Million Dollar Duplicator Review: An Obvious Scam

Million Dollar Duplicator Review: An Obvious Scam

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Quick Summary of Million Dollar Duplicator

  • Rating: 1/5 so this proves the point that the software is nothing but a scam.
  • Pros:  Just read the review and then you will believe that there are no benefits of this software.
  • Cons:  The simple answer is many.
  • Our recommendation:   The best suggestion I can give is not to invest your time and effort in exploring Million Dollar Duplicator. See our list of the best binary signal providers for successful binary options trading.

Full Review

Many traders are on the lookout for a trading shortcut these days. Thus, they decide to choose auto trading software. Most traders believe that auto trading software are the shortcut to success. Well, you might be a bit disappointed, but all software are not good enough, and one such example is Million Dollar Duplicator. If you decide to invest in this software it will be a share waste of money. If you want to know why, then read the complete review to get all the answers. Michael Bradley is the creator of this system and has a lot of false hopes for you.

 Making Money Is Not So Easy

Like any other software the sales video of this software has one common message and that is the software will help you earn money fast. Well, it is not that easy, and I am saying this as I am an experienced trader, and I did have my ups and downs with trading. It is not a smooth path, and when you believe in this, then software like Million Dollar Duplicator won’t look so enticing. You only earn with binary options trading when you strive to achieve your goals.

The Boring Testimonials

Whenever I find these testimonials on any website, I feel like laughing out loud. The reason is that how can you simply judge a software by the experience of others. If a person claims that she or he can make profits, there is no guarantee that you will be making your profits too. The most important aspect is that a great system does not need these testimonials even a demo can make an impact if the software has something worthwhile to offer. The Million Dollar Duplicator testimonials did not win me over as they say nothing new and do not appear to be impressive.

Million Dollar Duplicator

A New Trap

When I was watching the video of Million Dollar Duplicator, it mentioned that if you are unable to make profits through Million Dollar Duplicator you will be paid about $2000 cash through PayPal. Now this sounds like a very tempting offer? However, we should all live in a realistic world and believe in the fact that nobody is that generous to give out $2000 just because you are not earning through his software. If the world would have been like this then there nobody would have been poor in this world so do not be carried away by these stunts and see the reality.

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Million Dollar Duplicator scam

The Not So Impressive Video Reviews

Now I am tired of watching the same old video reviews for this software as well. These people who give out these video reviews are people who are paid for this task, and they are there to misguide, so you need to be on your guard and watch out. You can never be sure about any system till you have personally given it a try so do not even waste your time in listening to the video reviews as they will take you nowhere.

Million Dollar Duplicator review

Is This Balance Real?

Just check out the snapshot below and you get to see a huge balance. Frankly speaking, I do not believe this. You do not get a free membership to a money minting software that easily. Nobody gives out a system that is so beneficial for free. The hidden benefit is always there.

Million Dollar Duplicator scam review

People Seem To Be Obsessed With the Auto-Pilot Concept

Well, I watched the sales video until the very end because I was curious how it exactly worked. Now the biggest disappointment was when it mentioned that the software works on auto-pilot. It sounds more like a fairytale to me where you lead a life of luxury, and the money keeps pouring into your account.

Million Dollar scam

Do Not Waste Your $250

If you wish to use the Million Dollar Duplicator, you will have to make a deposit of about $250. It is not a small amount for sure especially for those traders who are relatively new to the field. For them, every penny matters so you should not become a victim of a scam and spend your money wisely.

Adoption Have You Ever Heard About It?

Now the broker you need to deposit is AAOption. I have never heard to this broker. It is never advisable to make your deposit to a broker that does not have a solid reputation. The reason is once you make your deposit the money is gone forever, and there are no chances of withdrawal.

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No Logical Approach towards Analysis

The sales video says that this software has been designed by different experts who belong to renowned firms, and they designed the software so that it can know what will happen on the trading floor before it does. This logic sounds pathetic to me. For example, if the price of gold will drop at 3:45 pm then at 3:44 the software will be looking for those traders that have been able to make a winning call. Now this logic does not sound convincing to me because I did not get a satisfying answer to the question how? As per the creator of Million Dollar Duplicator the winning trade will get duplicated in your account. Is binary option trading that easy and the answer is no. They are just giving you an idealistic scenario that does not happen in real.

100 Percent Accurate Really?

The makers claim that Million Dollar Duplicator is 100 percent accurate. First of all, you need to understand that no software is 100 percent accurate, and there is always a margin for errors. Thus, you should not depend on a software for your income.

scam revealed Million Dollar Duplicator

Additional Bonus Why

It is unbelievable that owner of the software is willing to give you a bonus to sign up.  If the software is this good, then he does not have to offer these incentives. A genuine software drags you to it with the features and not with the perks.

Trading is way too technical beyond the comprehension powers of an automated software. You need to have the technical knowledge about binary options trading if you wish to earn well. Million Dollar Duplicator is just like any other automated software that makes big claims but has nothing impressive to offer. The worst outcome of opting for this software can be that you end up losing even what you have with you. The biggest red flag is the unknown broker plus they have not defined a convincing trading approach, and you just cannot be winning all the trades.

If you are in search of a better solution, there’s a variety of top rated binary options signal services. Some of the best signal services are listed on this link. You can try them out and trade in a safe way. The features of the services are also listed on the link for your convenience. This way you will be able to make your choice with greater ease and you will not have to face any problem at all. When you make wise choices earning profits will become simple, and you will not need Million Dollar Duplicator.

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11 Replies to “Million Dollar Duplicator Review: An Obvious Scam”

  1. Personally Paypal you 2K huh? That is a red flag for me. After all nobody will give you money let alone 2K without doing anything.

  2. Do you think those testimonials are even real? A lot of sites like these especially are known to put up fake testimonials to draw users in.

  3. “if you are unable to make profits through Million Dollar Duplicator you will be paid about $2000 cash”. Heck they would go out of business real quick with that type of guarantee. That’s not even a sustainable business model. Wow!

  4. Well I can find a much better way to invest $250 dollars instead of throwing away in this “million dollar duplicator” program that’s for sure.

  5. A 1 out of 5 is pretty low. I respect your insight so I am gonna run the other way farrrr away from this scam, thanks!

  6. Those testimonials look like stock photos. It makes my stomach turn to hear stuff like this. Can’t seem to trust anything these days.

  7. A lot of people are gullible and they fall for these promises of easy money. My stance is if it sounds too good to be true, then it’s probably not. So I agree with you 1000% – this is an obvious SCAM!!!

  8. Is there any type of certification for brokers or can any clown just step into this game and call themselves a broker? If that’s the case then there has to be some better regulation or governing authority put in place for this field because too many people are getting robbed.

  9. Oh my! I wish I saw this post before putting my money into this! just few weeks ago i started and I can no longer access my account on that Million Dollar Duplicator website.
    It is obviously a scam, I have learn my lesson a bitter way!
    Be guided! this is more than a scam, do not ‘invest’

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