Mineiro Review: A Wannabe Scam, Don’t Try It!!

Mineiro Review: A Wannabe Scam, Don’t Try It!!

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The ineptitude of those who are learning how to scam is to the very least exciting. is one such domain where a wannabe is trying to hard to scam internet users of their hard-earned Bitcoins. Their attempts can be seen in how they are pitching the fake idea. Mineiro even has mining contracts which are yielding anywhere between 2.6% to 3% per day. By just looking at these numbers, we know that this is not mining. The site cannot prove that they are mining any Cryptocurrencies.

Upon looking Mineiro from different angles, we came to the realization that this was nothing but a cheap internet scam. Despite claims that this site will generate up to 3% daily returns, the owner is accepting as little as $10. They are leaving nothing to chance. You see, 3% is 90% monthly returns.

If you invested $1,000 for instance, you’d be getting $900 profit after 30 days assuming everything is constant. If the anonymous operator and owner of Mineiro knew the trick to multiplying money in this manner, they would never invite you to join their business. In fact, this would be a no go zone to broke internet randoms who contribute $10 while expecting to make a fortune out of it.

The reason Mineiro is going an extra mile to accept $10 is because whoever is running the operation does not mine Crypto currencies. That is why they find it very easy to promise 3% per day. They will pay nothing in return. You make a deposit and they launder it on the other end. It is as simple as that.

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Mineiro Review

Mineiro is a product of a company called Mineiro Ltd. This company was incorporated in May 2018. So it is a very new company to start with. No track record to rely on. If it had been around for 5 years for example, we would be basing this review on the track record which the company has built for itself.

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Now, have you realized that there are thousands of companies registered in the UK and operating a ponzi scheme? That tells you that an incorporation status in the UK means nothing. It is only a company for taxation purposes. The taxman does not care what else the company is doing to file those returns. In fact, once the company is registered under the fund management category (and sometimes they lie about their true category), everything else is good to go.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that Mineiro Ltd is appearing on the Companies House website. It means nothing with regards to the safety of your funds.

Impossible returns

2.6%-3% daily returns are impossible to make out of mining. The cost of mining has somehow increased tremendously in the last couple of months. And with the price of Crypto currencies stagnating in the markets, you can’t expect things to get any better just as yet. But even when things were good last year, a 2.6% daily return was unheard of. In fact, we have never achieved a daily return of 2%. Anyone who claims that they have the ”most advanced” hardware and technology for mining is definitely a liar. There is no ”advanced” technology that can generate those returns at the moment.

Last payout records

Can we trust the table of payouts? Don’t be this gullible. The scammers just included a special script on the site that keep displaying the same names and the same transaction characters. We tried verifying some of those transactions on and discovered that they were unconfirmed transactions. To cut the long story short, Mineiro is providing us with dubious payout records.

First of all, Mineiro is displaying the same unverified transactions over and over again. We are not supposed to use this as evidence that the platform is paying.

Truth of the matter

Having studied Mineiro in details, we are absolutely convinced that the site is not mining any Crypto currencies. The idea is to collects funds into a kitty so that a small fraction of that money can be used to pay out ”profits” in bits. The anonymous owner gets to keep the lion’s share . That is why they are anonymous in the first place.

Mineiro does not prove whether there is an external source through which ROIs will be paid. They only claim that they are a smart multi-cryptocurrency mining platform. But there is nothing beyond that statement. So we are 100% sure that no mining is taking place.

Mineiro is designed in such a way that money will be channeled into the pockets of the scammer. But for you to become a victim, you have to believe in making riches overnight which never happens anywhere. You have to make yourself a victim of financial fairy tales. Ultimately when you send your deposit, they can receive it on the other end and keep it.

An illegal investment platform

Mineiro is an illegal investment platform because it is based out of the UK but not registered with the FCA. Providing any form of investment advice on behalf of those seeking to multiply their funds is something that is regulated in the UK. So all companies or website that are providing this sort of investment operation without seeking the authority of the FCA is committing crime.

If you partake in such website by making yourself a victim, you will have yourself to blame. First of all, any website that claims to mine or trade assets is supposed to disclose the owner or at least the people in charge of the operation. If they are not disclosing any of this information, you have to back off completely.

Our best advice for you

Like we said in the first paragraph, we still maintain that Mineiro is operated by a wannabe scammer. There is no creativity here and unless you make yourself a victim, you won’t be scammed. On that account, we declare this website a no go zone. If you have some coins to spare, why don’t you consider mining with these popular virtual mining websites for Crypto currencies?

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  1. Hi so if the payouts are so dubious. Then why are they real? I have screenshots to verify each payment. I have withdrawn multiple times. No problems. Oh and btw WattsMiners have bulit a miner to far exceed 2%. Check it out you might want to re-write your article.

    1. У меня тоже были выплаты по 100 баксов.теперь я не могу войти и соединения с сервером нет

  2. У меня тоже были выплаты по 100 баксов.теперь я не могу войти и соединения с сервером нет

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