, the company claims that you invest these coins in e-commerce platforms and trading without giving any solid information.

How to Join Mama Captain?

Mama Captain offers the following affiliate membership packages:

  • Student Package that costs $100.
  • University Student Package that costs $200
  • Workers Package that costs $500
  • Self-Employed Package that costs $2000
  • Boss Package that costs $5000
  • Entrepreneur Package that costs $10,000

The main difference between these different packages offered by is the amount of income that you can make by participating in the compensation structure.

Mama Captain’s Compensation Plan

A minimum investment of $100 is necessary to earn profits from Mama Captain. You can make the maximum investment of $10,000. Affiliates receive the share points based on the package they have purchased.

  • Members of the Student Package gets 100 Mama Crypto Points.
  • Members of the University Student Package gets 200 Mama Crypto Points.
  • Affiliates of the Worker Package gets 500 Mama Crypto Points.
  • Affiliates of the Self-Employed Package gets 2000 Mama Crypto Points.
  • Members of the Boss Package gets 5000 Mama Crypto Points.
  • Members of the Entrepreneur Package gets 10,000 Mama Crypto Points.

The company claims that these share points are transformed into Barrel Crypto Coins that have value in the crypto market. According to, you can cash out the barrel coins through an internal exchange.

However, there is no proof of such a statement. In fact, the statistics of the crypto industry indicates that the Mama Crypto coins have no real value.  Therefore, you should use the crypto trading bots to earn money instead of investing your hard-earned money in this company. These bots provide an extensive range of trading preferences that allow you to trade on your own terms and conditions.

Withdrawal System

The Mama Captain provides the following breakdown of the withdrawal system:

  • Admit fee – 10%
  • Reinvested income – 20%
  • Barrel reward points – 20%
  • Commission withdrawal – 50%

The affiliates of cannot withdraw 200% of the amount that they have initially invested. The withdrawal amount can be increased up to 50% according to the following rank qualification criteria:

  • Earn a 10% withdrawal bonus on 1 Star by recruiting two affiliates.
  • Earn a 20% withdrawal bonus on 2 Star by recruiting two affiliates at 1 Star
  • Make a 30% withdrawal bonus on 3 Star by recruiting two affiliates at 2 Star.
  • Generate a 40% withdrawal bonus on 4 Star by recruiting two affiliates at 3 Star.
  • Generate a 50% withdrawal bonus on 5 Star by recruiting two affiliates at 4 Star.

Recruitment Commissions

Mama Captain promises to pay the members by recruiting new affiliates. It simply means that the company is like any other pyramid company. It is taking money from new members by promising modern crypto trading and mining services. However, there is no proof that the actually has any association with the crypto industry.

Furthermore, it is asking for a significant amount of investment without giving many assurances. 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, and 20% recruitment commission is promised to the affiliates of Student, Uni-Student, Worker, Self-Employed, Boss, and Entrepreneur ranks respectively.

Residual Commissions

Mama Captain distributes residue commission through a binary team. The first level has two positions. Meanwhile, the second level binary team is made by dividing the existing two-position into another two positions that make it four positions in total. The next levels are also created with the same strategy. The company is supporting both direct and indirect recruitment. Moreover, there is no limit to the highest possible level of a binary team.

The company promises the following crypto points to different ranks:

  • 40 points to the members of Student Package
  • 80 points to the members of University Student Package
  • 225 points to the members of Workers Package
  • 1000 points to the members of Self-Employed Package
  • 2750 points to the members of Boss Package
  • 6000 points to the members of Entrepreneur Package

Other Bonuses

Other than barrel coin, the company offers Haha points that are gained on the basis of the investment using the 1:1 measure. This means that someone who invests $100 taking the student package will get 100 Haha points. Similarly, investment of $10,000 will get you 10,000 Haha points.

People who are already a member receive Haha points when they recruit a new member to Mama Captain. These points are awarded as 40% of the binary team points that are generated through the new investment. states that you can buy the Haha points from Mama Harbor platform.


Mama Captain clearly has a marketing problem. It is very odd that they are using a strange name, along with cartoon characters, to promote their company. It is very hard to take this company seriously when everything about it is so animated that it seems like a company established for children and not official crypto business.

Despite its bright appearance, the company is nothing but an MLM Ponzi scheme. The barrel coin alone is presented as a cryptocurrency when, in reality, it is nothing but Ponzi points that have no real value. The value of Barrel coin is kept secret and does not have any trading value in the real world.

Therefore, Mama Captain seems like a total scam that has no way of compensating you with any actual money. Therefore, you should avoid investing in this company. Instead, it would be much better if you use the crypto trading bots. These bots are quick, efficient, and reliable that provide a good customer support system to help you earn maximum profits via authentic crypto trading strategies.

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