Margin Signals Review: Absurd Scam

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Margin Signals Review: Absurd Scam

Margin Signals ( is presenting itself as a signal provider for crypto and forex. After taking a look at their reputation, we find the platform insensitive to the trading world. There are a lot of loopholes that come up when using the service provider. Most of the members are up in arms over what they term as unfair treatment. They have been duped into believing that these signals are accurate. Their sales tag is ‘offering the best leverage’ to all interested parties.

Margin Signals Review

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About Margin Signals Review

The purpose of this review is to enlighten naïve investors on the risks involved with the signal provider. Although they have what looks like a professionally designed website, there are a lot of loopholes. The platform fails to give traders full trading results or proof of concept. One of the very first flaws we saw with the platform is the gains per trade expectation. They promise that users will get 30 to 40 percent gains with every trade. And this is one of the biggest lies we have seen so far.

After landing on their website, we have to add that it does look refreshing. This is the only visible useful feature with the platform. And they have nailed it with the easy to navigate the page. The only problem is that the page is used to get traders to buy non-existing products and services. These are professional scam artists who have a target to meet. They want to sign up as most investors as possible before going underground. From the look of things, the website will not go for long without being shut down.

Business owner

One of the most significant flaws with Margin Signals is the lack of credible information regarding the developers. They claim that the robot is operated by two developers based in Australia. The names of these developers are Alex and Robbo. They claim that their partnership started after offering signals via Facebook. To find out if the signatures exist, we asked the support team for their second names. It seems that the two only have one name, which points to made-up characters.

Claims and promises

They claim to preach solid TA fundamentals to clients and offer a different approach to signal groups. They claim to provide quality over quantity, which is why they fail to mention the frequency of their signals. The 30 to 40 percent expected ROI on every trade is what makes these promises absurd. No expert or robot can manage to achieve this fete with every deal. It is impossible since the market prices fluctuate without giving any warning. Would the signal provider able to pinpoint when the markets will crash after an epidemic?

Feedback from clients

The feedback from members of the public is discerning as victims are popping out daily. What looks like a legit signals provider is causing heartache to clients. Most of the victims claim that the platform is full of lies. They were promised to earn huge profit margins, but this did not come to be. As expected, the empty claims and promises are a trap set by online scam artists. They lure investors into signing up with the hope of making quick money with the site.

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Payment options

According to the homepage, users can only pay for the services using Bitcoin. And this points us to their next plan. They also double up as Crypto scam artists who demand payment via Bitcoin. Why would they not accept cash from users? They seem to be adamant that the only acceptable payment option is Bitcoin. And this could mean that they are harvesting Bitcoin for their benefit. Investors are buying a signal provider that does not work and, at the same time, losing their Crypto assets.

Features of Margin Signals

Margin Signals Features

The platform claims to offer several unique services to interested clients. These include leveraged Bitmex signals and portfolio risk management. The combination of the services offered makes the signal provider stand out. And this is what drives most Crypto enthusiasts to sign up without taking a second look. The platform is outright creating a level of professionalism, which is not there. They are offering nonexistent high-end services that do not produce any meaningful results.

Is Margin Signals Licensed or Regulated to offer services?

Margin Signals is NOT Complying with industry set guidelines, which make it a dangerous partner to have. The platform fails to give users their license number to prove that they insure funds. It means that the platform is unable to protect any deposits made when purchasing the services. Investors who buy the signals should not expect to get any money back. The platform is unable to insure the funds which make this signal provider a liability. And this is why most of the members are having a hard time trying to recover funds.

The platform should have complied with the industry regulations before opening the shop. What the platform is doing is offering signals that are not legit. Their products fail to have legal backing from the industry. And this poses a problem for anyone who buys the product. When complaints start coming up, the regulators will state that investors signed up with a false signals provider. It is why investors need to sign up with the right service provider who will comply with trading regulations.

Restrictions/Disadvantages of Margin Signals

Plan and Pricing

Margin Signals Plan and Pricing

Margin Signals is offering users four packages to choose from. The subscriptions come in the form of a free trial, yearly, six months, and three months. The yearly subscription plan is priced at $612, while the six months package comes at $324. Three-month subscription holders will have to part with $180 to start trading. The problem with these plans is they offer unrealistic ROI. They also provide features that are irrelevant to trading. One can view the characteristics of these plans at the bottom half of their homepage.

Promotional videos

They have gone ahead and used promotional videos to try and convince investors to try them out. These developers have created YouTube videos which show traders the full extent of how the platform works. The only problem is that these are simulations of the projected income. Whatever they claim will happen does not happen in the real world. They have used visually compelling videos to sell their plan to unsuspecting investors. It is why we insist that this is a massive problem for users.

Trading results

What makes the signal provider a scam is a fact that they fail to produce any proof of concept. They fail to provide any trading results which make whatever they are selling not worth the hype. As a vendor, they are obligated to test their products using a live account. What they do is sell a service that they have not experimented with a real account. Investors are left to find out on their own whether the signals work or not. And this is why we are flagging this robot as a scam.

Safety of funds with Margin Signals

What we do know is that the website is not entirely secure and can easily be hacked. There is no security software to stop hackers from accessing valuable information. Hackers will take over the purchase process and try to steal your Bitcoin. And this is why signing up with the platform is inviting trouble. These are scam artists who have no mercy and will do anything to ensure you buy the signals.

Scam or Legit Margin Signals

After reviewing all the facts, it is clear MARGIN SIGNALS IS A SCAM. They have been operating under pretense and have no value to offer. Ensure you warn anyone buying the signals from this vendor.

Our verdict

The only way to keep our readers safe is by adding the signal provider to our scam blacklist.

Ensure you use credible trading robots for a chance to make a passive and steady income. These robots will protect your investment and offer transparent services. 

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