Menchor Review: It’s a Get-rich Quick Scam

Menchor Review: It’s a Get-rich Quick Scam

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Do you honestly think that is the world’s first automated Cryptocurrency trading platform? Do you believe that this platform really trades Cryptos? For us, Menchor is a deception and a fraud. There is no Crypto trading here, only ponzi scheming. You want evidence? Consider that this ”really profitable” money making opportunity even has a referral program. Why would they have one if their project is so profitable? People aren’t begged with money. There is no reason as to why the greedy nature of human beings can all of a sudden adopt a sudden philanthropic cause.

The way we see it is that Menchor is just another hyip script. Hyip scripts are fraudulent due to the nature of the business they conduct. For people to generate revenue, they must be doing something that makes money like trading of Cryptocurrencies and other instruments for example.

But Hyip scripts don’t trade Cryptocurrencies. They don’t trade any form of investment instrument. Instead of trading or investing in these instruments, hyip scripts such as Menchor just collect funds from members of the public with the intention of pocketing 95% of the revenue. The other 5% may be used to fool naive internet users who may believe that making easy money is a reality.

5% is sometimes paid out to those who are lucky to have joined and gotten paid. But this is not always the case 99% of the time. As it currently stands, the paying status of Menchor is not known. Let’s find out why this is a potential scam.

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Menchor Review

Menchor is apparently based in the UK. Most of these hyip scripts are based out of the UK because regulators are not too strict on the operations of ponzi scams unlike in the US where this kind of thing is totally unacceptable and not allowed.

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menchor review

Now that the UK is a little bit lenient on them, the consumer needs to be aware that these ponzi schemes never make money. They masquarade as Cryptocurrency money making opportunities when they are not. Menchor, for instance, claims that they have traders who are working remotely across the world. Not even a single trader who works for them can be introduced, thus we believe that no trader is involved in this project. The project clearly seeks to deceive internet users. It is quite clear from the look of things.

With Menchor, internet users who want to trade Cryptocurrencies on auto-pilot can benefit from the biggest trades which are allegedly placed by these anonymous traders. These traders are also adopting scalability into this project and also encouraging people to deposit even more money with the promise that they will earn more.

The idea is that you can get rich with The website seems to suggest that making money is easy as long as you trust them with your deposit. But with a little bit of common sense, one should see that this is not how the real world economy works. And if that was the real way the economy worked, everyone would be rich by now. They would not be begging for your deposit right now.

An unregulated fund manager

Most people who get scammed in the hands of these unscrupulous con artists don’t bother to investigate whether or not the person they are entrusting their funds with is licensed to operate a trust fund.

To be honest with you, a scam like Menchor is not regulated by the FCA. The operator(s) don’t have a license for what they claim to do simply because no real trading is going on behind the scenes.

That is the number one reason why they cannot qualify for a license. The second reason is that Menchor is anonymous. Even if they wanted one, it would force them to adhere to the strict rules that trust funds need to follow to get a license.

Therefore, it’s quite obvious that website operators who dodge this law are clearly scammers or people who don’t have a good intention. If they are asking for your deposit when they are not licensed to trade your money, you should know outright that you are dealing with a scammer.

The safety of your funds?

How exactly is Menchor going to ”protect” your funds? There isn’t any security here especially after learning that this is an independent project with no regulations at all.

According to Menchor, they have adapted the strictest safety measures on their site which includes 24/7 website monitoring, encryption and other techniques of data protection.

Do we need these things? Yes of course. Is this solving our worry that our money will disappear in the hands of this fund manager? No it doesn’t solve this problem.

In short, your money is not safe in the hands of these individuals. The fact remains that they are scammers, and so the thief is within. The thief is the operator himself and not someone from outside.

Since they are requesting for your deposit in Cryptocurrency, this will further complicate the matrix because it adds an extra layer of protection which works in favor of the scammers themselves.

Remember that Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. Once you send money to these scammers, you won’t be able to claim it back successfully.

Therefore, what this means is that Menchor is an unsafe place to invest your money at. The project is clearly operated by a non transparent individual who has carefully planned not steal and go scott free, thanks to the anonymous nature of Cryptocurrency payments.

Our best advice for you

You may think that 0.15% per hour is reasonable. Well, if you do the math, you get over 3% per day. That is 90% per month which is not realistic. Through these ridiculous earnings, Menchor just proved again that it is run by a scammer or a group of scammers.

To add the final nail on the casket, Menchor has a Facebook page consisting of 7 members only. Remember that a ”gold pot” is supposed to be very popular item because that is where people go to make their riches. 7 likes simply means that Menchor is a scam with no popularity. Avoid.

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3 Replies to “Menchor Review: It’s a Get-rich Quick Scam”

  1. was scammer
    After 18 days my withdrawal closed and i can not withdrawal money
    Chat online and admin seems one person and today nobody answer me

  2. That’s right , a big scammer.
    From last night site was down and nobody answered to the chat or email and my money goes with wind !

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