Manhattan FX Scam- Review With 100% Evidence

Manhattan FX Scam- Review With 100% Evidence

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Have you heard or used the Manhattan FX robot to trade Forex before? Regardless of what your answer is, we recently suspected foul play going by the number of complaints that has been mounted against the robot.

We immediately began investigating and pealing back the mask to expose layers of deception that made up their marketing campaigns.

And now we have nauseating evidence that Manhattan FX robot is a poor-performer. Definitely not worth your investments.

First things first, the Manhattan FX robot uses a very familiar sales page. This makes it look very authentic when the truth of the matter is that it is incapable of making consistent profits in the Forex market.

Read on to learn what we have to say about the robot in this Manhattan FX robot review.

Manhattan FX robot overview and proof that it was poorly designed

The screenshot below was taken directly from the homepage of the site. You can see bold claims that Manhattan FX robot is the best EA for Mt4 trading.

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manhattan fx robot scam

This is according to them. We are not aware of any third party approval, so this is purely based on their opinion.

If you take a look at the screenshot below, you will see that this website is making use of fabricated testimonials to peddle the crappy robot.

manhattan fx robot scam testimonials

The purported customer named ”Paul” is not really Paul because it seems his real name is John Elton.

More evidence can be found here. You can see that he isn’t merely a stock photo, but a real person working for GreyCroft Partners LLC.

Rest assured that the Manhattan FX EA website is using his picture illegally and without his permission. This could land them a heavy fine from a lawsuit that the owner of this picture is likely to file.

It seems the person who designed the Manhattan FX robot website was not aware that these details could expose their scam so badly.

A simple Google search can also reveal that all other photos which represent their alleged customers were simply copy-pasted from other sites.

What do you make of this behavior? Well, it’s certainly a practice that is used by dishonest robot authors who disregard the fact that you work hard to make money, and thus you always deserve the best EA for the money you’re paying.

Inconsistent profit information

We’ve got more evidence that Manhattan FX robot is not consistent in producing profits.

Their Myfxbook results have been rigged and manipulated to give a picture that does not represent the actual account activity.

According to the screenshot below, the line graph is showing us an uptrend. But when you click on the profitability link, you will see that the software has lost 51% of its trades.

We checked this for a second time and discovered that the profitability counter was not changing any one bit. This could mean that these numbers were either fudged or the analytics tool was not properly integrated to send the right message. Even then, someone would have noticed the mistake long ago to correct it.

This leaves us with one assumption: that the Manhattan FX robot team just fudged results to give a false picture of the true performance record of this expert advisor.

manhattan fx ea scam myfxbook results

Other disturbing details which clearly point to the fact that you will get a raw deal

The sales page claims that the Manhattan FX robot is the leading algorithm for trading pairs like EURUSD and GBPUSD.

We don’t know where this marketing declaration is coming from. In fact, it’s absolutely impossible to verify the truth of this statement.

Trading on automation is not a new thing. The website says that Manhattan FX robot trades on auto-pilot.

The background of this author is not mentioned as well. The website only says that the Manhattan FX robot was created by a team of industry professionals consisting of 12 people. That’s the furthest they could go in trying to reveal the people behind this robot.

We must admit that we don’t like vague statements where names of authors are not mention for purposes of verification.

Vague statements like ”This EA was created by industry veterans with 10 years of experience” is purely BS.

If there are no real names and faces behind this robot, then we can confidently say that these details are fictitious. There’s absolutely no truth in this.

In fact, if the Manhattan FX robot website can use fabricated testimonials with stolen photos on the internet, it wouldn’t be an uphill task to fool you on matters related to the identity of the author.

Please note that the experience of the author is more important that the robot which they are selling. If you have no idea what they’ve done in the past as well as what they are capable of doing in the future, it leaves you in a bad state. Avoid.

Massive or extreme profits?

As usual, scams will use ”high-profits and verified accounts” to tempt you to sign up, possibly via multiple brokers which have been strategically integrated on their website.

Another dominant claim is that ”Since 2010, the Manhattan FX robot has been generating massive profits.” The software was apparently back-tested on the EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs using medium risk settings.

In a separate section, they claim that Manhattan FX system has generated up to 1.2 Million Dollars in total profit. No one can believe this if evidence is not provided.

The fees for using this expert advisor

Most premium expert advisors will charge an upfront fee. This one is not a premium EA. They just put a price tag on it so as to help the entire project look authentic.

In addition to this, the author of expert advisor receives kickbacks from Forex brokers whom they promote on the website. You are essentially paying twice for a product that can never yield any profits in the Forex market.

manhattan fx robot features

Also, if you look at the features (which have been tiered according to the package you buy), you will see the usual fancy jargon that is synonymous with scams. Words like: adaptive logic, balance defense among others have been used to make it sound authentic.

In reality, we are looking at a non-performing robot that is hyped and promoted with fabricated testimonials.

We’ve got a website that is plagued with a lot of grammar and syntax errors too. The Manhattan FX robot is simply a narrative that has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese. We did not find value in this website. Nothing substantial to chew.

Our best advice for you

The fact of the matter is that these bloodhounds are out there to steal your money by misrepresenting their product with the intention of convincing traders to buy it.

As an informed Forex trader, you shouldn’t be afraid to speak your mind. Tell them to stop spamming you with their useless emails and phone calls (if they happen to be that aggressive).

In light of all the evidence that we have presented here against the Manhattan FX robot, we want to warn investors to stay away.

If you want to trade Forex and have fun with it, look into these products instead. They are well-researched and tested by us. You can count on us.

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6 Replies to “Manhattan FX Scam- Review With 100% Evidence”

  1. Я приобрел этого робота 2018-11-09. В первый день насколько сделок были в плюсе. В эьль-же день робот открыл 8 сделок и до настоящего времени они все в минусе. Служба поддержки пока на @ не отвечает.

  2. Несоветую приобретать эту дрянь. Я уже испытал на своем торновом счету. Cоветник ставит только тейкпрофиты, стоплосов нет. Этот советник окрыл 3 сделки 2018-11-14 против тренда и против всякой аналитики. Результат: более 300 евро сейчас в минусе. Написал в службу поддержки с просьбой о возврате денег стоимости советника.

  3. Не приобретайте этого советника ни подкаким предлогом. Сгорите как я. И никто ничего вам никогда не вернет. Я уже прошел этот путь. Не повторяйте моих ошибок.

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