Mine Store Review – A Filthy Scam, You Must Avoid

Mine Store Review – A Filthy Scam, You Must Avoid

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In this review, we are discussing a site with one of the common mining themes we have seen on the internet, Mine Store claims that their income is generated from mining of various Cryptocurrencies. Outside this statement, there is nothing to prove that this site is actually mining Cryptocurrencies.

After doing some investigations on the site, we discovered that it was anonymously registered. No actual location has been disclosed either. Mine Store claims that it will generate returns of up to 4 percent daily. These returns are not believable. In fact, this is far from the realities of mining Crypto currencies. If this site was to generate 4% daily, this would be 120% monthly return. This is to imply that Mine Store is claiming to double return the capital originally invested and a further 20% on top of that capital. These claims are definitely too good to be true.

If the site was truly generating these returns, they would have been the center of attention by now. There are many internet users wondering where to find legitimate Crypto currency cloud mining websites out there. They would have found Mine Store long ago. But this isn’t the case. Mine Store is proving to be just another ponzi scheme.

To further confirm these assertions, we ask you to read this review to the end.

Note: Mine with these sites.

Mine Store Review

We have seen the theme of this website before. The script is so popular, and it’s usually used by scammers who pretend to mine Crypto currencies when the reality of the matter is that they are only collecting deposits with the intention of running away with the money.

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mine store

Mine Store claims that they are giving the benefit of instant withdrawals and secured servers. There are 4 infamous investment plans named Crab, Fish, Shark and Whale. We have talked about these investment plans before. Remember that this site has copy-pasted everything from one of the many scams operating with this template.

We are even forced to believe that maybe Mine Store is an extension of those scams. We may never know. The reason we are quite convinced that these sites are probably owned by the same person is that the rate at which the sites are coming up and featuring the same design and text is quite alarming. It shows the incompetency of the people behind them. It shows just how lazy scammers are. They don’t want to work hard. They do not wish to work any harder.

Furthermore, they claim that this site was incorporated by a company called Mine Store Limited. There are no records of such a company ever existing on the internet. A quick Google search would have revealed that such a company exists and is operating a website called Unfortunately, such a company has never existed and the website is therefore lying that their entity is incorporated.

Apart from that, there is nothing else that the site is discussing on their homepage. The rest of the text comprises of generic information that does not add value to anyone trying to look for any hints to imply credibility of this site.

Usually when you want to find out how serious the site is, you will look at what they are telling users on their homepage. If the content is a description of what Bitcoin is and how it is mined, that site is basically a ponzi scheme and must be avoided.

Mine Store is one of those sites that describe what Cryptocurrencies are as if the user wanting to mine coins does not know what Crypto currencies are. This text is simply filling up space without giving us any meaningful information with regards to how this company is operating.

Unusual returns

If 4% daily is not a red flag, then we don’t know what it is. We find that in mining, profits can never be inflated. Anyone who claims that they can generate 4% out of mining is definitely trying to scam you. They are not honest with you.

Mine Store is one of those domains claiming to generate 4% daily on the higher side and 2% on the lower side. Even if we were to believe that the site generates 2% daily profit, it would still be impossible to make 60% monthly. This is definitely not mining of Crypto currencies. With the current difficulty that miners have experienced in the network recently, profits cannot come easily.

Can this site be trusted?

We have checked customer reviews on the site and discovered that there is nothing substantial to help us believe that Mine Store is an ideal place to mine Bitcoins from. There are a couple of mentions on the internet. But there is not a single person claiming that the site is paying. That’s too bad.

We usually gauge the truthfulness of a site when there are many users confessing that they have been earning. So this site is basically taking its users for a ride.

Based on lack of evidence that the site is paying and also lack of user reviews that are directly endorsing this site, we can say that Mine Store is not a reliable site.

The truth

So, what’s the bottom line? That is the question that many readers could be asking now. The bottom line is that this site is most likely a ponzi scheme just like its counterparts which are all using the same site template. The fact of the matter is that the anonymous owner of the site is planning to collect as much money as possible. If he manages to do so, he can close down the site and run away with people’s money. This is not rocket science. It’s so obvious that a ponzi scheme operates this way and this site is just one of them.

Our best advice for you

Our best advice simple. Never use an untrustworthy website when intending to mine Cryptocurrencies. Never use a site that does not have a reputation. We think these legit mining sites have been around long enough. Use them.

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