Mavro Review: Obvious Scam, Token Has No Value

Mavro Review: Obvious Scam, Token Has No Value

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The MAVRO project claims that its aim is to solve the current problems which the MLM industry is facing in terms of payment processing, integrity and trustworthiness. The MAVRO is supposed to offer a peer-to-peer payment network that is immune to external interference from Governments and organizations around the world.

Apparently, there are no product or service offers on this website. They are offering a token instead which is supposed to grow in value and help the ecosystem operate in an efficient way according to the intended purpose. claims that their organization was first launched in 1989 and it used to be called MMM Ltd. foundation. Unfortunately, there is no foundation registered by this name. Tracking this name back to 1989 will not reveal that a foundation by the name MMM Ltd used to exist back then. So this road map is clearly misleading investors.

Now, the stories goes that MMM Ltd grew rapidly and even provided 300% dividends to its members before the government shut it down in 1994.

As we have said before, these stories can’t be traced or verified in any way. There is no foundation by this name. So there is no way any Government would have closed a foundation that never existed in the first place.

First forward to 2011, they claim to have reopened MAVRO using the name MMM Global. That is quite a gap indeed. What were they doing after suffering this closure? No one knows? But of course this story is made up.

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It is not clear yet what the relationship between Mavro and MMM Global is. It appears that the operators of this site are suggesting that they merged the two as one entity. Now they have Mavro instead of MMM Global.

Clearly the history of this organization can’t be traced. What we can see is on is that this domain was registered towards the end of 2016. Prior to this date, there was no And certainly we don’t have any other domain associated with this foundation back them (if it ever existed).

mavro review

These red flags can’t be ignored. We are smelling a rat already. So you shouldn’t hand over your wallet because this could possibly be a scam.

Mavro review

As at the time of writing this review, Mavro was planning to start offering their tokens. They claim that their system is the best MLM system that is truly global. They also claim that their system is the first decentralized and transparent platform for multi-level marketing and that it is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The question is, do we have any product here? Of course not. What we have is an idea that the anonymous operators of this ponzi scheme are expecting us to fund.

The only product on this site is a token with no intrinsic value. And if you are going spend real money to buy a token that doesn’t have any value, you will be in for a big shock. This is a sorry scam since they are offering a useless token and not admitting that they are a money losing ponzi scheme.

Fake or paid for endorsement

When you go to this website, you will find links to a number of sites that have allegedly endorsed Mavro as the best investment for those who want to venture into MLM business.

Well, let’s take this publication that appeared on a news website called

You can see that this is a paid for endorsement meaning that the owner of Mavro paid the news site admin to public that piece.

There are lots of similar endorsmenets that have happen with the sites whose logos appear on the Mavro website. It’s a form of promotion that helps to get the message out there even if the intention of the advertiser is not good. Most of the time, this form of endorsement leads to losses because those sites drive traffic back to the scam site. Some of that traffic converts, and that’s how people lose money.

Also, when you read the Facebook comments right below the publication whose link we have provided above, you will see real people commenting by saying that Mavro is a clever scam and a rip off. This shows that people don’t have faith towards this website, and have certainly detected that this site is made up of lies and deception.

So definitely Mavro is an investment scam. If you want to be sure, take a look at their referral program. This site is putting a strong emphasis on their referral system because this is how they make most of their money apart from selling valueless tokens.

There are 5 different referral levels with varying compensation structure. But as you can see, this is what constitutes a ponzi scheme. Mavro is simply a sophisticated ponzi scheme that relies on token sale to further align the pocket of the site admin.

Fake team members and presence at Github

Why would they want to suddenly introduce their team members when the domain is privately registered in the first place?

SERGEY MAVRODI is a stock photo and in no way the adviser of this company. Furthermore, such generic terms which mean nothing in reality shows that Mavro is not a professional foundation interested in running an ICO offer. They absolutely have no idea about what they are doing or even how this project is supposed to generate revenue for members.

The use of stoke photos is a blatant mistake. It only discredits the operations of this ponzi scheme, further proving that their operations are meant to scam investors.

Our best advice for you

Mavro should be avoided at all cost because it has nothing good to offer. It will soon collapse just like Bitconnect and the rest.

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