Millionaire Detector Review: It’s a Scam


Millionaire Detector Review: It’s a Scam

Millionaire Detector is a trading system that claims it can earn investors huge profits. The company allegedly can trade on multiple financial markets automatically. To prove that the system is indeed profitable, the founder state that he has passed a lying detector when asked the amount he has achieved.

The trading bot can generate thousands of dollars every week. You do not need any prior knowledge to operate the system. Additionally, the software is also free, and you don’t have to spend a penny. Unfortunately, you can see through their lies that this is not a legit venture.

No trading software in the market, not even the legit crypto trading bots, can generate such an amount in a short period. Millionaire Detector is a scam that you should not waste time with. The reality is that this is a losing entity that will only lose your hard-earned money.

The company has no intention of making anyone rich. Their sole purpose is to scam as many people as they can by linking them to unregulated brokers in the market. You will be subjected to deposit at least $250 with an offshore entity.

Unfortunately, you will never recover this amount. To make money in the digital currency niche, you need to be smart; otherwise, you will end up falling for the fantasy of this con artist. You cannot become rich overnight; hence you need to have the virtue of patience. Learn to distinguish scam ventures with legit investment companies by checking at their features.

Millionaire Detector Review

The software can also be downloaded as an application on the various app store. The system is an auto trading binary option, and you only need to make a little deposit to attain huge profits. Binary trading has been banned in various countries due to the high risk that they associate.

Millionaire Detector Review, Millionaire Detector Platform

Millionaire Detector brags that it can identify and exploit favorable opportunities in the market. It also claims that it will double and even triple your initial investment. These characters are usually familiar with Ponzi schemes.

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Installing an application on your phone can lead to a malware attack or personal information being stolen. You are dealing with a professional con artist who has an ill motive with investors. The Ponzi scheme further claim that they have been featured on various news outlets.

Sadly, the information is bogus and false as no one would endorse a losing software like Millionaire Detector. By the look of things, the only information that is on their website is only for marketing purposes. The firm does not elaborate on the strategy that they are using to yield this high returns.

The company gives out important aspects regarding their trading software. For instance, we do not know the average win rate or the drawdown of the software. If you decide to invest with them, you will be doing it blindly without knowing the trading condition that you are exposed to.

How Does Millionaire Detector Operates?

The platform only claims that it is utilizing a unique algorithm that can detect profitable traders in the industry. The statement is familiar with multiple shady firms. It is trading on the various market, including the cryptocurrency venture. They want it to appear as though they are diverse for them to be able to attract more victims.

Novice traders are on the verge of falling for such schemes, and this is because they have little to no knowledge of how the industry operates. Not only can the system identify profitable opportunities in the market, but also it can execute the trades for you.

However, this company has multiple loopholes and questions that do not add up. Millionaire Detector is following a fixed pattern and can detect changes in the market. You only need to follow a few steps for you to become rich.

First, you need to register, then deposit the appropriate amount with the broker that they connect you with. Afterward, you can either choose to trade manually or on the autopilot method. Nonetheless, this is just a fantasy as there are no such techniques in the industry.

If their claims were realistic, then everyone should be crowding into their website. Eventually, the economy would crash. The company is also offering portfolio management services, which we highly do not recommend to investors.

It would be unwise to trust an anonymous individual with your trading account. Millionaire Detector fails to provide financial reports. Additionally, they did not showcase the accomplishment that they have made since the time they made the first digital footprint in the industry.

Contact Details

The company is determined to remain anonymous if they have not left any data that can be used to trace them. The platform does not have a physical address or any contact detail available on its website.

The company is not regulated by any financial watchdog in the industry, making them an illegal investment scheme. However, no government in the world would handle such a shady venture. Investors’ fund is not safe in the hands of these scammers.

Millionaire Detector does not have a compensation scheme. Moreover, they do not segregate clients’ funds in a reputable financial institution. Therefore, there is a high possibility of you losing your funds with the platform they recommend.

There is a high possibility that the company does not have any trading software. They might only be acting as an affiliate venture that links traders with unregulated brokers. There is no evidence that the software is involved with trading.

False Testimonials

Millionaire Detector has several false testimonials on their platform. There are a number a client who claims to have made a fortune using this software. The profile is aligned with a table reflecting the amount that they have gained.

It shows that this client comes from various countries in the world. Unfortunately, this is just a tactic employed by the Ponzi scheme to attract new investors. You should not rely on this information to make a judgment regarding this software.

It shows the level of desperateness that this entity will go to gain your trust. We checked for some of the profiles and realize that the company is using stock images. Hence, it shows the reviews are misleading and fake.

We recommend that investors check for the experience of other clients in a reputable third party website. If there is no existing information, it raises suspicion. Additionally, there are no single customers who have availed proof of payment from Millionaire Detector.

Final Verdict

Millionaire Detector is a company that claims it is not collecting any initial capital from investors. However, the platform is working with shady brokers in the industry. You will never receive any profit from the amount that you deposit.

What you can expect from these scammers is endless phone calls pursuing you to deposit more funds. We should not give them a chance to steal your hard-earned cash. Therefore, you can venture with legit cryptocurrency trading software in the market that are more transparent.

Know the risk that is involved in any investment before jumping to every Dick and Harry. You can learn to use a profitable strategy by knowing how the market operates. All the information we have gathered shows that this entity is not trustworthy. They will say anything to gain your trust.


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