Michael Hill’s Fashion Method Reviews – Is it a Scam?

Michael Hill’s Fashion Method Reviews – Is it a Scam?

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Update: June, 2015 – Avoid the Fisher Method by Jacob Clark,  It’s a Scam!

The Fisher method is a brand new, promising fake binary options product that looks very similar to Michael Hill’s Fashion Method. It seems the people (supposedly Jacob Clark) behind the Fisher Method just stole the original site design from Michael, modified it and made it look even more appealing to a naive audience looking to make quick money online.

If you think I’m lying, try to compare their websites: Michael Hill’s Fashion Method and Jacob Clark’s Fisher Method.

You see they look very similar and obviously, both make use of the same scam tactics I’ve described below. Some factors like the fake video testimonials may differ (because the fisher method is a new product obviously) but ultimately, they all want to achieve two things –

  1. To make you use an app/software/method that never works and will eventually send your money down the drain.
  2. To make you deposit with fraudulent brokers that will never pay you even when you request for a withdrawal of your remaining money.

Also, the creator (Jacob Clark) of the fisher method is a little bit “wiser” than Michael Hill in that he chose to advertise his new product in a place where ONLY SCAMS are sold to people just like you – Clicksure. Yes, Clicksure is a marketplace where affiliates promote these fake products and that’s probably the way you got to know about the fisher method. Recently, i sent out a warning report to my subscribers warning them of the latest fraudulent binary options products they should avoid. Just that same moment, i got a reply from one of my subscribers that he has already lost some money with “Atlas Intelligence” and some other three products i advised them to avoid. Below is a snapshot of our email conversation:

fisher method scam

Jacob Clark Fisher method

fisher method

fisher method jacob clark scam

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So, in essence, avoid both the fashion method and the fisher method at all costs but if you choose to use them, no problem – Just don’t complain to anybody about what happens afterwards because you’ve been warned.


Fashion Method Scam Tactics

A little more than a month ago, a frequent reader of (names withheld) asked if i knew about Michael Hill’s Fashion Method at Then, i didn’t know much about how Michael Hill and his system operate.

I now tried the system myself and found out that the Fashion-Method sucks, it turns out to be all gambling in the end.

Now, I’ll explain more why Michael hill’s fashion method is a scam!

Domain Name Analysis

According to this article on how to find if a binary options system is scam or not, the site is a new site that came into existence on the 26th of August, 2014. Below is a screen shot:

michael hill fashion method domain

What this means is that Michael Hill created this site recently for the sole purpose of of getting clients to sign up with his affiliated broker, Having a new site is not what bothers me but accumulating such a high ranking on within a short period of time is what made it very suspicious!  I’ll come to this later.

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Fake Video Testimonials

You should be aware that those testimonials you see on Michael’s Fashion method site are not real! Actually, anyone can purchase fake video testimonials from a site called

Once purchased, these paid actors will create a video on your behalf using a “video script” provided by your brand. The video will feature any type of testimonial the gig buyer wishes to have.

michael hill fashion method videos

This is exactly what Michael has done and the video reviews you see in the members’ area are all fake!

For instance, if you login to the fashion-method website, you’ll find testimonials of people giving positive reviews about the service. Here’s one of them, the so called Marek Studzinski, from Poland. This same guy has been found on so many other video testimonials and there’s no doubt he’s a paid actor.

michael hill fashion method

Comparing the videos, this guy has appeared on this Youtube testimonial for Fashion-Method as “Marek Studzinski” and on this video for another software called Auto Quick Income as “Kevin Myhill”. So, you can clearly see that he’s a paid actor!

paid actor fashion-method

paid actor auto quick income

Also, if you look closely at Michael’s YouTube Instructional video, you will find out that something’s fishy there. The video already has a lot of dislikes and user comments are disabled!  He knew his system was really a scam and decided to disable all user comments on Youtube.

michael hill fashion method videos2

This is because allowing user comments on Youtube may reveal  how the users’ feel about his Fashion Method which of course, is the dirty side of the system.

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Fake Working System

Obviously, the main reason why Michael Hill’s Fashion Method is scam is because of a fake working system. His method really doesn’t work!

His method was based on identifying trends in the binary options market. These he called, the uptrend, neutral and downtrends!  Quoting him, one should trade a “call option” when an uptrend is detected, a “put” option when a downtrend is observed and no trading should be done on a neutral trend.

michael hill fashion method trends


I want to let you know that detecting upward and downward trends in a volatile market does not guarantee successful trades.  You have to properly analyse the market using a set of trading strategies before you can even get a 70% accuracy rate in making trade decisions.

“Trends” are the jargons often used by some of these scam systems like the fashion method to confuse users into believing that a particular system works. Unfortunately, they often succeed in getting newbies believe that this must be some sort of secret system that no one else has tried.

Come to think of it, if it were really that possible to make money every 5 minutes using his so called “trend detection”, every one should have been a millionaire before now.

Apart from my own experience on the Micheal’s fashion-method, just take a look at one of the emails i got from another Fashion-Method user regarding his feedback on whether it works or not (emails hidden for privacy purposes):

michael hill fashion method emails


No Real Identity

You know, there are just too many ways to catch a thief. They can’t just hide.  The internet has made it possible for these cyber criminals to completely conceal their identity without anyone finding out.  The picture you saw on the website may not even be that of  the so called “Michael Hill” and the real name of the owner of that site may not even be the same.

I recently visited Fashion method Facebook page and noticed that someone pointed out something really important about “Michael’s picture”.

Just take a look at Lancashire Luxury Bathrooms website – you’d notice that Michael Hill’s picture is also published on that website and he’s supposed to be giving free home consultations on matters concerning bathroom materials and products.

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michael hill fashion method fake image


Obviously, this implies that the real victim behind this scam site is anonymous with no real contact address, name and picture. He just wants to get you to deposit with, his affiliated broker.


So, what’s Michael Hill’s Benefit from all these?

Good question! I’m glad you asked.  Really, Michael Hill has to have some kind of  “profit” by promoting the fashion-method scam.

Earlier in this article, i told you that the fashion-method domain was created on 26th of August, 2014 and since then has attained a whooping 3,527 (as at the time of writing this article) score on This means that the site receives a lot of traffic. For the sake of understanding this review, I’ll briefly explain how works – is a California-based subsidiary company of which provides commercial web traffic data for every single website on the internet.

Related: Michael Hill Fashion Method Scam

Alexa has a unique way of reporting a site’s traffic stats – The higher a site’s traffic score, the lesser the traffic it receives and vice-versa. For instance, a site with an alexa ranking of #1,000 receives far more traffic than a site with a score of #1,000,000. Another example – is #1 on alexa and receive more visitors than of #2 alexa. receives more traffic than (#3) and so on…

Usually, when a new site is created, it takes quite some time (months to years) to climb up the ladder on alexa rankings but in the case of, it jumped from Millions on alexa to a surprising score of less than #3000 within a space of one month! check it’s current alexa ranking here. Obviously, something is behind that.

So, here’s what Michael has done – He has advertised the Fashion-Method on majority of the top ad servers like,,,, e.t.c to get massive traffic (visitors) to his site.

This means that he specifically mapped out a huge financial budget to promote the fashion-method scam on those sites. This was probably how you came to know about his site.

When users subscribe to try the Fashion-method, they must deposit with Michael’s affiliated broker, in order to trade. When this happens, he receives a commission for any depositing trader.

He advertised that the system was free but actually, it will cost you a minimum of $250 to start using the fashion method because that’s the minimum amount you’re required to deposit with broker.

As you can see, Michael Hill’s Fashion method is a scam! It doesn’t work! Don’t subscribe to this!

What Now?

As you can clearly see from this review, both Michael Hill Fashion method and Jacob Clark Fisher methods are fake and this is the same for other similar programs which we may not have reviewed.  If you’re a beginner looking to start trading binary options to make money, you should choose any one of the following signal providers.

The essence of the signal services is to guide your trading. They help you choose when to “call” or “put” by providing signal alerts whenever a good trading opportunity comes up.  All of them work well providing more than 70 – 80% ITM (in the money) on average but i recommend trying Signals365 (manual) or Super Simple Bot (automated), one of the best signal providers/robot in the industry.

This is better than using Michael Hill’s fashion method that gives you no clue on when and how to trade due to his own selfish desires.

Do you have any questions, reviews or comments? Leave them below.

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20 Replies to “Michael Hill’s Fashion Method Reviews – Is it a Scam?”

  1. Thank you for your review on Fashion-Method. I was highly suspect especially when it claimed to be free, but then diverts you to a specific broker – Optek. I knew that’s how “Michael Hill” or whoever makes money off this. Also, I’m one to always read the fine print. All the usage disclosures where “boiler plate” generic, and there was no contact information for any company cited. I suspect this all may be a marketing ploy by Optek itself, but that’s just my opinion and supposition, I have nothing firm to base that on.

  2. I come across a lot of these sites through ads and I can not for the life of me work out how people fall for these scams, I mean they have a common feature and that is; a man in a nice suit standing with arms folded with a big grin on his face. Right off the bat that tells me “beware” and after a little scrolling of the page the same old reviews and testimonials are there predictable and similar as the all the others are.the only i****s I think that fall for this is those that are new to the internet and what a scam site looks like.

    1. H***o Jimmy,

      If you know similar scam sites that operate like Michael Hill’s fashion method, kindly let us know. It’s our job to review the program and let the public know if they are scam or not :). Thanks.

  3. Hi
    Just a quick question……
    If the above Signal Service options are offering 70 – 80 % success rates: Why on God’s good earth would anyone NOT open an account. Especially appealing is the BINARY OPTION ROBOT – it does it all by the sounds of things. Places trades on my behalf while I sleep.

    I know nothing about option trading but have lots of disposable income looking for a home. Are you telling me I would be a f*** not to open an account and start earning????? There have got to be some Pitfalls………
    Give me an open and honest response before I flush my hard earned down yet another toilet……

    Best wishes

    Anthony OLIVER

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for your good comment. I really appreciate.
      There are no pitfalls in this Anthony.
      Actually, it is only a few of the signal providers that are really profitable. We’ve tried our best to put all the profitable ones we’ve tested in one place while condemning those that are not worth a mention! For instance, Option bot 2 has more than 75 – 85% success rate but binary option robot is below that range but still profitable. In the end, all of the providers in the list will give one a decent monthly ROI.

      Again, thanks for leaving a comment on 🙂

      1. Thanks for this a***ysis of this obvious SCAM scheme. I enjoyed your explanations. But after reading all this there is still one question in my mind.

        You wrote:

        “Option bot 2 has more than 75 – 85% success rate”

        Can you please help me to understand what this means. Sounds to me like if I place my money into this I will have a <85% chance to loose all my money? Or it means i will have the same or more money in my account with a chance for 75-85%?
        Please help me to understand what the success rate means.


        1. Hi,

          The 75 – 85% success rate means that option bot 2 will help you win in 75 – 85% of the time you trade with it meaning that in general, most times, your trades will end in the money and will be profitable.

  4. hey i know that there are alot odd scam but i thinking that valla forex also make promoting to option bot and i don’t understand that because option bot is it a scam i try and deposit money there

  5. Val, thanks for the good work. Can you please do some digging on the App mobile bot by Erikkson Gunnar and the fisher method by Jacob Clark. They seem to be the most popular binary options programs now, so you save thousands of peoople from being scammed.


  6. I would be very thankful if you continue with quality what you are serving right now with your articles…I really enjoyed it…and i really appreciate to you for this….its always pleasure to read so….Thanks for sharing!!

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