McDonalds Millionaire Review: Robert Mfune Scam System!

McDonalds Millionaire Review: Robert Mfune Scam System!

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McDonalds Millionaire app by an anonymous owner is the new sham in town. The person responsible for this get-rich-quick scheme remains hidden, although this service is open to the worldwide public.

It is therefore close to impossible to investigate their backgrounds. And of course McDonalds Millionaire system is free for today only. Time is running out so fast as you can see an eye-striking warning on the right side of the page. It keeps counting the number of sign ups in relation to the number of slots still available.

McDonalds Millionaire

The charlatan behind this website says that McDonalds Millionaire system has a proven win rate of 89%, and it is 100% free to use.

However, when a user signs up, they soon realize that this process has to take them through a binary options broker who asks for a minimum investment of $250 before this software can be activated. In other words, you cannot use McDonalds Millionaire system empty-handed. The word ”Free” was used to mislead and even create curiosity on a system that was meant to fleece traders of their hard-earned investments.

Look, before you get convinced and consequently duped by this sham, you need to read this review to see the proof that we have against this ridiculous system.

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McDonalds Millionaire overview: here’s the truth

This system is said to mint $7,000 weekly profits on auto-pilot. The hype that surrounds it suggests that the McDonalds Millionaire system is the ultimate ”lifestyle” for any trader who wants to live life on the first lane.

It was launched just the other day. So we can also assume that whoever is behind it has never been active in the binary options niche. However, now that they’ve put their site out there for everyone to see, we gain the rights to investigate them and warn traders accordingly.

The first reality check here is that you can never make $7,000 a week trading binary options. That’s a big fat lie that even the owner of McDonalds Millionaire system cannot prove if asked to do so.

Secondly, if it makes money, why is it open to the public for free? You ask yourself. Free things often turn out to be scams. On the other hand, premium products and services often cost money because their owners have dedicated their time to ensuring that those products are working.

The website of the McDonalds Millionaire app is creating and spreading a misconception around this scam product. Look at the screenshots on the slider below.

Does it pique your interest? Are these images suspicious? Well, if you trust your instincts, you will be on the safe side.

McDonalds Millionaire scam

It appears that whoever did this work was very good at photoshop.

They worked those images to look as if McDonalds Millionaire system has been approved by leading internet newspaper like Southern Daily Echo and Metro. But if you actually do your research on these websites, you will never find any mention of the McDonalds Millionaire system.

This, you can take to the bank. We did our own research and realized that this system is not even known. It has never been mentioned by anyone. So why are they lying about it?

Well, it’s crystal clear that we are dealing with a scammer in this case.

The slick nature of this website could easily fool you into thinking that McDonalds Millionaire is a credible system. But the truth is that it has zero track record and reputation. It just popped out on the internet the other day, and now the owner says that this app can make you $7k on average each week. Those claims should be taken with a pinch of salt since this app can never make a dime for you. Let’s face the truth.

How does McDonalds Millionaire operate?

Now that the faceless owner has made some serious claims concerning how this app makes the trader’s life easy, it’s only expedient for them to tell us how.

The explanation here is that McDonalds Millionaire is an intelligent software that opens positions and learns from its history. In other words, this app has an element of artificial intelligence. Of course this is all hogwash.

This app seems to be piggybacking on the success of software that use AI in real life. Finding those programs is not a walk in the park. Maybe you could start here if you really mean to make money with binary options trading.

The takeaway here is that McDonalds Millionaire does not have a real working algorithm for trading the markets. It’s just a white label like any other scam. The owner is very creative as you can see that he uses colors that attract the human eye, thus boosting his credibility in the eyes of naive and the desperate.

McDonalds Millionaire

Claims that this software is the real and most Innovative 360° Solution for traders

Now, these scammers like to go overboard with their claims. But when you ask them about their track record, they don’t have any.

In this case, things get worse because reaching the owner of the McDonalds Millionaire system is a futile endeavor. Why? Because this website does not provide any means of contacting the anonymous owner. The only point of interaction would be the sign up form where traders are supposed to input their details in order to access this robot.

Even then, this is not a point of contact, but rather a one way contact. The process is automated. This also means that the scammer is not interested in interacting with anyone. They just want to collect their commissions on auto-pilot. That’s it.

Track record and testimonials

By now, you know that this mysterious owner is not even a trader, but an internet marketer and also a con individual. There is no point asking them for their track record because this will not be availed at any cost.

How about the testimonials on that video? You can bet that these are not real. It’s the work of fraudsters who only understand how to sell bogus products using pressure sales tactics.

It turns out that no one uses McDonalds Millionaire because it’s still new. Secondly, it is almost obvious that this thing can never make a dime in the binary options market.

The owner doesn’t provide a means to be reached in the first place. This makes us question his credibility. Furthermore, you can never do business with a faceless seller on the internet. You’d risk getting duped.

Our best advice for you

McDonalds Millionaire at is a no go zone for any serious trader who wants results. If you real mean business, you should use any of these products. Otherwise, just ignore any other product that does not fall in that list.

The first thing that traders should realize is that this system aims to commit daylight robbery. It could wreck havoc on your finances if not careful. And the scammers are not done yet. They are getting creative by the day. In fact, those who are naive and desperate could easily fall for McDonalds Millionaire app because of the way it is presented. The website is visually striking, and that’s one thing that these scammers are hoping to capitalize on. Avoid this at all cost.

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