Metogence Review: 5 Facts Pointing to Being a Risky AI Investment Risk

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Metogence Review: 5 Facts Pointing to Being a Risky AI Investment Risk

Metogence is a high risk investment platform claiming to offer both Daily Bonus and Guaranteed ROI. Here’s our candid review on why it’s a risky platform.

Those who have signed up with Metogence know all too well the risks that come with investing with this platform. As it turns out, withdrawing funds from the platform has become a headache. No investor has had the chance to withdraw funds for the second time asking.

Asking support why Metogence is blocking withdrawals only leads to your account being suspended. It’s high time you stay away from the platform or risk losing everything. What you need is to know how best and safe to invest in the crypto space.

The platform leaves no trace as to who exactly owns and runs the platform. Those team members profile pics on the platform are a disguise. No one has had the chance to vet them and it seems, they are paid actors associated with other MLM scams.

Before you invest in any platform, it’s best to understand the risks that come with crypto. You have to go with an accountable and verifiable product or service. Nothing on the Metogence platform screams legitimacy.

Our Metogence review will expose the red flags found on this investment platform.

A brief look at Metogence and what it offers

Daily profit margins and guaranteed bonuses are what’s on the table for investors. The platform offers daily profit margins from Monday to Friday with affiliates also earning high referral commissions.

Some of the benefits the platform claims to offer include increased efficiency in your investment and cost savings. It seems the platform offers more than just passive income, crypto trading bots are also up for grabs.

Investment plans Metogence

Verifying the performance of these robots on a legitimate Backtesting website such as MyFxBook should be your first visit. You don’t have to take their word for it when it comes to the performance of the bots.

And this is where most investors go wrong as they assume that everything is legit. Doing due diligence is part of ensuring your safety when dealing with any online investment platform. That’s why you should avoid the platform.

AI has been a great part of technological advancement and everyone wants to associate with this aspect. Yes, there are some legit crypto trading bots that offer the best in terms of AI led trading bots that offer realistic returns.

That’s far from the case with Metogence as the AI claim is just a roost to entice more investors to sign up.

How the Metogence platform works

Metogence is a well-thought out Ponzi scheme that seeks to entice investors to deposit funds hoping to generate daily ROI. The bot ensures the investors fund each other and later block withdrawals and accounts from the first batch.

It has been the norm with most MLM platforms to fool investors by using them against each other. Metogence is no different as it also uses affiliates and marketers to sell the idea to unsuspecting investors.

You get a link to join where the invitee earns commissions. Once you join as a member of the investment pool, you will also get an invite link after your first withdrawal. Let us show you how the platform works.

Investors get to deposit say $1,000 as the minimum and only get to withdraw part of the deposit. The platform ensures members can’t withdraw the entire initial deposit. With your first and second withdrawal, the platform gives the idea it really generates daily ROI.

In essence, you are just withdrawing part of your initial investment. After the second withdrawal, the platform will advise you deposit a larger chunk on a more premier account to get higher ROI. And this is when investors deposit large sums hoping to make a killing.

Woe unto you as the platform will immediately move to block access to your account citing violation.

Accounts Metogence

With six plans to choose from on the Metogence platform, investors have a plethora of ROI margins to target. The platform ensures they get investors to think they can earn more with larger investment amounts.

Let’s take a closer look at the available accounts


It comes with the least minimum deposit amount with investors having to deposit $25 to $499. The account is one that targets investors who want to try whether the platform works with little minimum.

Members get a daily bonus guarantee of 1.5 percent after vesting for 200 days. There’s a 7 percent referral commission earned and 10 percent matching bonus with your second deposit. The daily matching limit is set at $100. Which means the total profit is 300 percent.


For silver account holders, there’s a minimum deposit amount of $500 needed with the maximum set at $4,999. The daily bonus limit is 1.75 percent with an 8 percent referral and 10 percent matching bonus.

Members face a daily matching bonus of $5,000 with the overall total profit set at 350 percent. Looking at this account, it means you make triple the initial deposit within 200 days. That’s far from a real vesting platform’s capabilities.


$5,000 to a maximum of $24,999 is the acceptable deposit range for this account. There’s a daily bonus of 2 percent with the vesting days set at 200. Referral commissions to earn are 9 percent with a matching 10 percent available bonus.

The account is set to offer a daily matching limit of $10,000. Overall, the account promises to offer a guaranteed 400 percent ROI. That’s four times as match as your initial deposit within six months.


It’s one of the three premier account with the set minimum deposit at $25,000 minimum and $99,999 maximum. There’s a daily profit margin of 2.25 percent with a referral of 10 percent. Matching commissions earned are at 10 percent.

The daily matching limit on the diamond account is $15,000. Total profit estimates come at 450 percent. It’s clear the platform offers over-the-moon ROI margins not feasible in any investment platform.


Another premier account where the minimum acceptable deposit is $100,000 with the maximum set at over half a million. Daily bonus amount is 2.50 percent with vesting days set at 200. There’s a daily matching limit of $25,000.

Members get an overall promise of making 500 percent ROI once the vesting period lapses.

Super Grow

It’s the most ridiculous investment account offering a daily guaranteed profit margin of 3 percent. Investors have to vest for 300 days with withdrawal set on maturity. The platform expects 900 percent in total profit.

Clearly, Metogence doesn’t count into account the volatile aspect of all financial markets. If these projections were true, we would all invest with the platform.

Customer Testimonials Metogence

There are several customers who have come out after failing to withdraw part of their initial deposit. These were the first investors who signed up and now know what’s really happening on the platform.

Make sure to check these reviews and find out what’s happening behind the curtains.

Is Metogence Legit or a Scam?

With investors coming out with proof of account blockade, it’s clear we are dealing with a risky investment platform. It’s best to stay away from this platform or risk losing everything.

Verdict Metogence

Stay away from platforms that promise heaven within a short span.

Note: Despite Metogence offering unrealistic ROI, you can earn real profit margins with tested investment platforms.

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