Meta Investing Scam Review: Really Weird Brokerage

Meta Investing Scam Review: Really Weird Brokerage

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MetaInvesting is a weirdly peculiar investment operation that’s likely to send even those who have been around into total confusion. Meta Investing claims that they are a Forex and CFD brokerage. But a closer look will reveal that this brokerage is only dealing with Binary Options and not the above assets. The website also uses vague language to explain that they allow investors to ”trade and have a good experience in the market”. Of course no details are provided thereafter, which is why we consider this statement vague.

As it currently stands, the website is still in total mess. One might think that it’s a project in development. The section where they are supposed to discuss their various Account Types is also blank. Some parts of the pages also contain grammatically incorrect sentences. It’s like the operators of this site were trying to use a grammatically-challenged software to spin English sentences from another website. We are not sure what is happening here though.

To be honest, it’s impossible to imagine where this brokerage will go using this type of unprofessional approach. Maybe we’ll wait and see. But chances of going somewhere are slim indeed.

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Meta Investing review

MetaInvesting is operated by a UK-based corporation known as Capital Market Ltd and registered under the number 9727499.


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When we look at the certificate of registration, it is just a scan of the original thing. The quality of this work is extremely poor. We couldn’t even make out the name of the authority that gave it out in the first place.

Upon some investigations, we realized that Capital Market Ltd is also a partner of Notable Ltd, a company that’s based out of the UK.

Since this brokerage website is not trust-inspiring in any way, it is only natural enough to want to dig deeper to try and discover what the problem is. So that made us want to look them out on domain registration platforms to see if the name of the owner was present therein.

As expected, it turns out that the domain is privately registered because the owner of this site is keen on not disclosing their information at all.

However, in as much as they have hidden the name of the person behind this whole operation, there is a physical address and a telephone number which can apparently be used to contact the anonymous owner of the site.

What exactly does MetaInvesting offer?

According to some sections of this website, we are dealing with a brokerage who covers a number of currency pairs, stocks, commodities and Indices. Unfortunately, the website does not go into details to discuss these markets. It almost looks as if this content was slapped on each page for the sake of it being there. In their currencies page, they only talk about convertible and non convertible currencies. But not specific details have been given with regards to what currencies are being offered.

In fact, if we look at Meta Investing carefully, we find that nothing suggests that they are active or that they are working at the moment.

And of course in their Account Types section of the page, nothing works. The links appear to be under construction because even if you click that link, it takes you to nowhere.That is very irresponsible and unprofessional of this brokerage.

Therefore, it seems that even though Meta Investing is claiming to offer these assets theoretically, they are not really offering anything at the moment. It’s hard to trust them when it comes to this area of operation since nothing convinces us that they actually offer anything.

Can we trust Meta Investing?

It’s quite difficult to trust them. First of all, the anonymous owner of the website made it intentional when he decided to register the domain privately. And secondly, this is an illegal brokerage platform because they are not regulated by any governing body in the UK. This is supported by the fact that no licensing information was presented on this site.

Now we see why this brokerage lacks licensing information. It simply means that no governing authority can issue a license to a mediocre brokerage service like Meta Investing. It is impossible for them to successfully apply for one.

What does this mean to traders? It means you must not use the services of this peculiar brokerage. If you do, then you will stand the risk of losing all your funds. That can be a painful experience indeed. Also, even if you were to ”invest” with Meta Investing, how would you go about it when certain sections of this website are dysfunctional? This is a mystery indeed.

Surprisingly, the website has included an email contact form and a phone number as well. Calling that number wouldn’t be of much help especially because this brokerage isn’t professional in the first place. They look out of place. One might think they don’t have the slightest idea about what they are up to. Therefore, calling them would be a total waste of time and resources.

How about contacting them using the provided form on their website?

Well, even if we contacted them with some hard questions, we don’t think expecting a reply would be a rational thing to do. We are of course judging them based on their shady presentation. No one can trust Meta Investing. No one can believe that they are up to something good.

Our best advice for you

Meta Investing is indeed a funny brokerage platform. It doesn’t sell itself that much. It isn’t aggressive with its approach to sell to website visitors. The website appears to use several widgets with no content at all. It also makes use of pictures and videos which are related to this industry in a bid to appeal to their audience. But really this brokerage is nothing. Since they are not licensed, don’t think that your funds will be safe. This type of brokerage is in fact a high risk because they can disappear anytime. Avoid them.

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