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Max Profit Coins is an alleged trading app that promises investors fast and secure profit returns. However, how they plan to protect your funds is not known.

The method this company applies to generate fast profits for you is also anonymous. Max Profit Coins allegedly analyses the market, making profitable ventures for you.

 The platform claims to analyze the market and up to 100cryptocurrency vendors 24/7. You are promised earnings as profit in your investment in just 5 minutes.

The platform grants you 100% operations and does not charge you for a life period. Max Profit Coins allows you 1‰ in profit every day. Moreover, the minimum investment starts at 150 Euros.

Max Profit Coins does not require you to have experienced in the investment for you to indulge. The platform, however, does not contain any educational training you can use or any previous history.

Legit trading companies always provide past trade history to boost investors’ trust. The company claims to be a London Fintech start-up.  However, the platform promises you consistent monthly profits and claims to reach over 3,500 investors across the globe.

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The investment firm brags multiple recognition among various TV shows, and magazines. No evidence of any television or magazine has recommended this company, and this is a common trait used to attract you into depositing money in their accounts. Review claims to be the investors’ financial advisor; hence no knowledge of online trading or cryptocurrencies is needed by the investor.

The company overestimates the return figures only to tempt you into depositing money. The company claims you only need to spend 5-10 minutes to earn profits.

Max Profit Coins claims in just 5-10 minutes you can earn monthly profit returns, or even less than the speculated time. The investment firm claims you are guaranteed money refund whereby you are not pleased with the platform.

The platform features many scam characteristics; the use of Stock images as company founders. Max Profits Coins has fake names of Founder and Director, Chief Technical Officer, and Chief Financial Officer.

It is a major red flag that you should keep off from the platform, and any of their offers. The only sole beneficiaries are the founders. Once you fall for the catch, you risk losing all your money.

How the platform software work is not known to the investors hence raising the distrust level even more to the investors. Review, Max Profit coinsapp Platform

How Max Profit Coins operate

The platform claims to analyze more than 100 cryptocurrency vendors and that each of the providers allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Max Profit Coins claims to check various price fluctuations levels.The platform brags that it is impossible to be exploited for profit through the use of the algorithm.

The platform claims to use the Predictive Crypto Currency Trading algorithm and that it predicts long-lasting fluctuations for profitable returns to investors.

 The investment firm grants leverage of 1:25 and that this will boost your profit margin. However, do not be so quick to believe this platform as this is a common trait in Ponzi schemes.

The firm claims that after fluctuations have been found the software, buys the currency at a low price and later resells it for a higher value, Max  Profit Coins claim fully automated transactions.

The investment firm promises you are buying time takes 30-60 minutes, and only after the time has expired, the trade will take place. Hence, nothing this investment offers makes perfect sense, and you should only venture into legit companies.

The platform claims to offer investors loans of specific amounts of cryptocurrency. Hence the company guarantees you are still able to trade in different vendors. Despite there being numerous scam companies there are legit crypo trading bots that you can trst. Max Profit Coins’ method of operation is murky, and you risk losing hard-earned income.

Regulation and Customer Support

This investment firm has not showcased any regulatory document to prove their genuineness, and you risk trading with criminals. Unregulated companies, once they achieve their targets, they seize to exist.

Max Profit Coins features a feedback section you can use to reach them if you require assistance. The platform, however, does not provide you with any telephone contact or support email.

It only proves the app is a Ponzi Scheme that will deceive all your funds once you fall for their catch. L, legit trading platforms always provide an operational support system, and you should only trust such.

Numerous red flags have been exposed to the platform, and any investor with experience in the trading world will realize the murkiness behind the scam platform.

Owners of unregulated platforms and members who spread their false returns risk facing criminal prosecutions once legal authorities catch them. Furthemore, numerous countries have set multiple rules to govern trade companies.

Max Profit Coins will smoothly go against the set guidelines as they are not regulated. For any legit trade company to be allowed to generate funds from the public regulatory measures must be observed.

The company has not provided any location address or banking address. In case you want to know the company whereabouts, no location has been given.

Max Profit Coins Leverage

The platform grants you four different leverage; the first plan generates 0.15% and allows leverage of 1:10 with 0BTC invested. The second leverage is 1:20, and the platform promise 0.3% daily, and the minimum deposit is 0.5BTC.

The third plan claims to generate 0.55%, and the minimum investment is 1BTC the leverage offered is 1:30. The last program claims you can earn 1% in daily profit, and the minimum investment is 2BTC the advantage allowed is 1:40.

This return numbers do not make sense and are incredibly tempting. Once you lose your money, the company will block all your details, and getting a refund is impossible.

Funds Safety

Your funds are not safe with  Max Profit Coins, as no banking information has been provided to investors. Who is handling your money is not known, and you risk losing not only your money but also personal information to criminals?

How the platform trades with your money is also not mentioned, and this only proves murkiness in the companies’ trade allegations. No information or evidence has been provided to determine successful payments to clients.

Domain Insights

According to Who, the platform was registered in 2018 September, and the registration expires. In 2020 the same month. The domain name for the platform is According to Alexa’s global ranking, the investment firm target audience is not known.

Final verdict

The platform features no contact or banking address; thus, your funds are not safe with the investment firm. Trust only legit digital currency platforms in the industry. How the software analyses the market is not known to the investors and how the algorithm operates.

The platform uses fake people as officers and employees. The names are just random, and they are not even aware of the company. The company leverage they promise is over the limit and is not attainable in the time they projects

The trading world is fast-growing, and so is the competition. In the past, it was possible to generate such profits. Trading requires skill and knowledge for successful results. You risk losing money to get rich quick scams.

Max Profit Coins has no regulation documents to prove the genuineness, and you risk indulging with criminals. Finally, this platform entails many warning signs to prevent you from depositing funds. However, you fall for the catch and lose money refund is not guaranteed.

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