Mine Cloud Scam Review: Don’t Send Coins

Mine Cloud Scam Review: Don’t Send Coins

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Who or what exactly in the world did put together Mine Cloud at This appallingly ugly and fake Cryptocurrency mining site does not mine any altcoins at all. If you wanted to send them some Bitcoins, we implore you to hold on a moment because failure to do that will always result in you losing the coins permanently.

The true nature of this scam has already been manifested in manner in which they present the Mine Cloud website. You do not need to look any far to see these traits. The red flags are all over the place, starting with the anonymous owner, going down to the vagueness that is written on the face of this scam site.

Let’s review it in details below.


Mine Cloud review: what we don’t like

A genuine altcoin mining site will always prove that it is actually mining altcoins and issuing payouts. Does Mine Cloud really mine Bitcoin and other altcoins as claimed on the official website?

There is no evidence at all. In fact, the site doesn’t even talk about it. They do not say anything concerning whether they own or hire cloud mining hardware. This area seems to be a completely foreign topic in their operation.

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The site does not even make the slightest attempt to say how exactly their objective of mining altcoins will be achieved.

But of course they will let you know that their daily return on investment is so huge that anyone participating will definitely become an overnight millionaire.

Just look at the inflated daily return on investment. They claim that members earn between 20% and 75% daily return on investment, something that we have neither seen nor heard.

These high returns are not logical. There is no explanation whatsoever on how Mine Cloud is able to achieve such high daily returns without any effort.

It is proving to be extremely difficult to understand what these guys do in order to generate such income. But our surest guess is that these people are only collecting altcoins and paying out a tiny fraction of the proceeds — that is, if you get really lucky enough to be paid.

Like other Crypto scams on the internet, Mine Cloud has a referral program in which they claim that members can participate in to increase their hashing power. It seems that this hashing power is supposed to be increased when a new member joins under an existing member.

This is allegedly supposed to speed up your earnings, thereby making you up to 75% daily return on investments.

This is the kind of thing that we hear thieves talking about. Scammers love to promise abnormal return on investments. This is no exception because it is clearly misleading investors into thinking that there is quick money to be made through the website when that is not the case.

Mine Cloud also claims that they are a leader in the field of Cryptocurrency mining. Who exactly knew this?

It is ironical when you imagine that a scam like Mine Cloud can be a popular destination for mining altcoins. This has never happened before. It is not about to happen any time from now.

Mine Cloud site presentation

A dark theme is supposed to create an illusion of elegance and sophistication. That’s a very dangerous way of attracting inexperienced investors to come join a scam ponzi scheme.

The site does not any useful information that would lead a visitor into making an important decision when it comes to joining their program.

There are a few tabs on the navigation menu. Clicking those tabs won’t take you anywhere as no link has been including in those tabs (even though they’ve been labeled accordingly).

This is the kind of site that gets hit by a Google penalty. Why, because they deceive their visitors using bogus tactics that don’t add to the user experience.

Information isn’t consistent across the site. When we check their FAQ section, they claim that you can earn between 60% and 150% monthly profit. This is not the same as earning 75% daily return on investment. So clearly someone did not do the math properly before writing these things on the FAQ section of this site.

It is even ridiculous when you think that Mine Cloud website is accepting a very small minimum deposit of $1. Can $1 mine anything? Absolutely not. This is just a game which they are playing to see if they can have as many people sending them Bitcoins, including broke people who want to see if they can get rich quick with minimal investments.

It doesn’t work like that. This site is just too good to be true. The nature of their operations prove that Mine Cloud is a ponzi scheme and not a serious Bitcoin mining site.

The point is, this site does not convince anyone. We doubt if any altcoins will be mined and handed over to the investor. This has never happened with such websites.

Mine Cloud is scam: This has been officially approved

When you look at their means of payment, you will see that most of those methods don’t actually make it easy for recovering payment.

The scam actually advices that they prefer Bitcoin over other forms of payment, although one can also fund their account with Litecoin, Dash and just about any other Cryptocurrency.

You know very well that Cryptocurrency transactions can never be reversed. That means that whatever goes in cannot come out. Unless the scammer is so good and willing to return what they have stolen, chances are that they will steal from you and ignore you thereafter. It’s not a difficult thing to do since the industry is not regulated, and authorities are actually very reluctant when it comes to helping those who have lost money in the hands of such scams.

Who owns Mine Cloud?

They love to be covered in mystery. That way, they know that your job to identify the thief will always be a difficult one. When they steal from you, rest assured that their lack of identity will make it impossible to recover your money.

This is probably something you should leave to the FBI — that is, if you’re willing to make your loss such a big deal that even the attention of the FBI is attracted.

Let’s not go further than this. We already know that their details only exist with the admin. The public can never see those details.

Don’t rely on their support so much. Remember that the operators of Mine Cloud are scammers. What they will do is hide behind email communications and nothing else. If you ask the hard questions or appear to be interrogating them, they will just push your email to the spam box. That’s it.

Our best advice for you

If you have been scammed by this site, we want to hear your comments below. If you haven’t, don’t go there yet because Mine Cloud is operated by shady group of individuals who are immune to introducing themselves to the public whom they allegedly serve through multiplication of altcoins.

The site is a ponzi scheme as you can obviously see in their representation. Stick to the safest options here and you will have no reason to complain.

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  2. Salve scusa ma le tue informazioni non sono ben fondate il sito di cui parli esiste dal 2013 ed a sempre pagato e non vi e nessuna difficolta nel fare il ritiro basta inserire l’indirizzo del tuo wallet per la cryptovaluta che vuoi ritirare pagano entro le 12 ore e puoi ritirare piu volte al giorno ,ora se un sito vuole rimanere anonimo cio non vuol dire che sia fasullo ,prendi asonno mine cloud anche questo nasce nel 2013 ed a sempre pagato prima di discriminare informiamoci veramente di chi stiamo parlando .arrivederci

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