MarketsSoft Review: Duff Forex Scam

MarketsSoft Review: Duff Forex Scam

MarketsSoft ( is another destructive CFDs, Crypto Currency and Forex scam platform stealing from investors. Markets Soft is ruining the lives of people signing up with this platform. Before you sign up with these rogue brokers, you need to know what is happening. They claim to offer over 1000 assets and an award winning trading platform. Are these claims true? Make sure to read this detailed MARKETSSOFT review for more.

MarketsSoft Review

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MarketsSoft Review

Members of MarketsSoft have been sending numerous email complaints in regards to unfair treatment. These members are crying foul after having their accounts blocked and closed by Markets Soft. As it turns out, MarketsSoft is another online trading platform scam targeting unsuspecting investors. Why do investors sign up with these rogue platforms to begin with? Most members are easily enticed by fake claims and empty promises. Read on to find out more.

These are professional scam artists taking advantage of unsuspecting online investors. By claiming to offer insane profit margins, investors are easily enticed into signing up. These professional scam artists will claim to help investors make high and quick returns. Thanks to our years of trading experience, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away. These are simply rogue brokers with no mercy. It is our duty to expose these scam artists and protect online investors.

About MarketsSoft

Looking at the disclaimer at the footer of the homepage, Horizons Ventures claims to own this platform. Horizons Ventures claims to be based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. These are obviously offshore brokers who can’t be trusted with funds. Offshore brokers are known to steal funds from users and run away with funds. Don’t become their next victim and resist any calls to sign up. MarketsSoft is another rotten online trading platform stealing from unsuspecting online investors.

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Who are the founding members of this platform? Why have they failed to give us actual names of people running this platform? Anonymity reigns with this broker which makes us question their intent. First red flag we spotted with this lame broker is having no known personality. Investors are depositing funds to an unknown third party. And this is why members are losing their funds. Scam artists are pretending to be brokers and are using a cloned website to extort funds.

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Is MarketsSoft licensed or registered?

How can an offshore broker be licensed? To confirm our fears, we reached out to known regulatory bodies. They include ASIC, COSNOB, CySEC, FCA, FSA, and NFA. All these regulatory institutions have never licensed Markets Soft. We are dealing with an unlicensed entity which is very dangerous. Signing up with Forex trading brokers who have no license is bad news. Trying to recover funds lost becomes next to impossible as these are anonymous brokers.

Professional scam artists will do or say anything to make their platforms appear legit. These scam artists have gone a notch higher by posting random numbers as their registration details. They even claim to be registered in Estonia which is another lie. These scam artists want to target European investors by claiming to be registered in Estonia. Watch out for brokers who use double standards when it comes to registration. Stay away from these brokers and sign up with responsible brokers.

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Features of MarketsSoft/ Disadvantages

Account Funding

These scam artists have made sure depositing funds is easy and quick. Depository channels used include AstroPay, Comodo, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, among others. These scam artists have ensured depositing is made available from anywhere on the planet. These are simply scam artists who will make sure they will have your funds. A huge problem with their depositing methods is lack of proper security features. Website lacks proper DDoS protection layer which makes depositing risky to investors.

MarketsSoft Demo Account

Another unsettling problem with this broker is how they refuse to grant withdrawal requests. No member has been able to withdraw funds with this shoddy broker. And this is where we draw the line with such brokers. Only scam artists will openly refuse members to withdraw their funds. As it turns out, this broker is another scam platform.

Account Types

MarketsSoft is furnishing users with six different account types to choose from. These accounts are named Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. We noticed these accounts come with welcome bonuses from 20% to 100%. These are simply tactics to lure investors to deposit more funds with each account. Platinum account holders are promises 100% deposit bonus which is insane. Do you mean if you deposit $100,000 they will equal your deposits? These are pure empty claims. Don’t trust what these offshore brokers offer.

Trading Platform

Another problem with this broker is having an unstable online website platform. To test how it works, we decided to open a demo account. First thing we noticed is their platform lacks basic SSL Encryption. Security is critical to ensuring hackers don’t take advantage of this platform. Hackers will take over this platform and steal credit card details. Once they have your credit card details, they can easily sweep clean your bank account. Steer clear from unstable trading platforms.

Are funds safe with MarketsSoft?

How can funds be safe with an unknown broker? Why have they failed to share details regarding how they handle funds? Which bank do they use to deposit funds sent by members? Did you know members are depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account? Stay away from these scam artists who don’t share any details regarding banking procedure.

Another perturbing issue with this broker is segregation of accounts. MarketsSoft is merging assets in one account which is extremely dangerous. Don’t expect any compensation from this broker as they are not insuring funds as dictated by law.

Is MarketsSoft a scam?

MarketsSoft is a scam which must be exposed by all parties. Make sure to ignore all attempts by MarketsSoft call agents to sign up.


MarketsSoft Crypto and Forex Broker Review

Adding this broker to our scam blacklist will help protect our readers from falling into this trap. Stay away from these scam artists or else become their next victim.

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Wishing you a successful trading experience.


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16 Replies to “MarketsSoft Review: Duff Forex Scam”

    1. I am too. I’ve invested over 10k and have been trying to ensure I get my money back lets see. my “account manager” is Daniel evans. who contacted you? Also I’ve deposited once it says approved but nothing came into my bank acc. So p***ed!!!

  1. I’m a victim too. They’re all all sc#*$m of the earth. USD250 gone in about 2 MONTH plus. How I got scam? .. they contact you profusely Almost everyday. At the end I gave them a chance. I was told about robot doing all the trx and I don’t have to do anything else guarantee (bull sh*#$t) & say it will take time to generate profit. I don’t mind…I just don’t want them to call me anymore. I started noticing my USD250 reducing…and it kept on reducing until there’s nothing left!!!!!

  2. Hmmm, very strange, I also traded with this company, that guys called me, but they helped very much. I raised my 250 US to 575 US for now, it is almost 3 weeks after first investment,and I already received $120 on my bank card, another amount I left for making my profit higher. Really, very strange, it seems like somebody bought this article in order to claim Marketssoft

    1. hey, can you come with some proof? i am also being contacted. i am also interested in trading, but i don’t want to be scammed. thanks. heres’s my messenger id: shafiul.19
      contact me there.

    2. Really, very strange, it seems like somebody paid you in order to write good reviews on Marketssoft. Where are they located? London lol lol :)))))

  3. especially for me guys i got you situation perfectly, but i was trading on my own on Marketssoft and i done it perfectly, i invested almost 5K USD as a resilt got 10,355 USD in two month time. They suggested also account manager but i declined the suggestion, and started trading. Tools are helping me as well. About withdrawal i got it with wire transaction to my bank whole ammount.
    I really cant understand why your complaining all the time:))))

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