Mason Ford Review: Dubious Forex Scam

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Mason Ford Review: Dubious Forex Scam

Mason Ford ( is a dubious CFDs, Crypto Currency and Forex brokerage firm stealing from investors who sign up. MasonFord is a broker who should broker who should be exposed for their fraudulent schemes. What this broker is doing is tarnishing the good Forex trading name. And this is why we should expose this broker for being a fraud. Read this full expose of MASON FORD Review and be informed.

Mason Ford Review

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Mason Ford Review:

What shocked about with this broker is how they treat investors who sign up. Prior to opening an account, investors are treated like kings and queens. They are talked to politely and given assurances this is a legit money making opportunity. After signing up, things change drastically and the calls investors used to receive go dark. Only calls users get are from account managers urging them to deposit more funds. And this is when most investors realize they have been conned.

After reading some of the emails sent by victims of this fraud, something had to be done. And this is why we have to expose this broker and protect all newbie investors. Stay ahead of the game by using industry approved and accepted Forex brokers. With brokers who have built a solid reputation, investors trade knowing they are kept safe at all times. Switch to credible and dependable Forex brokers with a proven track record. Only way to succeed is by using reliable Forex brokers.

About Mason Ford

With this broker claiming to be based in the UK, we knew this was just a false statement. Looking at their website, there’s no information regarding who the real owners of this platform are. Why has the website failed to disclose the names of the founding members of this platform? Is Mason Ford an anonymous broker? . And signing up with such a broker will lead to more misfortune than good.

After looking up the registrar of companies in the UK Mason Ford Group doesn’t exist. It means these scammers are using a random name to try and feign legitimacy. Scammers have been known to use fake and random names just to paint a picture of legitimacy. And this is where most investors should look for when searching for legitimacy of a broker. Mason Ford is another brokerage site which is probably operated by offshore brokers. Stay away from MasonFord or lose your entire funds!

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License and Registration of Mason Ford

Mason Ford is NOT licensed by the FCA despite the fact they claim to be based in the UK. To prove this, visit the official FCA page and search for this broker. Search results will produce no records of any broker with such a name. And this is proof we are dealing with a rogue broker who lacks credibility. Signing up with an unlicensed broker means you have opened yourself up to making loses. Stay away from any online investment platform not recognized by authorities.

Where are their certificates of registration to prove they have credible licensing documents? Lack of these documents is proof we are dealing with a rogue broker who is committing Forex fraud. A valid broker will ensure they post details of their certificates to show transparency. What this does is create a level of trust and shows the broker has been properly vetted. Broker who fails to show these licensing credentials should be ignored and blacklisted. Mason Ford is no different!

Account Types

What Mason Ford is after is targeting all types of investors with their four accounts. Accounts with this broker are named Basic, Standard, Silver, and Gold. These scam artists have done created four different accounts which are the same in nature. What we mean by this is there’s no notable difference with the accounts. Minimum acceptable deposit is $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, and $50,000. To be honest, this is way too high considering the acceptable set minimum deposit of $250.

Accounts have the same advantages which got us thinking, what is MasonFord up to? These accounts have the same trading strategies, market reviews, and an account manager. Why would a broker offer the same advantages with each account and charge different prices? Only professional scam artists who simply want to trap different investors. Make sure to stay safe and ignore any attempts to sign up with this broker.

Mason Ford Broker Review

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Demo Account

What these scam artists have done with their demo account is shocking to say the least. By rigging their own demo account, these scammers have crossed the line. A rigged demo account produces insane profit margins which can’t be possible in the real world. Their demo account makes over 94% successful trades. Ask any professional trader, this is not going to happen. There’s no trading tool on earth or broker who can achieve this fete, it’s simply impossible.

Prices change often due to unforeseen circumstances such as boardroom wars, competition, and politics. And this is what makes it difficult to make such guaranteed high level profit margins.

Safety of funds with Mason Ford

Another disturbing factor with this broker is how they handle funds. Speaking of handling funds, where do they bank money deposited by investors? Why have they failed to disclose this vital information? It seems the broker has something up their sleeves. Did you know users are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account? And this makes trading with Mason Ford a problem.

Segregation of funds is another pestering issue we have with this broker. How can they be pooling funds in one single account? Mason Ford is putting all assets in one account which is extremely dangerous and uncalled for. In fact, this goes against the rules set for Forex trading everywhere. And this is yet another valid reason not to open an account with this ruthless broker. Stay clear from any broker who shares the same characteristics as with MasonFord.

Is Mason Ford a Scam?

After reviewing all the evidence, we are sure Mason Ford is a dubious broker. Stay away from this broker by ignoring all their sales materials including emails and video presentation. Mark all their emails as Spam and don’t click on any links sent by this broker. For all we know, these could be professional scam artists out to steal personal files. Ensure you warn your family and friends from joining this broker.


Mason Ford Crypto Currency and Forex Broker Review

We strongly recommend you stay away from MasonFord. A broker who has these qualities in most cases is ripping off investors. Stay clear from this broker and pass on the message.

We wish you all the best in your Forex trading experience.

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    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company or broker?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?
    It's a CONFIRMED scam broker/company, recover your stolen funds by filling out the form below and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Fill out the form below to recover your lost funds from this scam company

  2. Stay away from Mason Ford. I deposited funds. Spoke to a senior analysis who was extremely rude to me after my initial investment. I requested my money back. Mason Ford said I could not get it back for 80 days. It continues to go round and round in circle. Hence no money back. They are a terrible company to deal with

  3. BE WARNED. I took out a basic package of £250, and after a day we supposedly made $75 profit in trading, I was amazed but nor stopping there the Senior Analysis “Christian Gomez” managed to talk me into investing more money eg £1000 to recoup even more investment and a greater trading position on their platform, and he contacted me several times during the day to get me to click on various links on the Forecourt website and again more profit was made on my account. By mid week the Senior Analysis has convinced me to deposit £9000 into the account, saying all my money was safe and even if he made a bad decision and I lost all my money “Mason Ford group would reimburse me fully, so I foolishly deposited the money… next day we traded in the Forex market and made $390 profit, this was all he needed to try to convince me to take a bigger risk.. so the Analyst (Cristian) made up a plan where if I deposited $49,000 in total we could invest in Bit coin for six months and his projected profit would €197,000. I was now seeing red flags in my head and I formulated a plan to get some of my money back, I sentrance email saying I was very interested in his new projected plan but since I was going to deposit $48000 I wanted to ensure I was dealing with a reputable company and wanted to check tge withdrawal procedure, so this was an exercise to test it works, I wanted to withdraw €10000 from my account and when I was happy the funds were in my account I would transfer the full $48000 back to invest in his new trade project… after several phonecards where he said only €3000 would be transfered “to protect me from money laundering investigations” I said I would not transfer any more money till I got the full €10000… he Christian reluctantly said ok we’ll do as I asked but asked when my $49000 was to be deposited I said it was going to take 10 working days to get the money then I would transfer it in full to their account… next he contacted me several times over the next few days and we traded again in the stocks and shares market where I supposedly made £150 profit. .. I was just stalling for time as the money took two days to arrive in my bank…after this I sent an email to close my account and asking them to return all monies to my account, by now the account was $250 of my initial investment and the remainder was the so called profit that I supposedly made during the two weeks of trading. .. none of this was returned and TBH I was only out of pocket by $250 as the trading money was never really mine …. w**d for the wise DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE SCAMPERS AS IT WILL NOT END WELL FOR YOU, Oh and even although the company makes out its in London the company us really based in Shrelanka…

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